Top 10 Best Weighing Machine In India

To live a healthy life, it is mandatory to keep yourself fit and workout is not just the solution to get rid of your extra weight or to gain extra weight. It also requires to keep a track of your body weight regularly. Here comes a weighing machine into a picture that will prove to be a boon in the field of maintaining a perfect weight to height ratio. You don’t have to go to the hospital or gym just to weigh your body pounds. Going to a hospital or gym for weighing weight is both time-consuming and stressful and may lead you to stop keeping the record of your weight due to your busy and hectic schedule. So it is better to bring a weighing machine at your home and promote a good and healthy life.  

A numerous variety of digital as well as analog weighing machines along with varied weighing range/capacity, and shapes are flooded in the market. We have innumerable options available while buying the best weighing machine. Let’s have a look at things that you should look at while buying the best weighing machine. We have researched and brought you the list of best weighing machine in India So that it becomes helpful for you to buy the best for yourself.


  • Principal use

What do you need to measure? Whether you need to measure liquid or solid? what is the volume of material you need to measure? Identify all the basic questions related to measuring the weight based on your requirements.

  • Accuracy

Always go for a branded weighing machine to get accurate measures each time you get on the device. Accuracy depends on many factors like the ability to read the smallest mass change over time, degree of variation in accuracy within scale’s capacity, its reproducibility and may effected by environment variations.

  • Material

Product durability depends on the material used in that. Basic materials are aluminum-coated steel, carbon steel, aluminum alloy, and hard plastic. Always check for the material used in the product and choose wisely.

  • Installation

To get perfect results place your machine in certain fixed areas and do the measurement at the same time every day. Choose automatic on/off weighing machine to get less headache that not required any process after performing an initial installation.

  • Capacity

What is the least and largest possible load you require the scales to handle? Don’t go for unnecessary large possible load and check its manufacturing tolerance or limits of variation of your product. It will minimize your stress, greater accuracy will be achieved and the chance of less damage to internal sensitive electronics machines.

  • Price

It is one of the choosing criteria of every product but don’t make it the one criteria. Must select the product with all your requirements fulfilled and budget-friendly.

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1. Hoffen HO-18 Digital Electronic LCD Personal Body Fitness Weighing Scale

Hoffen HO-18 Digital Electronic LCD Personal Body Fitness Weighing Scale

Hoffen digital electronic weighing scale is designed with sleek 6mm tempered glass which makes it more durable and stylish. This G sensor-equipped weighing machine gives you weight results more accurately. This weighing machine can weigh from 2.3 to 180 kg.

The weighing machine has a digital display panel which not only displays the weight but also displays the room temperature. The display is so bold and clear that you don’t even require to bend for the reading.

The battery low indicator in the device assures that you get notified when the battery is about to drain completely and its auto-off feature add extra life to the battery as even if you don’t off the device it automatically turns off and reduces battery consumption.


  • Made from tempered glass
  • weight capacity is 2.3 to 180kg
  • Digital display
  • Low battery indicator
  • Auto-off feature


  • Users Experienced warranty issues

2. Omron HN 289 (Black) Automatic Personal Digital Weight Machine

Omron  HN 289 (Black) Automatic Personal Digital Weight Machine

Omron is a well-known health care brand in India popularly known for its easy to use and affordable products like nebulizer, thermometer, weighing machine and blood pressure monitor. This brand only sells blood pressure monitors previously but now it has a wide variety of products for their consumer.

The stylish sleek ultra-thin design makes it the most stylish product in its segment. Besides being stylish it is durable too it consists of the high-grade tempered glass panel that does not break easily and makes you free from all worries.

This weighing machine is equipped with 4 sensors that display your weight accurately and previously in its large LCD panel by which you can take easily take the reading of your weight. The device has an Auto ON/OFF feature that ensures the long-lasting battery life and makes the device more convenient to use.


  • High grade tempered glass panel
  • Equipped with 4 sensors
  • LCD panel for easy reading
  • Auto on/off
  • Stylish design
  • Weight capacity up to 150kg


  • Lack of indicators

3. Dr Trust (USA) Electronic Supernova Digital Personal Weighing Scale

Dr Trust (USA) Electronic Supernova Digital Personal Weighing Scale

Are you a technophile and you want to lose weight with Ultra Technology available in the market. Dr trust electronic supernova digital personal weighing scale for bodyweight is the solution for you. It has 6mm tempered glass made by engineers to give you 100% accuracy. This product also has LCD backlight to give a fine view of the digital numbers.

It has the perimeter lights and the weighing unit is in KG, lb, and ST you can choose according to your comfort. The maximum capacity of 180 kg and the power button is automated which goes on once you put weight over it. it has a low battery indicator. It supports 3 AAA batteries and has an overweight indicator too. it is finely designed by engineers which helps to show instant weight. Thus all the parameters make this weighing machine very comfortable and smart and even more strong. Either it is about weight supervision or your progress outline. This machine is there for you.


  • It is rechargeable
  • It has a LCD display
  • The tempered glasses are really strong
  • It has Ultra modern look
  • The look itself appeals to measure your weight


  • The warranty covers only in USA. It’s not practical to procure warranty.

4. Nova BGS – 1260 Ultra Lite Electronic

Nova BGS - 1260 Ultra Lite Electronic

Nova, a well-known brand, has introduced Nova BGS – 1260 Ultra Lite Electronic Digital Personal Body Scale (Black) for all those who love to be healthy and fit. It is very lightweight and its material is plastic, which makes it very easy for you to carry from one place to another and record your weight loss. There are 4 high gauge precision G sensors as well that give you accurate results every time.

It also features “Step-On “technology which enables you to use it immediately. You just need to step on it and measure your weight in seconds. It also uses an auto power-off feature which allows it to shut off automatically within few seconds after you step off it. The weighing range of this machine is up to 180 kg with an accuracy of +/- 100 grams making it excellent for home use. It comes with a grip which makes sure that you don’t trip off while stepping on it. It requires AAA cells and is capable to measure in KG, ST and LB units.


  • Four precision sensor for accurate measurement
  • Lightweight
  • “Step-On” technology-infused
  • The grip on the scale ensures that feet do not trip.
  • One year warranty
  • Capable to measure in KG, ST and LB units.


  • Some customers have reviewed that it provides a different reading at different ends of the product.

5. HealthSense Dura-Glass PS 115 Digital Personal Body Weighing

HealthSense Dura-Glass PS 115 Digital Personal Body Weighing

HealthSense is an India based company manufacture Health-related product like Body massager, weighing machine, Pedometer watch, etc. It’s Dura-Glass PS 115 Digital Weighing Scale has elegantly designed with jet grey tempered glass platform with horizontally striped and curved edges for added safety.

Engineered with Precision G-sensors and has manufacturing tolerance of +/- 300g to get the most precise outcome every time you step on. It also provides current room temperature anytime, anywhere without an additional instrument.

You need to place the machine on a hard, flat surface. Place one foot on the device and check for random numbers appear on the screen. Remove foot as it returns to zero (0.0). then, place both of your feet to measure your weight. Its skid-proof feet provide added stableness and rollover protection. It has a battery indicator and auto-off feature when not in use.


  • Premium sleek design.
  • Temperature sensor.
  • Lightweight, Easy to handle.
  • Precision G-sensors.
  • Clear bright blue LCD screen display.
  • Battery indicator.
  • Tempered glass platform.


  • Some customer complaints about its accuracy.

6. Hesley Weighing Scale

Hesley Weighing Scale

Hesley is another global brand that offers an extensive range of healthcare products in India including weighing machine. It provides an additional benefit of measuring the room temperature along with your weight. You can grab an instant reading with its “Step-On” feature and along with auto-off function, it contributes to saving energy. You can measure up to the precision of 2-digits after the decimal with this weighing scale. This scale provides you a weighing range of up to 180 kilograms with the benefit of weighing in units of your preference i.e. kg, st, lb.

Its additional benefit The LED display automatically lights up when you step on the scale, making it comfortable to read. The anti-skid padding makes the platform stable while measuring and thus prevents you from drifting. This weighing scale is designed with a tough glass with a thickness of 8 mm which makes it look delicate but is toughened enough to make it unbreakable to normal human use. The curved edges make it more elegant along with providing safety. The scale relies on 5th generation high precision G- type sensors and sense gravity zero technique which helps in weighing accurately every time. It works on AAA size batteries.


  • Easy-to-read LED screen.
  • Comes with “Step-On” Technology thus saves energy.
  • Anti-skid padding.
  • 5th generation high precision G- type sensors for accurate measurement.
  • Sense gravity zero technique.
  • Measures up to the precision of 2-digits after the decimal.
  • Measures in 3 units: kg, st, lb.
  • Capable of measuring room temperature


  • No extra features which can measure BMI or other such things.
  • No warranty

7. Healthgenie Digital weighing machine

Healthgenie Digital weighing machine

Healthgenie has introduced with a series of health equipment in India which includes gloves, activity trackers, steamers, sprays, etc. and this weighing machine is one of their finest productions. One of its key features is its attractive look, made up of high quality tempered glass with black dotted print which is extremely durable. It can be charged also as it has a micro-USB port for easy charging and has a low battery indicator as well to indicate when the battery is low.

It also has a unique feature of measuring room temperature to let you know at which temperature you are working out. You can get readings for as low as 1 kilogram and as high as 180 kilograms and an overloading indicator starts appearing in case of weight increases its maximum capacity.

You don’t need to worry about energy saving as it has the feature of sense on technology. It gets auto on when you step on the scale and then shuts off after 5 seconds of your step off from the scale. The device is skid resistant and has round edges that ensure your safety. The high precision gauge sensors embedded with sense gravity zero technique results and an LCD ensures easy reading of accurate results.


  • Chargeable with micro-USB port.
  • Features “sense on technology” ensuring battery saving.
  • High precision gauge sensors ensure unmatched accuracy.
  • Low battery and overload indicator.
  • Measures room temperature.
  • Anti-skid platform.
  • Large LCD for easy reading.
  • Embedded with gravity zero technique.


  • Some customers have reviewed that the glass of the weighing machine is fragile.

8. Adofys 6 Mm Electronic Thick Tempered Glass & LCD Display Body Weight Weighing Scale

Adofys 6 Mm Electronic Thick Tempered Glass & LCD Display Body Weight Weighing Scale

Adofys 6 Mm Electronic Thick Tempered Glass & LCD Display Body Weight Weighing Scale is a super stylish weighing machine that has 6 Mm Electronic Thick Tempered Glass design and 4 high-precision sensors which deliver a 0.2 lb / 3 oz accuracy resolution displayed on an easy-to-read Blue LED screen. This non-fragile weighing machine comes with the ABS platform which durable and lightweight too.

This weighing machine is equipped with 4 high-precision Sensors that are engineered to provide accurate and precise reading this ensures that you get the perfect weight measurement. The anti-skid silicone pads ensure that your machine does not slip while weighing. equipped with backlight enabled blue LED screen with easy to read.

The weighing machine is equipped with all important indicators like low battery and overload indicator which makes it easier and convenient to use. It can weigh up to 400 Lb /180 Kg capacity and comes with an auto-off feature that automatically turns off the weighing machine after its use and saves its battery.


  • Thick Tempered Glass design
  • 4 high-precision sensors.
  • Anti-skid silicone pads.
  • Overload indicator.
  • 180 Kg capacity.


  • Some user experienced poor service

9. Venus EPS-2001 Electronic Digital LCD Body Fitness Weighing Machine

Venus EPS-2001 Electronic Digital LCD Body Fitness Weighing Machine

This Venus Weighing Machine is a digital and electronic machine made from 6mm thick tempered glass which enough durable to resist heavyweight and normal impacts. Its also equipped with G sensors that measure your weight accurately and precisely.

This super lightweight LCD display weighing machine is equipped with sense on technology which intelligently senses you and turns on or turn off the weighing machine. It has a weight range of 5 to 180 kg so you can measure a kids weight to elders weight too.

The Weighing machine has indicators like low battery indicator and overload indicator these features make this weighing machine easier and convenient to use. It is powered using a lithium-ion battery. 1-year warranty on the product provided by the brand for its long-lasting uses.


  • Equipped with G sensors.
  • Made from 6mm thick tempered glass.
  • LCD display.
  • It has a weight range of 5 to 180 kg.
  • Low battery indicator.
  • Overload indicator.
  • 1-year Warranty.


  • Low battery backup.

10. Healthgenie Electronic Digital Weighing Machine

Healthgenie Electronic Digital Weighing Machine

Healthgenie Electronic Digital Weighing Machine is the last product of our best weighing machine in India list. It has an elegant design with tempered black colored glass and greyish color printed Flower pattern that looks fashionable and attractive.

With its brighter and wide LCD display, you can see your weight, room temperature, and battery level. It is equipped with step-on technology, which means the machine automatically starts giving reading soon as stepped on the scale.

It has highly precised G- sensors to provide you more accurate results. Its auto-calibration feature works well for initial use, you have to step on the machine and immediately step off for auto-calibration, then again you can step on to see more accurate weight.


  • Step ON Technology.
  • Battery low indicator.
  • Auto Calibration.
  • Smooth LCD Display.
  • 12 months warranty.
  • Precised G- sensors.
  • Auto-calibration.


  • Sometime have issue in Auto-calibration

Tips while using a digital weighing machine

  • Make sure that the scale is kept on a solid and even floor. This will ensure the most accuracy and repeatability. Avoid keeping the scale on carpets or uneven floors.
  • You should always weigh yourself at the same time each day, before meals for more accurate results. Try to weigh yourself as the first thing in the morning is a good time. 
  • Avoid wearing footwear while weighing yourself.
  • Ignore the first reading if your scale is not initialized as it is for the calibration purpose.
  • While weighing yourself two consecutive times, and there is a difference of +/- 500gm then your weight is between the two consecutive weights.
  • Do not hold or lean on anything while measuring to avoid inaccurate measurements.
  • Always try to stand as symmetrically as possible on the scale to avoid uneven weight distribution which may result in interference with the reading.
  • Measure your weight in the same location, as different conditions such as type of flooring, temperature, and humidity can lead to different readings.
  • For proper functioning of the machine, check its battery and scale on regular intervals to ensure that everything is working fine.



Does the weighing machine shows the exact weight?

The weight weighing machine shows is more or less around 300 grams that depend on different factors like standing posture, clothes, etc.

Does auto on/off is a necessary feature in weighing machines?

Auto on/off feature is necessary because it saves the battery from being drained and gives a long-lasting battery life.

Can we weigh a baby in the weighing machines?

Yes, you can weight a baby in a weighing machine but use a baby pan for it.

Which is better ABS body or Glass body weighing machines?

Both ABS and Glass body is suitable for the weighing machine but ABS material body is slightly durable than the glass body.

Does a glass of glass body weighing machines break easily?

No, nowadays brands use tempered glass which is durable and doesn’t break easily and can hold heavyweight and can resist moderate impacts too.



If you want to track your daily routine, health, and fitness, then a weighing machine can prove to be your good partner while doing this. They will let you know from time to time, that is your daily routine is contributing to your health or not. But to handle such a big responsibility, a weighing machine needs to weigh accurately otherwise it may result in some adverse effects. Our things to consider section and the best weighing machine in India will help you in choosing the best weighing machine for you. Please go through them before deciding which one you have to buy. If you want any more information regarding the weighing machine, then do comment us in the below comment section. We will shortly reach you out.

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