Top 10 Best Blankets in India

A blanket can be your perfect partner for snuggling and cozying up on a chilly day. A good blanket is one that protects you from the cold winters of India by keeping you adequately warm and avoids any sweating hence helps you in attaining the desired hours of sleep without any disturbance. Along with being warming you, they will also complement the embellishment of your bedroom. So, it is recommended to gather blankets and quilts to face the numbing colds during wintertime.

It can be a tedious job to choose the best blanket for your home which is why we present to you the 10 Best Blankets of India that will help you in enjoying a cozy and comfortable sleep every time. 

But still selecting the right blanket for your home depends upon your requirement. Thus go through those things you should consider before buying the Best Blanket of India and then find a perfect one for yourself according to your preference and budget. So stay with us till the end of this article and buy the most suitable blanket for your home to increase the coziness of your bedroom.

Things to consider before purchasing Best Blanket in India

Warm blankets have the potential to make you enjoy the pleasant weather of the winter season. So it becomes important that you should pick the best quality blanket to fulfill your needs. If you are in doubt regarding what type of blanket you should buy then have a look to the things you should consider. It will help you in making your purchase more straightforward and hassle-free.

  • Size of the blanket:
    The size of the blanket depends upon how you are using it. If you need a blanket that will cover your whole bed and you can get pretty well around the edges having enough room for tucking in then you need to consider the size of the bed and then buy as per the requirement. But if you want a blanket to wrap around yourself then go for a smaller one. It also depends on the number of people and the size of the person who is going to use the blanket. If a couple needs to use it then a bigger blanket is good. There are different sizes of blankets available from Single, Twin, King, and Queen sizes.
  • Material of the blanket:
    Blankets are available in different materials like cashmere, cotton, polyester, wool, etc. Every blanket has its own comfort and benefits, you can choose the one which you love the most. Prefer the one in which you feel most comfortable.
  1. Cotton blankets:
    If you want your blanket to serve you for the whole year then a cotton blanket can be perfect for you as it will be cold in summer and warm in winter. It is very easy to maintain these blankets since they are machine washable. This fabric is a great natural material that is both soft and gentle fabric making it good for babies also. It is used in a variety of bedding as it is both long-lasting and breathable. People who are allergic to synthetic material can go for these cotton blankets as an alternative. 
  2. Wool:
    Another good option for chilling winters is wool which is heavy, warm and provides excellent insulation, and dissipates moisture throughout the night. Some wool can be itchy but nowadays smooth lightweight woolen blankets are available and are good options for year-round usage. One drawback of this woolen blanket is that there are people who are sensitive or allergic to wool.
  3. Cashmere:
    Fabric from Cashmere goats offer a luxurious and silky along with warm experience. These blankets are soft as compared to the other blankets of other fabrics and well keep your body warm during the cold winter nights. The blankets won’t weigh down easily as their fibers are strong and light. The price of these blankets is quite high.
  4. Fleece:
    Fleece blankets hold up where if you want a blanket that is soft and gentle on the skin. It is one of the great alternatives if you are allergic to wool. Along with being soft, it is also warm and lightweight, it can be used by children also. Fleece is a synthetic fiber hence it is easy to wash them in a washing machine. 
  5. Faux furs:
    These are kind of blankets which look like real animal fore but are made from synthetic materials. They are a good option if you want to give an elegant look to your bedroom. Being soft and warm, these blankets do not fade and shed easily, maintaining their quality for a longer duration. Coming to its maintenance they are easy to wash and dry. They are a little expensive but worth it.
  6. Down blankets:
    Down blankets are made from the feathery down or a synthetic substitute sandwich between the layers of fabric which is usually cotton. These blankets are very thin, light, and very warm in winter. But they are not a good conductor of heat so it might lead to sweating at night. Choose the synthetic substitute if you are allergic to feathers.
  7. Synthetics:
    Synthetic fibers like acrylic, polyester, and microfiber are used to make these blankets. These blankets are warm and inexpensive but they can catch hair, dust, and loose threads and can be worn out easily.
  8. Vellux:
    Blankets are made from a thin foam covered with a soft nylon plush that has a velvet feel. These vellux blankets are hypoallergenic hence can be used by anyone with allergies. They maintain their quality even after repeated washing and are soft and warm.
  • Budget: 
    Blankets are available with a wide range of prices depending upon the material, brand name, and its weaving. Cotton and wool are the inexpensive ones whereas cashmere and faux fur give great softness and elegance thus they are quite more expensive.
  • Weight:
    Depending upon how you are going to use it or as per your climate and need. i.e., whether you are going to spread it over the bed or you are going to wrap it around yourself, the weight of the blanket depends. So do check the weight of the blanket depending upon your needs before buying the blanket.
  • Weave:
    One of the most important factors just like fabric is the weave of the blanket. You can choose from thermal, knit, and quilted. Every type of weave has its own comfort so look for the blanket size which fits you best for a cozy and comfortable feel. 
  • Maintenance:
    A blanket that needs to be maintained as per its quality. It is recommended to go for the comforter which requires minimum and easy maintenance as it will help in saving your money, time, and effort.
  • Moisture Wicking quilts:
    If u wish to use your blankets even in summer then you do not prefer a quilt as it may lead to sweating even when you are using it in an air-conditioned room. Using a moisture-wicking quilt will help in keeping you fresh and dry, thus you can enjoy your sound sleep peacefully.

Top 10 Best Blanket in India Review

1. JVIN FAB Down & Feather-Fill 800 TC Comforter (White, 90 x 100 Inch)

JVIN FAB Down & Feather-Fill 800 TC Comforter (White, 90 x 100 Inch)

JVIN FAB Down and Feather – Fill 800 TC comforter is one of the best blankets in the Indian market to ward of the winter chills. This amazing blanket is made from 100% natural comfort anti-dust mite casing. It is ideal for the buyers who are after an easy to maintain blanket as this blanket is machine washable.

This blanket is an all-weather blanket as it is lightweight designed by keeping the Indian weather conditions and homes in mind. Its other key feature is that it is foldable having the size of a small sleeping bag. Since this is a goose down-filled duvet, it feels extremely soft and rich which will last longer if kept properly. Unlike cotton and polyester, feather duvets won’t clump together and regain its fluffiness if you fluff them. Along with year-round comfort, it also ensures superior warmth and excellent breath-ability

The white color of the blanket will enhance the beauty of your room. The size blanket is 90*100 inches making it a perfect king size duvet. Just follow the instructions of washing and keeping your blanket properly, and this blanket will maintain its warmness and beauty for the long run.


  • 100% natural comfort anti-dust mite casing.
  • Machine washable.
  • All-weather blanket.
  • Lightweight.
  • Foldable.
  • Goose down-filled duvet.
  • Feather duvets won’t clump together.
  • Superior warmth and excellent breath-ability.
  • King size duvet.


  • Single color on both sides

2. Amazon Brand – Solimo 100% Cotton Printed Comforter, Double

Amazon Brand - Solimo 100% Cotton Printed Comforter, Double

The 100 % cotton printed comforter from the family of Amazon Brand – Solimo is made with great material to deal with the cold winters. This blanket is the second best blanket in India and these blankets are very beautifully designed which are multicolored and works well during winters as well as in air-conditioned rooms.

The prints on this blanket look absolutely gorgeous and work well with almost all bedrooms. Solimo Comforters are produced using 100% 144 TC cotton shell which gives it a rich feel and is loaded with 200 GSM empty siliconized polyester to make you warm and comfortable. The covers have a hypoallergenic filling which helps in safeguarding you against allergens. As these blankets are made with cotton fabric hence they are quite durable and breathable along with being warm and comfortable.

This all-season double bed size blanket keeps you comfortable without a ton of additional mass and has a dimension of 230 cm * 254 cm. The brand also offers you several other magnificent patterns that contribute to the interior of your room.


  • Multicolored blanket.
  • Works well during winters as well as in air-conditioned rooms.
  • 100% 144 TC cotton shell.
  • 200 GSM empty siliconized polyester.
  • Hypoallergenic filling.
  • Durable and breathable.
  • Magnificent patterns.


  • Quite thin.

3. Angel De Lino Brand Pacifier 2nd Gen Microfibre Comforter/Blanket/Quilt/Duvet, Double

Brighten up your room with the luxury feel and the durability of the Angel De Lino Brand Pacifier 2nd Fen Microfibre Comforter. This is a double bed sized blanket that weighs almost 1.9 kilograms. It comes with a size of 98*88 inches (248*223 cm) making it perfect for everyday use. This comforter constitutes 100% brushed microfibre which gives a rich and luxurious feel.

You can use it either when you are resting on the chilly evenings over your sofa or you can layer it under your quilt or bedspread in the winter. It is available in different color variants and the color combinations available for this blanket are the distinguishing feature that makes your room look more elegant. Not only it is attractive but also the texture is so smooth and cozy that it ascertains the maximum level of comfort to the user. The credit for the blanket’s softness and warmth goes to the 200 GSM hollow siliconized polyester filling. The warmth and coziness provided by the blanket will give you hours and hours of deep sleep.

Unlike most other bed blankets, this blanket is machine washable in cold water. To maintain its quality for a longer time, the brand recommends covering the quilt with cotton fabric. 


  • Double bed sized blanket that weighs almost 1.9 kilograms.
  • 100% brushed microfibre which gives rich and luxurious feel.
  • Available in different color variants.
  • Texture is so smooth and cozy
  • 200 GSM hollow siliconized polyester filling.
  • Machine washable in cold water.


  • Some customers have complained about the product is not of much good Quality.

4. Clasiko Microfibre 250TC Razai (Single_Blue & Pink)

Clasiko Microfiber 250 TC Razai is the next product on our list of the best blankets in India. This single bed size rajai is a three-layered blanket with micro cotton on both sides and is stitched with synchronized fiber and anti-allergen microfiber material. Not only this blanket is soft and warm but also it is a great choice with regard to style and solace that suits almost every decor whether it is contemporary or classic.

The fiber used is of the best kind and retains the thickness of the blanket for a longer duration. You might get confused to choose which side to twist up on, as both the sides have beautiful colors. This blanket serves best in cold weather, winters, chilling air conditioners. The blanket guarantees colorfastness and will get no bubbles on the fabric.

The size of this single bed size blanket measures 60 inch * 90 inch. The brand offers lovely color prints and designs which satisfies from children to old people. This blanket asks for low maintenance and is advised to hand wash or you can also go for machine wash, but make sure to wash it with mild detergents. Do not tumble dry, just dry it in shade.


  • Three-layered blanket with micro cotton on both sides.
  • Stitched with synchronized fiber and anti-allergen microfiber material.
  • Provides style and solace.
  • Retains the thickness of the blanket for a longer duration.
  • Reversible and both sides have beautiful colors.
  • Guarantees colorfastness and will get no bubbles on the fabric.


  • Stitch quality may need improvisation.

5. Cloth Fusion Pacifier 2nd Generation 200GSM Microfiber Reversible AC Comforter for Double Bed – (90″x100″) Inches

One of the best feature that makes this blanket a worthy buy is that is made with ultra-soft microfiber cell which is hypoallergenic. Hence, it is a good alternative for those also who have allergies or other sensitivities. It is a great choice for the people who are looking for a blanket for gentle winters and in cold rooms.

The use of this blanket is not limited to chilly winters only, you can also use it on summer days to handle the AC. The perfect addition to any bedroom, this blanket is great for everyday use. Loaded up with 200 GSM empty siliconized polyester, Cloth Fusion blankets are intended to keep you warm and comfortable. Reversible with colorful contrast keep you calm and offers you to keep either side of the blanket up. The blanket is diamond sewed which helps keep the filling set up and gives a new look. 6 corner loops are provided to secure it with the Duvet Cover.

This branded offers a rich and luxurious experience to the user as it is made from 100% pure microfiber exterior shell. Available in both double bed size i.e. 90 inch*100 inch as well as in single bed size i.e. 60 inch*90 inches, so you can buy as per your need.


  • Made with ultra-soft microfiber cell which is hypoallergenic.
  • Reversible with colorful contrast.
  • Loaded up with 200 GSM empty siliconized polyester, made from 100% pure microfiber exterior shell.
  • Available in both double bed size as well as in single bed size.
  • 6 corner loops are provided to secure it with the Duvet Cover.


  • Do not wash the blanket, only dry clean it.
  • Criss-cross stitches are very week.
  • Filings may get collect into small balls.

6. Clasiko Microfibre 300 TC Reversible Comforter

Feel the warmth in this cold winter season of India with the Clasiko Microfibre 300 TC reversible blankets. Its one of the best feature is its reversibility with the vibrant color option is a plus point. The king-size of the blanket i.e. 90*100 inches makes it a great choice for you if you are looking for a blanket suitable for an adult. It is a reliable easy to maintain product with a weight of 2.7 kilograms that perfectly let you go through the winters with ease and complete comfort.

The brand provides a colorfastness guarantee. It is the best quilt for people with sensitive skin as it has hypo-allergic fillings. This blanket is a decent measure of warm energy which makes it ideal for winters and any low-temperature conditions to offer you that coziness that is required for a good night’s sleep. You can use it for a year’s round conditions.

Coming to its maintenance, it is very easy to maintain as it is machine wash as well as hand wash with mild detergent and avoid soaking in water for a longer time. Do not tumble dry this blanket, just dry in shade.


  • Reversibility with the vibrant color option.
  • King-size of the blanket i.e. 90*100 inches.
  • Reliable easy to maintain product.
  • Brand provides color fastness guarantee.
  • Hypo-allergic fillings.
  • Use it for a year’s round conditions.
  • Machine wash as well as hand wash with mild detergent.


  • No bubbling guarantees.
  • Do not tumble dry this blanket.
  • Stitching is not good.

7. Amazon Brand – Solimo Microfibre Reversible Comforter, Double

The Amazon Brand Solmo Microfiber reversible comforter adds a simple style with sumptuously soft, texture, and cozy warmth to your bedroom. The brand makes sure to perform detailed quality checks so as to offer the best product to its users. Both sides of the blanket come with a machine-stitched pattern which offers the polyester filling evenly distributed making it last for a longer duration.

With 200 GSM empty siliconized polyester filling, this blanket is made up of a soft 100% microfiber shell for optimal comfort. The comforter is filled with hypoallergenic to protect you against allergens. It is a lightweight comforter with a weight of 2.66 kilograms making it ideal for light winters and nippy evenings. The comforter is comfortable and is suitable for winters and any low-temperature condition to provide you the warmth giving you a good night’s sleep. 

Place this reversible comforter on the bed with the side whichever you love the most as both the colors are lovable. The blanket is good for double bed size with a dimension size of 230cm*254cm.


  • 200 GSM empty siliconized polyester filling.
  • Made up of a soft 100% microfiber shell.
  • Filled with hypoallergenic.
  • Lightweight comforter with a weight of 2.66 kilograms.
  • Reversible comforter.


  • Quality of the product is not upto the mark.

8. Urban Basics Microfiber Reversible Comforter, Double Bed with Corner Loops

Don’t ruin your precious winter night sleep because of the unbearable cold, just get a cozy, warm, and super comfortable Urban Basics Microfiber Reversible comforter. Made from 100% microfiber shell hollow silicon polyester fillings, these quilts come in lovely box stitches which will surely liven up your room. Its delicate and rich competition makes it an ideal one for the most noticeable terrible winters and all different seasons too.

It can keep you warm even in air-conditioned rooms during summers. The machine-stitched box pattern will keep the fill in place and avoids them from shifting or getting clumped. The blankets come with a reversible design, which means that a simple flip can give you a whole new look of this blanket. This king size blanket has a dimension of 90 inch*100 inch so snuggle in this comfy blanket. The blanket is available in many more color combinations so choose according to your room’s interior.

For cleaning, it is very simple to maintain. You can either hand wash it or machine wash it on the gentle cycle and then you can air dry it or tumble dry on low.


  • 100% microfiber shell hollow silicon polyester fillings.
  • Come in lovely box stitches.
  • Machine-stitched box pattern will keep the fill in place.
  • Reversible design.
  • King size blanket.


  • Quality may need improvisation.

9. ThreadWorks Hotel Feel Ultra Soft Microfiber AC Comforter/Quilt/Duvet 200 GSM, White Color, King Size Single Bed

Sleep in warmth and comfort with the ThreadWorks Hotel Feel Ultra Soft Microfibre AC Comforter. Designed for year-round use, this comforter is built to deliver exceptional quality. These comforters are made of 100% polyester microfiber which not only gives it a soft feel but also makes it breathable, wrinkle- resistance, and long-lasting.

Its white color can uplift the decor of your bedroom along with providing an unmatched level of comfort to you and your family. These durable comforters have an attractive machine-stitched square pattern which keeps the filling in place and for the best snug feeling. The filling is hypoallergenic to protect you against allergens.

It is a single bed comforter with the size of 60 inch*90 inch ideal for a standard single bed and has a lightweight of 1.8 kilograms but is warm with filling and the outer shell. The same comforter is available in a variety of colors to choose from and is also available in king-size double bed size. This blanket requires easy care as it is machine washable and tumble dried on low. 


  • Designed for year-round use.
  • 100% polyester microfiber.
  • Breathable, wrinkle- resistance, and long-lasting.
  • White color can uplift the decor of your bedroom.
  • Have an attractive machine-stitched square pattern that keeps the filling in place.
  • Filling is hypoallergenic
  • Lightweight of 1.8 kilograms.
  • Available in a variety of colors to choose from.
  • Also available in king-size double bed size.
  • Machine washable and tumble dried on low.


  • Stitching of the blanket can be improved.

10. The Wood White Brand Reversible Cotton Blend Lightweight AC Comforter, Double

The Wood White Brand Reversible AC comforter is one of the best blankets in India as it is both a thin and lightweight blanket yet an effective blanket that keeps you warm and comfortable.

To increase its sophistication, this blanket comes with hand- stitch and has sheet based filling for better coverage. It has 220 GSM cotton-based fabric with has a hypoallergenic filling that secures against allergens. This exquisite blanket has two side color combination, it is a mix of two layers in one which can keep you calm and are great for regular use. Highly comfortable as well as thermally protected, this blanket is empowered to keep you warm in winter. The comforter is perfect for insulating warmth in the chilly climate, winters, chilling forced air systems, and at cozy places and provides cozy comfort year-round.

The blanket has other magnificent color combinations which is also the most stylish attribute of it. It is available in both single bed sizes i.e. 60 inch*90 inch and double bed size i.e. 90 inch*100 inch.


  • Thin and lightweight blanket yet effective.
  • Hand-stitched and has sheet based filling for better coverage.
  • 220 GSM cotton-based fabric has a hypoallergenic filling.
  • Reversible, two side color combination.
  • Provides cozy comfort year-round.


  • Quality can be improved.


Say goodbye to frosty freeze days of winters and it’s time for you to welcome the beautiful weather of this lovely season with these comfy blankets. So these were the 10 Best Blankets of India. Make sure to grab one of the best blankest from the above list. Renovate your bedroom set up by adding one of these blankets and quilts. If you need any more details about the blanket feel free to write us in the below comment section. We will be pleased to help you as soon as possible.

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