10 Best Instant Geyser in India

In the cold chills of winter, who would love to enjoy the sudden transition from a warm bed to a cold shower. Thinking about freezing cold water in such cold weather will give goosebumps. Not only for bathing but also splashing water on the face or washing hands or utensils, it is more comfortable to use hot water over cold water. Nowadays it is becoming common to have a water heater or geyser in almost every house. It is preferred to start and end your day with the hot shower to keep yourself fresh and charged always. A water geyser removes the hassle of heating water over a gas stove or with a heating rod.

It ensures you get hot water in no time, thus making your daily routine fast and hassle-free. If you have a family of 2 to 4 people, you can buy an instant water heater with low storage capacity, basically around 1 liter to 3 liters to a maximum of 10 liters capacity. They will provide water within few minutes and are also known as tankless water heaters or tankless geysers. In this article, we have listed the top 10 instant water heaters that are available in India. We have also listed the things you should consider before buying a suitable instant water heater.

Things to Consider Before buying Instant Geyser

It is not very tedious to choose the best instant water heater. You just need to consider the below certain points before buying a new instant water heater. Have a look at the features and unique advantages that would suit your specific requirements.

• Energy Consumed:

Installing a water heater should not add much to your electric bills. The electricity consumed by a water heater depends on several factors. The more hot water used, the more it will increase your bill. The second factor is the place where you reside. If the water is cold more than it will require more heat to get it warmer. Then comes the third factor is the temperature needed for the user. Generally, 60 degrees centigrade is set for most water heaters, but some have external temperature control, which helps set the temperature. And standing loss is another aspect of heat loss to the water heater’s surface if the hot water is not used for the long time.

• Installation area:

The place where you need to install your water heater holds a significant consideration. You need to look for the wall or floor space with easy connectivity to the input and outlet faucets. The place should be such that it is easily accessible when your water heater needs maintenance and repairs.

• Pressure for High:

Rise Building: For the water heaters installed in a high-rise building, the considered pressure should be more than 6 bars. The water heater’s pressure is so high that it may lead to the geyser’s leakage. So if your geyser is not capable enough to handle specific water pressure, then it may damage. Thus the pressure which your water heater can handle plays a significant role in maintaining its life. 

• BEE Rating:

Before buying an electric water heater, look for the BEE rating on the product. The BEE rating is the energy rating standard, which sets the benchmark for the product’s efficiency. BEE rating is given in terms of stars on the product. Products that have three stars or above out of five stars are more energy efficient. 

• Capacity:

In an instant water heater, we don’t have any storage tank, so capacity is directly proportional to the flow rate. If you have a small family of 2 to 4 people that an instant water heater can serve your purpose very efficiently. 

• Temperature:

The temperature of the hot water drops if the water needs to travel a longer distance. Thus your water heater must have a higher temperature handling ability for a large household with multiple exit points. Also, if the water flows at a higher speed through the heater, then it is observed that there is a drop in temperature at the distant tap.

• Geyser Wattage:

The wattage of the geyser is one factor that decides how quickly the water will be heated up. The more is the wattage of the electric geyser, the faster the water will be heated up. There are 3000 watts and 4500 watts variant available in the market.

• Plastic versus brass drain valves:

For long-lasting and more rigid valves, you should always prefer a water heater that is equipped with brass drain valves over plastic drain valves. the brass drain valve will ensure that your water heater will work for a longer duration.

• Anti-scaling devices:

When the salts deposit on the heating component’s surface, it may diminish the life of it. The water heaters that are engineered with anti-scaling features are more better as they will reduce the mineral scale accumulation inside the container. This will be achieved by spinning the water from time to time. If your water heater does not possess such features, you should go for the water heater, which has a longer and thicker heating component.

• Glass lined tanks:

The water may react with anti of elements and fuses to form corrosion. This problem can be reduced by having glass-lined tanks that will help diminish the corrosion and highlight its robustness.

• Warranty and durability:

You should always go for the water heater which has a warranty as it will provide you with tension-free usage. To ensure the quality of your water heater, look for an instant water heater that has an extensive warranty. Water heater along with that and are more open to decoration in addition to the decay. Instant water heaters are more durable and superior and are capable of functioning upto ten years over the orthodox heaters.

• Budget:

Nowadays, water heaters have a wide range of features. Before investing your hard-earned money into a water heater with elements not suitable for you, it is better to go for that water heater, which is budget-friendly and serves your purpose.

• Safety:

The water heaters have an auto cut-off feature, which automatically switches off when the water becomes too hot. This feature helps in ensuring the safety of the product, and hence it should be considered.


1. Bajaj Flora Instant 3 Litre Vertical Water Heater

Bajaj Flora Instant Vertical Water Heater

Bajaj again comes up with an amazing Bajaj Flora instant 3-liter vertical water heater. One of its key features is its look making it stand out of the league. This instant geyser is very aesthetic thus installing it in your bathroom will raise the interior as well as your mood. You can mount this water geyser vertically on the wall. It has been developed with the latest technologies thus it is safe and stylish.

This is an instant water heater that provides you hot water within a flash helping you to remove your tiredness with a hot shower whenever you want. This geyser has the capability to sustain a pressure up to 8 bar thus it can be installed in multi-story buildings. The body material of this water heater is rustproof ABS plastic which makes it corrosion resistant.

The inner tank infused with puff insulation ensures that when water heats up then it will retain its heat for longer duration without wasting electricity by heating water again and again. It has both thermostats as well as thermal cutoff thus protecting your device from overheating. A fire retardant cable is also provided thus ensuring the protection in case of fire break up by resisting the spreading of fire.

The neon color indicator provided on this geyser signifies whether the water has been heated up to the desired temperature or not. The company provides with 5-year tank warranty, 3-year heating element warranty, and a 2-year overall product warranty.

The capacity of this water heater is 3l and it has two available variants one is 3-kilowatt rating and another is a 4.5-kilowatt rating. The measurement of this water heater is 41.1* 26.7* 26.2 cm along with a weight of 3.73 kg.


  • Body material is rustproof ABS plastic.
  • Light weight.
  • Comes with fire retardant cable.
  • Neon color Indicator.
  • Protection provided from over heating.


  • Not suitable for large families.
  • Does not have temperature regulator.
  • Connector pipes needs to be bought seperately.

2. Crompton Bliss 3-Litre Instant Water Heater (White)

There are times when you need instant hot water then Crompton, a well-known brand among consumers of India, has manufactured this geyser especially to serve your this purpose. At the end of your busy schedule when you are in no mood to wait long to get freshen up then you just need to switch on this instant water heater and within few minutes your geyser is ready to serve you with hot water.

The stylish look of this water geyser is ready to blend with any interior of your bathroom. This water heater is compatible for both kitchen or bathroom.

This water geyser has a multifunctional safety valve which helps in protecting the water heater from internal overpressure. Moreover, it also limits the backflow of hot water into supply thus protecting the supply from getting damaged.

The stainless steel weldless tank of the water heater locks the heat for longer duration hence it efficiently increases the performance of the device.

The outer body is built with ABS material which makes it resistant to rust. It is built with high quality 3000-watt copper heating element enabling the geyser to heat the water faster. It is suitable for high rise buildings as it can withstand pressure up to 6.5 bar.

The product dimensions is 26.5 cm (length) *22 cm (width) * 42.5 cm (height). An efficient thermostat reset knob and preset thermal cutoff have been infused for providing dual safety. It is safe and secure from a sudden power cut and voltage variations. This geyser is equipped with a green color indicator that glows to indicate when the water is ready to use. The company provides 2-year warranty on the product.


  • Weldless tank locks heat for longer duration.
  • Multifunctional safety valve.
  • Outer body is of ABS material.
  • Can withstand pressure up to 6.5 bar.
  • For dual safety, it has thermostat reset knob and preset thermal cutoff.


  • Not suitable for large families.
  • Need to buy connector plugs separately.

3. Lifelong Flash 3 Litres Instant Water Heater

Lifelong is another good brand to go for since most of their home appliance is quite reliable and provides good after-sales services, especially in India. It comes with an ISI mark copper heating element, and a very thick PUF layer is used as an insulation to control the internal heating. This helps in reducing electricity bills with its enhanced energy efficiency. It is powered by 3000 watts and has a 3-liter capacity to provide you with hot water in a matter of minutes after you press the button. Coming to its safety features, it consists of a thermostat and cut-out conforms to international standards, which ensures total safety for you. It is a fair and affordable water heater and has 8 pressure rated does it is capable of working even on high-pressure conditions.

Lifelong offers a brand warranty of 2 years with an instant water heater assuring you to enjoy your soothing showers with no worries. It has a neon indicator light on the outside that gives it an indication for power on and heating. Its thermoplastic outer casing prevents it from corrosion and rusting and has a stainless steel tank. You can Mount this stylish instant water heater vertically either in your kitchen or bathroom.


  • ISI mark copper heating element.
  • Thick PUF layer insulation.
  • 8 pressure rated, can work on high-pressure conditions.
  • Neon indicator light.
  • Thermoplastic outer casing.
  • Stainless steel tank.


  • There is no extended warranty on the tank.
  • After-sales service is inefficient.

4. Havells Instanio 3-Litre Instant Geyser

Havells Instanio 3-Litre Instant Geyser

Havells has raised the bar of the geyser in India. As the name suggests Havells Instanio 3-litre Instant Water Heater, this efficient water geyser provides you water very instantly. It is an instant water heater with a capacity of 3 liters. It comes with a two-color variant, one is blue/white while the other one is mustard/white. You can go with any color as both of them are universal.

The body is built with ABS material confirming the rust free and shockproof outer body to remain as it is for a longer period. The inner tank is made up of stainless steel of 304 grade ensuring you a corrosion-free tank with an extended life span with an additional benefit of having hot water stored for a longer period of time.

It has multi-functional safety valve thus you can be stress-free and feel safe and secure while using it. The thermal auto cut feature of this geyser ensures you that auto cut will take place in case of overheating of water or dry heating of the device thus protecting your device from any damage.

Its dimension is 36cm*20cm*18cm, thus making it convenient for you to install it in a small space or in the kitchen with a weight of 3.5 kg.

The brand provides a warranty of 2 years on the overall product and 5 years on the condenser. The safety of this water heater gets multiplied with the addition of a fire retardant power cord.

This geyser comes with wall mounting accessories and 2- Flexi pipes thus making its installation simple and easy. One of its feature which enhances its look along with indication is its indicator which turns from blue to amber alarming you that hot water is now ready to serve its purpose.


  • Rust free and shockproof ABS material outer body.
  • Inner tank is of Stainless steel.
  • Provided with a multi-functional safety valve.
  • Has a feature of thermal auto cut.
  • Can handle pressure up to 0.65 MPa Bar.
  • Has indicator which turns blue to amber alarming when hot water is ready.
  • Compact.
  • Ideal for kitchen purpose.


  • Electricity consumption is 3000 watts.
  • Cannot store much hot water as required by large families.

5. Racold Pronto Neo 3 Litres 3Kw Vertical Water Heater, White

These water heaters are for those who don’t like to wait for a hot water bath, and hence these water heaters provide hot water in no time as they are provided with faster heating elements.

The outer body of this water heater is ABS material, which ensures the rust-free body, thus maintaining a stylish look along with maintaining the elegant look of your washroom.

It has been inbuilt with three levels of safety in which the first safety measure is against overpressure and over temperature. The thermal cut facilitates the automatic cut out of the power supply during high temperature and overheating. The second safety measure is the safety valve, which helps in discharging the water and maintaining the allowable level of pressure when the pressure exceeds a certain limit. And the third safety measure is that this geyser is provided thermostat. So this ensures that you are using a reliable device.

This water heater is built using advanced technology. The tic-tac heating element helps in heating the water in no time. Just have to switch on the water geyser, and you are ready with the hot water.

The inner tank has an SPHP coating, which makes it long-lasting and corrosion-resistant, along with the assurance of hot water for a more extended period of time. This very stylish water heater has a 5-year warranty on an internal container with a 3-year warranty on heating elements and a 2-year comprehensive warranty. The power of this geyser is 3000 watts indicating that your water will be heated up very fast. This geyser becomes perfect for high rise buildings high-pressure pump applications as they can handle a pressure of about 6 bar


  • Rust-free outer body.
  • inbuilt with three levels of safety.
  • Provides protection from over pressure and over temperature.
  • Thermal cut facilitates the automatic cut out.
  • Infused with a safety valve.
  • Provided with thermostat.
  • Long-lasting and corrosion-resistant inner tank.


  • Company does not provide installation accessories.
  • Problem with the indicator so it needs improvement.

6. Anchor by Panasonic Astra 3L 3KW Instant Water Heater

If you want to take a quick hot water shower, then just switch on the Anchor by Panasonic Astra instant water heater and behold. It will provide you hot water without making you wait much. Being elegantly designed, it adds more aesthetic to your modern bathroom and comes with the capacity of 3 liters so so that you can receive continuous hot water supply. Featuring 6.5 bar pressure, this water heater is suitable for high rise buildings and effectively withstand up to 6.5 bars pressure. For your safety, this instant water geyser is provided with three safety levels against high temperature and pressure with a cut-out thermostat and safety valve.

Its thermoplastic external body prevents rusting, corrosion, and the body of the tank is crafted using stainless steel, which helps retain heat efficiently. This electric heater is available in 3000/4500 watts copper heating element, enabling the geyser to heat the water quickly. It is equipped with PUF insulation, which captures heat inside the tank and keeps the water hot for a longer duration. For safety and protection, it has a fire retardant power cord. 

To ensure the durability and excellent functioning of this water heater, the company provides 5 years warranty on the inner tank and 2 years product warranty.


  • 6.5 bar pressure
  •  PUF insulation
  • Fire retardant power cord. 
  • Three safety levels 
  • 3000/4500 watts copper heating element
  • Thermoplastic external body


  • No extended warranty on tank
  • After-sales service is not up to the mark.
  • It doesn’t have a power plug.

7. Crompton Solarium DLX 3 Litre Instant Water Heater (Ivory)

Crompton Solarium DLX 3 Litre Instant Water Heater (Ivory)

You can cheer up your mood after coming home, tired for the whole day, just by freshening up your body with Crompton Solarium DLX 3 Litre Instant Water Heater (Ivory). It supplies you hot water within an instant.

Crompton, one of the established companies in the market, has brought you this very stylish instant water geyser. The measurement of this geyser is 42.5 cm Length x 22.8 cm Width x 22.8 cm Height with a weight of 3.3 kg, hence it can be installed in a small place very easily. It can be used even for kitchen purposes as it is a compact and instant water heater.

Stainless steel used to built it enhances its life by making it corrosion-resistant and keeping the water hot for a longer duration. The rust-free feature gets also added up to this geyser as its outer body material is ABS material thus extending the life of your stylish water geyser. If you are living in a multi-story building then you need not worry as this water heater is capable of handling pressure up to 6.5 bar.


  • Compact thus can be installed in a small place.
  • Ideal for kitchen purpose.
  • Outer body material is ABS material and is rust free.
  • Light weight.


  • No star rating mentioned.
  • Uses 3000 Watt electricity.
  • All the accessories are not available in installation kit.
  • A washer may be required to fix pipe as hot water outlet has low number of thread which does not allows all types to fit.

8. Singer Fonta Instant Water Heater with 3 LTR Capacity

Singer brand is one of the oldest and reputed brands known, and thus Singer Fonta Instant Water Heater is one of the best instant water heaters on our list. This awesome water heater comes with an array of features that makes sure that you will get hot water whenever you want. Its outer body is made from ABS material, making it non-corrosive shockproof. The high insulation of the glass wool prevents its stainless steel tank from getting damaged due to the water leading to a longer life of the tank.

Your washroom will be mesmerized by the elegant design of this 3 ltr and 3 kw instant water heater. This water heater is very much concerned about your safety, and hence its component is built for safe, quick heating and long life. Combined with amazing features of a precision thermostat, thermal cutout, and fusible plug, it provides safety from extensive damage. Equipped with indicator lights, the instant water heater informs you when the water is ready to use. Built with ISI certified high quality, the nickel plating on the heating element enables the geyser to heat the water faster.

Although the quality is good enough that you won’t need to claim for it, the brand gives 2 years of warranty on this product. This water heater is compatible with high-pressure standing capacity, making it ideal for high rise buildings and high-pressure pump applications.


  • High insulation of the glass wool.
  • Outer body is made from ABS material.
  • Has precision thermostat, thermal cutout, and fusible plug.
  • Equipped with indicator lights.
  • ISI certified high quality.
  • Nickel plating on the heating element.


  • Not much energy efficient.

9. ACTIVA Instant 3 LTR 3 KVA SPCEIAL Anti Rust Coated Tank Geyser

Time to raise the glamour quotient of your bathroom with Activa Premium Instant water geyser. This geyser assures you that you won’t get to see corrosion as it has a thermoplastic outer body. The company has made use of a BIS approved ISI certified high-quality copper heating element that not only heats the water quickly but also ensures a long-lasting life. This high on power and low on bills electric geyser give you instant heating and power-saving with a low electricity bill.

There are two indicators that help you determine what function is working at the moment. It is high in energy efficiency with a compact and elegant design and comes with the special anti-rust coating on the tank and geyser with a full ABS body to protect it from rust or corrosion. It protects from overheating with the high-quality stem type thermostat. The storage capacity of the water is 3 liters, and the heater is rated at 3000 watts, and hence it can heat the water in a few minutes.

It comes with a 5 year warranty on tank and 1 year warranty on a product which gives a kind of satisfaction so even if something goes wrong, then the company will take care of it.


  • BIS approved ISI certified high-quality copper heating element.
  • Two indicators.
  • High-quality stem type thermostat.
  • Anti-rust coating on the tank.
  • Full ABS body.


  • Pipe needs to be bought separately.
  • Installation is not done by the company.

10. Hindware Atlantic Convenio 3 Litre Instant Geyser

Get ready to experience the flash of warm water with the Hindware Atlantic Convenio instant water heater. You will be mesmerized by the elegant design of this water heater, as it is crafted with the rare combination of technology and style. It has been engineered with an i thermostat feature, which prevents excess energy wastage. You don’t need to be unduly worried if you are residing in a high rise tower as this water heater can withstand the high pressure of 6.5 bars.

It offers robust construction with a stainless steel tank and shock-proof ABS exterior. It is powered by 3000 watts and has a 3-liter capacity. The heater has an LED indicator for power on-off and heating, which saves power and is suitable for energy efficiency. It also has an RPR valve, which allows the warm water to get reheated instantly, contributing to saving time and money. It has been built with IPX1 protection, making a splash-proof and compatible for use even in a compact and small kitchen/bathroom.

The warranty structure of this geyser is like this 5 years on the inner tank, 2 years on the heating element, and comprehensive.


  • Can withstand the high pressure of 6.5 bars.
  • IPX1 protection, making a splash-proof.
  • Thermostat feature which prevents excess energy wastage.
  • LED indicator for power on-off and heating.
  • RPR valve.


  • Inside the box, no accessories included.
  • Display is not very impressive.
  • Connection hose is not included.
  • No flex included.

Instant Geyser related Precautions

  • Always check the water supply before turning on the geyser. only when the water is filled in the geyser then only switch on the geyser.
  • Always prefer to install the geyser by a skilled electrician rather than by installing yourself.
  • You should not keep any inflammable material around the geyser.
  • Always remember to turn off the power supply when the geyser is not in use.
  • Go through the manual carefully before installing and using the geyser.
  • The geyser should be installed at the appropriate height on the wall.


The water heater has now become one of the necessary addition to your home, which can give you great value for money. If your start of the day is fresh, then your whole day will be happy. Just start your day with a shower of warm water. You can choose any one of the best instant water geysers from the above list as per your requirement, budget, and space. If you have any further queries, please contact us by writing a comment in the below comment section.

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