Top 10 Best Atta In India

Phulka, chapatti, roti, with whatever names it may be famous in your state of India, it made from atta and holds the same special place in each and every house all over India. Whenever we take its name then the taste of soft roti just melts in our mouth. But the credit for this wonderful creation goes to its recipe as well as its raw form i.e. wheat flour or you can call it as chakki atta. Not only handmade flatbread i.e. roti but also puri, parantha, naan, baati, halwa, and many more such amazing dishes can be cooked very easily with the help of the chakki atta.

Wheat is considered to be one of the oldest grains of India. Behind giving it so much importance, it comes with so many health secrets and several health benefits that come along with it. Along with great taste, it is also stuffed with several health benefits like easy to digest, prevents cardiovascular disease, and has antioxidants properties which make it more important to be included in your daily diet. They also help in balancing blood sugar levels and cholesterol levels. But to attain its maximum nutrients it is important to choose the best atta in India and add this wonderful healthy diet every day in your daily routine.

It becomes very essential that the readymade wheat flour should maintain the same nutrients quotient as its raw form has. The market is saturated with so many packed wheat flours that it becomes a headache to decide which one is best for your good health. We have segregated some of the best atta in India for your convenience to choose from. Stay with us till the end of this post to know the best atta in India.

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To enjoy the whole benefits of atta along with its consumption, it is also important to check its quality before buying it. to make sure that you are having good atta then you should check the below things whenever you buy it.

• Easy to digest:
After the consumption of your food, it takes about 6-8 hours for food to pass through your stomach and small intestine. Till that time probably you take 2 more meals of your day. Whether you are eating Roti, Poori or Parantha, atta should be present in your daily food routine. Hence, you must check that the atta you are consuming should be digestive. Chakki atta is preferred for good digestion.

Nutrition value:
Atta may be of pure wheat or it may contain whole grains. Depending upon its ingredients, its nutrition value varies. One thing common in this atta is that they contain a less fat value. You can choose the type of atta as per your daily nutritional requirements.

Indian market is acquired by local atta brands who sell their product within a certain region as well as the national brands that deliver their product in the whole country. Little space is also occupied by some international brands. You can prefer local or national brands depend on your taste and their nutrition value. 

Products consumed on a daily basis must have good quality for a healthier lifestyle. Some local brands are doing good in their region but you will get consistent quality in the branded product.

Gluten content:
As atta is prepared from wheat so it has a high content of gluten which helps the dough to be more elastic and strong. This facilitates in rolling it into thin sheets to make roties. But in the market, there are several attas that are gluten-free but still, they suffice the same purpose.

Process of grounding:
To attain soft rotis, the dough should absorb more water and sticky. This can be attained if the atta is grounded in a stone chakki mill damages the starch which helps in making the dough sticky.

Organic atta:
There are certain brands that offer certified organic atta. We have certain certified organic farms in India that can render organic atta to the people who prefer certified organic ingredients for cooking.

Purity of whole wheat:
Look for the 100% whole wheat chakki atta with no added maida in the flour. Atta is considered as a basic grain to be included in everyday diet so it is important that maintain its nutritional content healthy.


1. Aashirvaad Select Superior Sharbati Atta

Aashirvaad Select Superior Sharbati Atta

Whenever we discuss packed atta then Aashirvaad brand is one of the brands which strike our mind. It is one of the trusted and renowned brands which produce one of the best chakki atta in India. They provide us with a wide range of wheat flour, each having its own key benefits and characteristics.

For the people who love to have soft roti in their meal can combine Aashirvaad Select Sharbati atta in their grocery list and enjoy its divine flavor. This variant of Aashirvaad atta is extracted 100% from super quality wheat, Sarbati, King of Wheat, harvested in the Sehore district of Madhya Pradesh. There, the field gets an adequate amount of sunshine along with the perfect amount of rain thus resulting in golden shine wheat grains and which will make you feel heavier. Coming to its nutritional information, its every 100 grams consists of 368 kcal energy, 10.1 grams protein, 1.9 grams fat, 77.6 grams carbohydrate in which 6.2 grams is sugar and 11.1 grams dietary fiber.

The dough absorbs more water. Rotis made from this atta remains soft for a longer period maintaining its alluring savor. So, now no need to worry if your loved ones are taking time to have their lunch or dinner, you can keep your rotis in the casserole.


  • Made from 100% super quality wheat, Sarbati
  • Dough absorbs more water
  • Provides soft and yummy roti
  • Alluring smell


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2. Fortune Chakki Fresh Atta

Fortune Chakki Fresh Atta

Fortune is famous in the nation and known for its product quality. It is owned by the Adani Group and Wilmar International, one of the largest food companies in India for food items including atta. The company includes various food items such as rice bran, cottonseed, groundnut, oils, soya and one of its best-selling food-product atta. The brand has brought us atta which is 100% whole wheat and 0% maida. Fortune Chakki Fresh Atta come up with 5 senses – their soft touch, superior quality taste, mesmerizing aroma, and a fluffy look, so words of appreciation are bound to come your way.

This atta is processed in natural chakki that retains its good properties for a long time to maintain the goodness and natural taste. Talking about its nutritional information, this chakki atta is rich in dietary fiber and contains 341 Kcal energy, 12.1 gram protein, 69.4 gram carbohydrates, and only 1.7 grams fat. No sugar content is present in it and you will get soft and fluffy roti which melts in your mouth.


  • Constitutes 100 % wheat with no maids
  • Soft-touch
  • Mesmerizing aroma
  • Fluffy look
  • Superior quality taste
  • Rich in dietary fiber


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3. Aashirvaad Atta, Multigrains

Aashirvaad Atta, Multigrains

In a country like India where wheat flour or atta is a staple food, you should always choose the right quality and type of flour you eat very precisely as you are what you eat. ITC needs no introduction and this another product from ITC, “Aashirwaad multigrain atta” is a perfect combination of Wheat, Soya, Chana, Oats, Maize, Psyllium Husk. All the ingredients are mixed in such a balanced proportion that it gives a great taste to your fulka and parantha and is good for your health as well. It has Protein, dietary fiber, Vitamins & minerals.

Coming to the nutritional content per 100 gms of this powerful multigrain atta will give you 362 Kcal, it has 13.27 gms of Protein, carbohydrate is 73.27 gms, Sugar is 2.04 gms, MUFA is 0.54 gms, FUFA is 0.53 gms, trans fatty acid is 0.1 gm, saturated fatty acid is 0.63 gms by this total fat content is 1.77gms. Cholesterol is 1 mg, dietary fiber is 14.08 gms, Calcium is 34.51 mg, Iron is 4.80 mg, Vitamin B1 is 0.51 gm, Vitamin B2 is 0.5 mg, Vitamin B3 10.11 mg & folic acid is 165 micro gms. In this multigrain tata whole wheat is 90.9% and multigrain flour mixture is 9.1%. All these ingredients makes you healthy, active and energetic. It has low saturated fats and its fiber content will ease your digestion.

The texture is little course as compared to normal atta or maida but proper kneading and resting the dough for 10-15 before rolling will give you fluffy and soft chapati. Be it naan or kulcha just knead it with the right ingredients and enjoy your tasty meal.


  • Obtained from 0% maida and 100% wheat
  • The dough has greater water absorption
  • Soft chapattis
  • Perfect texture


  • Rotis may become hard on being cold.

4. Nature Fresh Sampoorna Chakki Atta

Nature Fresh Sampoorna Chakki Atta

Whole wheat flour or chakki atta is an essential and basic product that is widely used all over India and it’s offered by many brands to the consumer. Nature Fresh is a well-renowned brand in the Indian market for its different varieties of oil.

Nature Fresh Sampoorna chakki atta is a whole wheat flour made from high-quality wheat which is thoroughly cleaned before grinding to remove its dirt and any other impurities, grinding using chakki grind process to retain its flavor and bran. To ensure its hygiene the most of the processes are done in an automated plant so that you get a flawless product full of nutrients. This whole wheat flour can enrich you with much nutritious content as its 100 grams can give you 369.7 kcal energy, 13.1g protein, 75.7g of carbohydrate-containing 5g sugar, total fat 1.6 grams consisting 0.3g of saturated fats, 0.3g MUFA and 1g PUFA, 13g dietary fiber, 63mg calcium, and 3.5mg iron. It has 0g trans-fat and cholesterol. This whole wheat atta is preservative-free so you get only goodness of wheat when you have it.

This product only lasts three months after packaging so check its manufacturing date before purchase and store it in a cool, dry and hygienic place in an airtight container for using it further.


  • 100% whole wheat flour
  • Preservative-free
  • No trans-fat and cholesterol


  • Only lasts for three months from the manufacturing date

5. Aashirvaad Shudh Chakki Atta

Aashirvaad Shudh Chakki Atta

Another amazing variant of atta introduced from the very renowned brand i.e. Aashirvaad is AashirvaadShudh Chakki Atta. The brand ensures the reliability over the atta they produce. The high-quality wheat grains are processed maintaining the hygiene to obtain the wheat level of quality of atta from it making sure that you are getting pure wheat flour for consumption.

This Aashirvaad atta is prepared from 100% whole wheat using the grains chosen from 6500 selection centers. Then, it is crushed using traditional chakki like grinding method. Thus, it ensures the perfect balance of color, taste, and nutrients along with zero percent maida and 100% Sampoorna Atta. It has good nutritional value, it’s every 100 grams consists of 369 kcal of energy, 10.8 grams of protein, 1.8 grams of fat, 77.4 grams of carbohydrate in which 5.6 grams is sugar, and 11.1 grams of dietary fiber.   This complete blend makes dough to absorb more water and obtain softer chapattis from it. If you are looking for 100% pure atta and which maintains its nutritional value and has numerous health benefits then you can try this variant of Aashirvaad atta.


  • Obtained from 0% maida and 100% wheat
  • The dough has greater water absorption
  • Soft chapattis
  • Perfect texture


  • Rotis may become hard on being cold.

6. Pillsbury Chakki Fresh Atta

Pillsbury Chakki Fresh Atta

Pillsbury was one of the largest manufacturers of foodstuffs and grains. But it was bought by General Mills in the year 2001. General Mills is an American manufacturer of consumer foods in the world. So this Pillsbury chakki fresh atta will be a quality food product for your family.

Pillsbury Chakki Fresh Atta has 100% wheat with fiber. Phulka (roti) made from Pillsbury chakki fresh atta is healthy and delightful for those who prefer rotis and chapattis (Indian bread) over rice, so it gives all the nutrition to your family with easy digestion.

You will get 364 kcal energy 12.3-gram proteins, 12.9-gram fiber and 2.2-grams fat per 100 gram Pillsbury Atta. As this chakki atta is known to contain 3 parts of whole wheat grain with the fiber, your kids will get wholesome nourishment after eating rotis made from it.


  • High-quality wheat flour
  • Has fiber content
  • Rich in nutrients and proteins


  • Atta becomes stickier

7. Patanjali Traditional Whole Wheat Chakki Atta with Bran

Patanjali Traditional Whole Wheat Chakki Atta with Bran

Patanjali is one of the largest ayurvedic brands in India which promises you to deliver a pure, healthy, hygienic, and affordable product and Patanjali comes with chakki atta with bran. It has a wide range of products which a person can use in its day to day requirements.

Patanjali whole wheat chakki atta is made from 100% whole wheat which undergoes many cleaning and testing process before grinding to deliver quality flour to its consumer. This whole wheat atta is made from selected wheat grains which are tested in the lab for its quality assurance and then cleaned and stored for grinding.

Per 100gm of this flour contains energy 364.25 kcal, 12.53g of protein, 74.28g of carbohydrate which contains 0.12g of sugar, 1.89g of total fat which has saturated fats 0.33g, MUFA 0.27g, and PUFA 1.29g, 11.72g of dietary fiber, 5.10mg of sodium, 3.17mg of iron, 32.86mg of calcium and 0g of cholesterol and trans fat that gives you full benefits of whole wheat flour. This Patanjali whole wheat flour has a perfect balance between flour and bran which makes it a good choice to consider. It’s best before four months after the manufacturing date. 


  • 100% whole wheat atta
  • Lab-tested
  • No cholesterol and trans-fat
  • Contains bran and flour in balanced quantity


  • Packing material of product could be enhanced

8. Nature Fresh Sampoorna Atta

Nature Fresh Sampoorna Atta

Want to maintain your energy levels to remain active throughout your day! Then welcome NatureFreshSampoorna Chakki Atta to your home. The brand comes with the quality of the product which never compromises with the health and satisfaction of the customer. They produce atta from high quality, natural ingredients processed in the right way. Intensive wheat cleaning is performed to get rid of any impurities and micro-organisms. To retain the bran and the flavor, itis processed in “Chakki-grind”. For keeping it hygienic, it involves many automated operations while processing the wheat. And lastly, to keep it fresh, it is packed in multi-layer premium packing.

NatureFreshSampoorna Atta is 100 percent whole wheat atta with fiber, natural ingredients imperative for a healthy digestive system, overall wellbeing and keeping you active and ready to take on any challenges of life. It nourishes with high nutritional value, 100 grams of this chakki atta consists of 369.7 kcal of energy, 13.1 grams of protein, 1.6 grams of fat which constitutes 0.3 gram of saturated fatty acid, 0.3 grams of monounsaturated fatty acids and 1.0 grams of polyunsaturated fatty acids, 75.7 grams of carbohydrate in which 5.0 grams is sugar and 13.0 grams of dietary fiber, 63.0 mg of calcium and 3.5 mg of iron.

Their nutritional content has 0.0 g of trans fatty acids and 0.0mg of cholesterol. They do not contain any maida in its ingredient and form part of a healthy heart diet. They promise their consumer the appropriate texture of atta which is neither too fine nor too thin. This makes sure that roti you make from it each time is both softer and fluffier.


  • Rotis are softer and fluffier.
  • Made from 100% wheat
  • Does not contain maida
  • Perfect texture of atta, neither too thin nor too coarse
  • Maintains the natural dietary fibers
  • Easy to digest


  • Some people did not like the dough texture.

9. Dr Gluten Gluten-Free Platinum Atta

Dr Gluten Gluten-Free Platinum Atta

Good news for those who were facing struggle from celiac disease and looking for Gluten-Free atta. Dr. Gluten comes with the solution and presents multigrain gluten-free atta with the goodness of almonds. You can easily make soft & tasty chapatti, poori, naan, tandoori roti with this healthy yet delicious gluten-free atta.

This company freshly manufactures its product in small batches to maintain its quality and taste which helps in the overall development of the body. You can use this atta in all types of Indian bread and baking desserts.

Talking about its nutritional information, it is made from wholesome unbleached grains which increase body immunity. This atta content is wheat-free & soya free and suitable for celiac and vegan. It contains 100% natural raw material that contains almonds. It is available in 1kg, 1.5 kg, 2kg, 4kg and 5.5 kg variant.


  • 100% gluten-less manufacturing premises
  • Suitable for celiac & vegan.
  • 100% Natural raw Material Used
  • No Genetic Engineering is done


  • Some customer complaints about its bad odor

10. Zero-G Gluten Free Lite Flour

Zero-G Gluten Free Lite Flour

Zero-G is the last product in the list of best atta in India. This brand provides a variety of healthy flour and some flour replacers like maida replacer, sooji replacer, etc. This brand manufactures gluten-free, lite and healthy flour for its consumers.

Zero-G is lite whole grain sorghum flour which can be used as normal wheat flour and can replace wheat flour in many recipes like chapatti, bread, cookies, cakes, etc. This 100g of sorghum flour can give 384 kcals of energy, 82g of carbohydrate which has less than 2g of sugar, 7.2g of dietary fiber, 3g of fat, 7.5g protein and 24mg of sodium. This flour is also enriched with calcium, potassium, iron, and vitamins which give you additional benefit from it. This flour is 100% gluten-free which makes it a good choice for gluten intolerant people so they can now consume it without any worries of getting diseases.

As it is lite flour, it is easy to digest and also helps in constipation. The flour also strengthens the immune system. Milled and packed in a facility that is 100% free from gluten so it doesn’t contain a pea-sized quantity of gluten in it.


  • 100% gluten-free flour
  • Contains Calcium, potassium, iron, and vitamins
  • Lite flour


  • Contains sodium in little quantity
SaleBestseller No. 1
Fortune Chakki Fresh Atta, 5 kg, 100% Atta 0% Maida
27,025 Reviews
Fortune Chakki Fresh Atta, 5 kg, 100% Atta 0% Maida
  • Made with superior wheat blend
  • Traditional Chakki Process
  • Absorbs water more efficiently to make your rotis soft and fluffy
  • Intensive wheat cleaning process and hygienic packaging
  • High perfection in granulation
  • Absolutely pristine and untouched by hand
SaleBestseller No. 2
Aashirvaad Select Sharbati Atta, 10 kg, Premium 100% MP Sharbati Wheat Atta for softer rotis
20,390 Reviews
Aashirvaad Select Sharbati Atta, 10 kg, Premium 100% MP Sharbati Wheat Atta for softer rotis
  • AASHIRVAAD SELECT ATTA: It is made with 100% MP Sharbati wheat which is harvested from select regions of Madhya Pradesh.
  • 100% MP SHARBATI WHEAT: Aashirvaad Select is a premium quality atta made from the King of Wheat – Sharbati wheat grains which are heavier and have a golden sheen
  • SOFTER & TASTIER: Rotis made with Aashirvaad Select 100% Sharbati Atta are softer and enhance the taste of your dishes
  • FINEST QUALITY: This premium quality wheat has been made with Aashirvaad's expert sourcing from select fields in Madhya Pradesh and top quality packaging making this atta the gold standard in rotis
  • WHOLESOME MEAL: Make no compromise in taste and nutrition with Aashirvaad Select Sharbati Atta
SaleBestseller No. 3
Nature Fresh Shuddh Chakki Atta 10kg Pack
3,648 Reviews
Nature Fresh Shuddh Chakki Atta 10kg Pack
  • 100% whole wheat flour 0% maida
  • Made from the choicest of wheat selected and blended by experts
  • Intensive 3-stage cleaning removes impurities and other micro-organisms
  • Traditional chakki grind process retains bran and flavour
  • Automated operations ensure the highest level of hygiene
  • ingredients:whole wheat
SaleBestseller No. 4
More Whole Wheat Atta Loose , 1Kg
1,516 Reviews
More Whole Wheat Atta Loose , 1Kg
  • Whole Wheat - More Fresh Atta is locally sourced from India’s finest wheat fields and does not contain maida
  • Superior Quality - More Fresh Atta is a premium quality atta made using traditional chakki grinding methods in such a way that it retains the goodness of whole wheat
  • High Fibre - Chakki Fresh Atta is rich in dietary fibres essential for digestion and aids in maintaining overall health and vitality
  • Recipe Ideas - Enjoy soft rotis, parathas, wheat dosa, or also some delicious halwa
SaleBestseller No. 5
Ashirvaad Atta with Multigrains, 10kg pack, The High Fibre Atta
18,536 Reviews
Ashirvaad Atta with Multigrains, 10kg pack, The High Fibre Atta
  • Aashirvaad Atta with Multigrains is high in fibre which aids in digestion
  • 3 rotis made from Multigrain Atta fulfill 35% of your daily fibre requirement
  • Rotis made from Aashirvaad Atta with Multigrains taste just like your regular atta
  • Aashirvaad Atta with Multigrains is a blend of 6 natural grains – wheat, maize, soya, channa, oats, psyllium husk
  • From India’s No. 1 Atta brand, Aashirvaad Atta with Multigrains is made with love in India with the grains sourced from the fields across the country

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Benefits of Atta

Atta is considered as one of the healthiest grains in India. It is extremely beneficial for healthy living and here we describe five basic health benefits of atta:

  1. Maintains your heart healthy: consume me wheat flour can be beneficial as it prevents heart attacks. It has numerous essential nutrients that reduce the risk of high blood pressure and heart attack. So involving this in your daily diet will save you from heart disease.
  2. Contains essential nutrients: The whole wheat flour is rich in some healthy fats, minerals, lots of fibre and proteins. if you want to lose weight then fibre rich diet can be very e beneficial for you. It also helps in maintaining overall health.
  3. Keeps your energy high: The whole wheat flour helps you in gaining energy for the whole day as it contains lots of carbohydrates, starch and sugar. The consumption of products enriched by wheat flour can help you with constipation, nausea and other stomach ailments. It also helps in boosting your immunity.
  4. Balances blood sugar level: As wheat flour contains carbohydrates thus it helps in keeping your blood sugar level low. The carbohydrate received from wheat flour to your body gets converted into glucose which gets into your blood and supplies the cells with sugar. food that contains wheat flour has a high glycemic index thus helping the blood in quickly getting the sugar.
  5. Provide skincare: Wheat flour contains vitamin E that promotes cell respiration, clears acne and slows down the process of ageing, thus giving you a healthy radiant and vibrant skin.

How to make soft roti from Atta

After selecting the best chakki atta as per your choice, you need a fluffy, soft roti recipe to get you to start. A good roti is one that is soft, fluffy, easy to peel and great with taste. To attain such a blend start with the below ingredients:


  • 400-gram atta
  • 1 tablespoon melted butter or ghee
  • Pinch of salt
  • 2 tablespoons vegetable oil
  • 250 ml of hot water


  1. Take 350 grams of atta in a bowl and mix it with oil and hot water. Make dough from this mixture.
  2. Now dust some flour on the worktop and transfer dough onto the worktop.
  3. Start kneading the dough properly with heels of the palm till it becomes soft and smooth to make sure that it has the right consistency.
  4. Keep the dough back to the bowl and cover it with a damp muslin cloth. Let it rest for 15 to 20 minutes.
  5. Take a small piece of the dough, spread ghee over it and make a ball out of it and roll it out into a flat circular shape. try to get as thin as possible flatbread out of that ball of dough. 
  6. Place the roti on a preheated tawa to cook it and wait for around 1 minute, then flip it to the other side. show that the roti is cooked evenly and when the roti rises and bubbles start forming with brown spots then remove the tower from the burner and flip the roti over the burner. 

Now your hot and yummy roti is ready to be served with any sort of curry. 



Does multigrain atta is better than whole wheat atta?

Yes, multigrain atta is slightly better than whole wheat atta as multigrain atta contains more nutrients in comparison to whole wheat atta.

What is bran in whole wheat atta?

The outer layer of wheat turns bran after grinding which is insoluble dietary fiber and it is the only nutrient that’s not absorbed by the body.

How is maida and atta are different from each other?

Maida and atta both are made from wheat grain but both undergo in the different manufacturing process as atta contains 12 – 14 % of bran in it and maida which is also known as refined wheat flour made by extracting bran in high quantity around 30% which makes it finer than atta.

How gluten-free atta is different from normal atta?

Gluten-free atta doesn’t contain gluten in it so it is best for the consumption for gluten intolerant people and normal atta may contain gluten in it which is not suitable for gluten intolerant person.

How to know that atta we purchased doesn’t contain maida in it?

If you purchased a pack of atta checks its ingredient list as if it contains maida then it is mentioned as refined wheat flour in the ingredient list.



If you want to have an active lifestyle, with good digestion and good immunity then you should include atta in your daily diet. It is loaded with all the vital nutrients and dietary fiber that will help you in reducing the risk of chronic disease. We have provided the Best Atta in India to you, now you can choose one according to your need and requirement. Do share your experience with us in the below comment section. And if you have any doubts regarding atta then also, don’t forget us to ask. We will be happy to help you.

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