Top 10 Best Mattress in India: 2021

After a long day’s work, you deserve a heavenly good night’s sleep. If you feel tired and unmotivated throughout the day, this might be due to a lack of sound sleep at night. The mattress helps you a lot when it comes to sleeping issues. A perfect mattress provides you an environment where your body gets full relaxation without any stress between your tissue, and you will get in deep sleep as soon as you go in the bed. Many people get neck pain and spinal cord issues; a perfect mattress will solve all your sleeping-related problems.

It is essential to invest in the right mattress. It provides comfortable sleep and free you from morning headache, back pain, and support and acting on the pressure points. Here is the list of Top 10 best mattresses in India that will fulfill your requirements and reduce your search time.

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Things to consider before buying

  • Supportive System
    Always try to buy a mattress that gives the perfect and similar support to your body. It prevents swelling and pain issues. it keeps the spinal cord alignment right in place. It is very important for better health and everyday rest. Try to go with spring and airbed mattresses, they provide the best bodily alignment and support because of their harder upper surface.
  • Avoid isocyanates mattress
    Always avoid buying foam mattresses that contain foam made with isocyanates and other chemicals, they can irritate the skin, eye, nose, throat, and other health issues. even can lead to cancer.
  • Breathability
    Buy breathable mattresses with natural cooling for extra comfort. That does not emit gas in summers. So you will get perfect sleep with disturbance. Try to get a hybrid mattress that promotes air circulation more than other mattresses.
  • Thickness
    Thickness is one more element of a sleeping mattress that you need to check before buying India’s best mattress. Lying on thicker bedding would likewise feel significantly more comfortable than different alternatives. Thin mattresses are not acceptable in the long run. It may start changing its shapes with time and after two or three years of use, it will affect your body’s sleeping posture.
  • Check for customized Option
    If you have different preferences for the comfort you can buy customized mattresses. That will help you get a good night’s sleep.

Best Mattress in India Review

1. Wakefit Orthopaedic Memory Foam Mattress

Journey of wakefit is very interesting, from chemical lab to validate and certify manufacturers of foam used in mattresses to make their own valuable products. Wakefit is one of the popular mattress brand in India and known for its highly durable mattresses.

This orthopedic memory foam mattress has a combination of five layers. The base layer incorporates high strength foam for firm help. After the base layer, there comes a progress layer, and afterward, the memory foam layer is ideal for body molding to give you comfort at its best.

The following is a cold foam that causes you to feel cool and comfortable while sleeping over it. Lastly, there comes a breathable texture at the top that avoids sweat during long rest hours.

The best is its adaptive or memory foam material that permits the bedding’s surface to form to your body’s shape when you mull over it. This way, it gives a definitive spine, neck, and hip help and genuine solace by any stretch of the imagination. Along these lines, purchasing this memory foam mattress will be justified, despite all the trouble for anybody with back agony and neck torment issues.

Not all that firm and not all that delicate, the medium solidness is the specialty of this sleeping mattress that settles on it a decent decision for anybody. With Breathable Fabric, it supports natural cooling and does not emit gas in summers.

Besides, cleaning and upkeep have never been an issue with this mattress because of its two covers plan. The inward cover is fixed, while the outer zipper surface is effectively removable and launderable for better cleanliness.

With different size choices, you can purchase the one fitting your necessities. The greatest in addition to is that you will get ten years to Warranty on this sleeping cushion that will be the best arrangement.


  • Worth for the money.
  • High build quality.
  • Good product for back pain and neck pain.
  • Supports your body very well.
  • Super easy to clean and maintain.
  • Very comfortable in summers too.
  • Easily portable.


  • Only one side of the mattress is usable.

2. Emma Original Mattress | German Engineered

This king-size model from Emma’s sleeping Mattress is likewise one such convincing variant of mattresses that gives mind-blowing body flexibility through the blend of decompressing breathable Airgocell-layer top-notch adaptive padding. The only Mattress which is Designed & engineered in Germany for India.

This Mattress is uniquely designed, combining Indian quality and pain-free comfort with the right density of layers that fit every sleep style. The ideal thickness of layers, excellent airflow, warm guideline, and three layers and seven zones spine uphold features make it a perfect sleep companion for everyone.

Emma is Europe’s most-awarded Mattress, and you will get an optimized combination of a decompressing breathable Airgocell-layer, visco-elastic memory foam, and a supportive layer of polyurethane foam. It has motion isolation; if your partner moves on the bed, you won’t feel a thing.

With its Ultrabase technology, you will get ideal spinal alignment in any sleeping position; it will help you from pain and assist in comfortable sleep. This mattress is perfect for any sleeper.

The Mattress is vacuum-sealed and rolled in the box, and by just opening up, it comes into the standard size inside a couple of hours. You can trust this brand since the company is giving 11 years of warranty.


  • Highly Pressure relieving
  • Distributes your body weight evenly and contours to your individual space for ultimate pressure relief.
  • Durable.
  • Machine-washable cover.
  • Ultrabase technology for spinal alignment.
  • Zero gravity foam used.
  • Available in different sizes.


  • Expensive.

3. Sleepyhead Original – 3 Layered Orthopedic Memory Foam Mattress

Sleepyhead offers a variety of memory and premium foam mattresses in all sizes possible. Numerous layers of orthopedic support make for great rest and chill times.

This mattress is highly supportive and highly rated on the softness that we all desire. Without compromising cushiness and softness, it provides the right amount of support for 90% of all body types. You will get maximum comfort with its supportive foam base.

Regardless of what shape your body is in, this mattress is an all-foam product that impeccably changes with your body type. So your partner won’t get disturbed by your movement during sleep time. Pressure Relieving Memory Foam helps in even weight distribution so that you will get sound sleep.

Its top layer is made from breathable fabric, and it can effortlessly manage to keep your body temperature when you sleep. You will also get the right amount of bounce.

Sleepyhead comes with a high-quality cover that can be removed and machine washable. You can easily take off the cover wash and again put it on the mattress. You will also get ten years warranty with this product.


  • Comfortable sleeping experience.
  • Ideal for people suffering from orthopedic problems.
  • High-Density HR Foam used.
  • Pressure Relieving Memory Foam.
  • Highly rated on softness


  • Because it has white bedding, it might get ruined easily.

4. SleepyCat Plus Mattress, Made with 2-inch Premium Gel Memory Foam

SleepyCat is one of the well known Indian brand coming up with the latest technology and innovations. This orthopaedic memory foam mattress is 8-inch, and it is the perfect combo of comfort and firmness.

This mattress has two-layer the topmost 2-inch has Gel Memory Foam which is a therapeutic layer. This layer is designed to distribute your body weight evenly and keep you cool throughout the night. Next 6-inch is made from high-density foam that gives structure to the mattress add strength and make this unique mattress highly durable for more than ten years.

To provide unique airflow throughout your mattress, this best mattress of India has a breezy inner cover with a Specialized inner netted cover for proper airflow. It is a full-featured mattress that will give you full comfort and make your night sleep comfortable and uninterrupted.

You will get a smart zip cover with this mattress; you can easily remove this cover and clean. This separates the top layer from the bottom layer for easy cleaning without removing the full cover.

Its anti-skid base keeps your mattress from shifting so you can allow your kid to play on the bed. It is a highly engineered product with all the latest technology ingredients. If your partner turns around, you won’t feel any disturbance while sleeping.

You will get ten years of warranty, and this product is available in four different sizes.


  • Therapeutic gel memory foam.
  • Smart zipper cover.
  • Infused with latest technology.
  • Zero partner disturbance.
  • Anti-skid base.
  • Easy to clean with outer zipper cover.


  • Can be used by only one side.

5. Dreamzee 100% Natural Latex Certified Organic Mattress

If you are looking for the best mattress for your home that assures the best sleep with the best support for your spinal cord with medium comfort, here dreamzee has designed the best mattress for you with natural latex. The benefits you will get from this Dreamzee 100% natural latex certified organic mattress are all you need for a good night’s sleep.

To understand why natural latex is the best for you and your family, you have to know what is natural latex; it is the sap or plasma harvested from the Hevea brasiliensis, known as the Rubber tree. The sap is collected by cutting a little portion of the tree bark and allowing it to flow through. Then his sap is processed into latex by whipping and baking in molds. Dreamzee assures the best and 100% natural latex without using any fillers or any other chemical.

This 100% organic latex mattress is antibacterial, very durable, breathable, gives natural cooling in all seasons, reversible. It is not too soft nor too hard so, it gives the best support to your back; if you are experiencing any body pain or backache, this mattress will help you with that by improving your sleeping posture. This mattress can relieve the pressure points. The fabric used in this mattress’s upper layering is organic Modal fabric, quilted with organic cotton.


  • 100% natural latex mattress.
  • Prevents dust and mites and it is antibacterial.
  • Biodegradable, good for nature.
  • Gives natural cooling in summers and warm feeling in winters, with its temperature control technology.
  • Gives the best support to your back.
  • Organic modal fabric is quilted with organic cotton, it assures extra comfort.


  • The price is a little high.

6. Sleepwell Cocoon Two-As-One Customizable Feel Mattress with Free Pillow

Sleeping is essential for every individual. We all have different preferences for the right comfort and good night’s sleep. Most of the time, two people sharing the same bed can share different preferences and experience problems like body pain backache. How about a customized mattress that is customized on your and your partner’s preferences.

Each side of the bed can be customized with different layers that give a different feel, half & half different feel. Well, Sleepwell has designed India’s first customizable mattress. Sleepwell Cacon Two-As –One customizable feel mattress is customizable accordingly with your and your partner’s comfort. This is the right mattress for your home, without any doubt. This mattress will ensure a good night’s sleep and will end the comfortless sleep nights.

The cacoon is a triple layer mattress; flip the sides to get a different feel on each side. There is a firm layer for providing extra support and a soft layer to provide extra comfort. Choose the firm layer to get extra support, and choose the soft layer to get extra comfort. The sides of the customized mattress come with zippers; it is easy to reverse the sides. You can do that by yourself easily by just unzipping the top cover. This mattress comes with two free pillows.


  • The only mattress that is customized to your preferences.
  • There are different layers to give you good support and comfort.
  • Helps in reducing backache.
  • Value for money and affordable.
  • The mattress is customized for using both sides.
  • Triple-layered just flip to get a different feel.


  • Can get dents for jumping, folding, or dragging.
  • Sides are not so durable, avoid sitting on sides.

7. The Sleep Company SmartGRID Comfort 6″ Mattress

The sleep company is one of India’s best mattress companies, which provides a mattress build with quality material and sleep science. its innovative super stretchy smart grid for providing optimum comfort to its users.

This smart mattress has various smart features like posture support, motion isolation, cool airflow, superelasticity so you can have a night full of peace and comfort. Its made from smart grid technology, which has patented technology of the sleep company, which means you would never get such comfort on any other mattress.

This smart grid mattress is innovated and patented by the sleep company, which has free air flow technology as it has 2500 air channels to circulate air so that you can have a comfortable sleep. It also gives you two times more comfortable than an ordinary orthopedic mattress and a superior cushioning.

Its made from multiple super adaptive layers that adapt to your body shape, which relaxes your pressure under the shoulders and waist. Its cover is made from organic viscose quilted cotton to make it breathable so you won’t sweat on hot days too.

The material used in the smart grid is Non-Toxic & Hypoallergenic as its made from food-grade material, so it’s very safe, especially for small children. You get 10 years warranty on this product so you won’t have to worried about your mattress.


  • Premium product.
  • Comes with patented smart grid technology.
  • Posture support.
  • Motion isolation.
  • Cool airflow technology.
  • Superelasticity.
  • Cover made from organic viscose quilted cotton.
  • Non-Toxic & Hypoallergenic material used.
  • 10 years warranty.


  • It cannot be used from both sides.
  • Costly.

8. Duroflex Livein – Anti Microbial Fabric, Memory Foam Mattress

Duroflex is a well-known brand in India known for providing a quality mattress to its consumer at an affordable price. You could consider this product if you want a peaceful sleep without hurting your pocket too much.

This mattress from duroflex has some features like it has anti-microbial treated fabric, luxury memory foam, body support, made scientifically from multiple layers to have a comfy sleep. You also won’t need anyone to set up this mattress as it comes in a DIY packing so you can quickly unbox your mattress.

Its fabric is protected with Triple Anti-Microbial Treatment to protect this mattress from harmful bacteria, fungi, dust mites, etc., so you will feel safe and healthy while having your comfortable sleep.

The mattress is made from luxury quality memory foam, which automatically molds your body shape while you sleep, which gives you cradled support to feel the luxury of this mattress while you sleep. Its luxurious memory foam is made with a combination of resilient and responsive foam layers, which intelligently supports your back by giving it bounce as much as required according to the body’s shape.

In the top of all layers, a super soft, comfy foam layer is added so you can feel like sleeping in cotton candy. You will get a 10 years warranty on the product from Duroflex so you can sleep peacefully.


  • Made with luxury memory foam.
  • Triple anti-microbial treated fabric.
  • Supports body.
  • Foam made from resilient and responsive foam layers.
  • Protects from bacteria, fungi, dust mites, etc.
  • 10 years warranty.  


  • Not suitable for frequent side shifters.

9. Springtek Ortho Pocket Queen Bed Pocket Spring and High Density Foam Mattress

Springtek is a renowned mattress company that manufactures spring mattress with a medium firmness to provide you optimum comfort to its user. You can use this mattress on many platforms like diwan beds, standard beds, floors, etc.

This mattress offers various features to its user like Anti-microbial Quilted fabric, countering support, medium form comfort, zero partner disturbance, Sag Resistant, Pocket Spring Mattress, etc., a comfortable and cozy sleep.

The mattress is made from 4 different layers: a premium quilted knitted top, foam support, felt support, and zero disturbance pocket spring system. All layers are foam encasement on edge. The spring coils are made from heavy gauge tempered steel, which provides durability and support while you sleep.

This orthopedic mattress will give the feel of medium firmness, and the foam on the top layer will make you feel very comfortable while you sleep on it. After passing more than 50 tests, which include 60000 cycles of durability testing, it assures you that your product’s foam or spring would not sag.

You will feel calm and relaxed on this mattress as it has high-density transition foam, so you will fall asleep in minutes after getting on this mattress. You will get 6 years of warranty on this mattress, so you won’t have to worry about it.


  • High-density transition foam.
  • Passed more than 50+ tests.
  • Undergoes more than 60000 durability testing.
  • Countering support.
  • Premium quilted knitted fabric.
  • Zero partner disturbance.
  • Sag resistant.
  • Pocket spring mattress.


  • You will get only 6 years of warranty.

10. Flo Ergo Gel Memory Foam + Proprietary Responsive Foam Mattress

Flo made its mark in the market of mattresses in the past few years by understanding consumers’ needs and acting accordingly. Flo makes mattresses that can be used on any surface like diwan. Adjustable beds, floor, etc., you can use its mattress even in the bunk bed.

Some features which make this mattress stand out from the crowd like 3D airflow technology, aloe vera gel infused cover, slowly regain memory foam, etc., so you can have a quality peaceful sleep on its mattress. This mattress also comes in a DIY packing, so you won’t need to seek anyone’s else helps for setting your mattress.

The mattress is made from Flo proprietary memory foam, which regains its shape slowly, almost four times slower than standard memory foam, so it will be more comfortable while sleeping and will remember your body shape for more duration than usual, so if you wake for water or anything else at night, you won’t feel discomfort after returning to your bed.

Foams of this mattress are combined with a white gel microcapsule, which absorbs your body’s heat if the temperature is warm outside. The temperature absorbed from the body releases out from the mattress after traveling the whole mattress’s periphery with 3D airflow technology.

The mattress cover fabric is infused with aloe vera gel to protect itself and you both from harmful bacteria. Flo offers ten years warranty on this product, so you won’t hesitate a single time while purchasing this fantastic mattress.


  • 3D airflow technology.
  • Aloe vera gel infused zipper cover.
  • Slow regain memory foam.
  • Comes with gel memory foam.
  • Absorbs body heat during summer.
  • 4 times slower regain.
  • 10 years warranty.


  • Slightly pricier.

Benefits of Mattresses

If you find the right mattress for your home you can avoid many major problems and finding the right bedding, that can assure good rest is very important.

  1. A good mattress gives you a good night’s sleep. Sleep helps with reducing stress.
  2. A mattress that prevents dust and mites can help with allergy issues.
  3. A mattress that gives equal support to every body part is very important.
  4. A durable mattress prevents deformation with long term use. deformation can cause backache and pain, swelling in other body parts.
  5. If your mattress is not anti-bacterial with time as it gets old ita going to become unhygienic.
  6. Sometimes mattresses develop tartar or mold because of the sweat over can cause allergic problems. To avoid this problem you must use a mattress with a mattress protector.
  7. Poor sleep can cause many major issues. A good mattress is very important to get a perfect sleep. A perfect rest assures a fresh star and helps with avoiding heart problems.

How to use for long life

  1. Use a mattress protector for protecting it from sweat. it will prevent the mattress from soaking the sweat. The mattress will stay hygienic for along time.
  2. Avoid jumping or sitting on the edge for preventing deformation.
  3. Do not fold or drag the mattress.
  4. Use a cover for your mattress for preventing dust and mites.
  5. Clean the cover from time to time.
  6. Before placing the mattress make sure the surface of the bed is symmetrical.
  7. Make sure the middle of the bed is getting proper support before placing the mattress . It will prevent deformation.

Best Mattress in India FAQ’S


Is a mattress that much comfortable?

Yes, a mattress is comfortable only the difference is that some mattress is more comfortable some are less comfortable.

Does the mattress come in all sizes?

Yes, almost all renewed mattress manufacturer offers at least 4 sizes of mattress king size, queen size, single bed size and double bed size.

Can we get a mattress of custom sizes?

It depends on the brand to brand but almost most of the brand offers custom sizes mattress so you can order your mattress according to your bed size.

Is it possible that a mattress will give you back pain?

Generally, the mattress is designed in a way that it will give you relaxation on the back but if you get back pain it might possible that you slept in a weird posture or your mattress in not of good quality.

Which is the best mattress in back pain?

An orthopaedic mattress is considered as the most preferable mattress for back pain. Most doctors will suggest you the same.

Which matters is good reversible or one-sided?

Both mattresses are good to sleep the only difference is reversible matters are generally made fully of foam and one-sided mattress are made from a different layer or it may have gel on the top layer for providing cozy sleep.



Buy your mattress carefully; you have to spend eight comfortable hours with it. You have to go through all the pros and cons before purchasing any mattress, and your mattress should fulfill all your requirement. If you get confused, you can visit this best mattress in India article to clarify all your doubts and purchase the most appropriate product for yourself. You can also comment on this article, and we will clarify all your doubts.

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