Best Surgical mask in India: 2021

Today, COVID-19 (Coronavirus), which took thousands of lives, could be dangerous and life-threatening. The first thing you should do is use a hand sanitizer, wash your hand frequently and use a mask. WHO guidelines say that you can use an N95 mask and surgical mask, Here we discuss about Best surgical mask in India. A surgical mask prevents the virus from entering to nose or mouth. It is possible to get authentic certified surgical masks approved for medical function in the marketplace and many others non-certified. Always try to purchase approved masks for the best protection!

Surgical masks are used daily by healthcare professionals to protect against the chance of disease. Still, the user demands those spikes at different times, like when there is a possibility of spreading viruses like the coronavirus. In this guide, we will be providing information on best surgical mask in India.

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Things to consider before buying Surgical mask.

  • Area Covered
    Try to get a mask that with a large area to cover maximum portion of your face. This will decrease the chance of getting in contact with the virus.
  • Strap material and Type
    Some of us may feel irritative after continuous use of mask. Both elastic band and tie behind your head are available, so choose according to your preference. You have use your mask conveniently for a long time without hurt to the ears after usage..
  • Nose Wire.
    This is the most important thing you need to check for if your mask has a nose wire that fits properly on your nose, then its effectiveness increases by serval times.
  • Mask material
    Surgical mask are made from Nonwoven Fabric created using a melt blowing process. Always check for the material used in your Surgical mask. The light blue (or green) side of the mask (the fluid-repellant layer) is worn outward, with the white layer on the inside, which has absorbent. So check for the material used in your mask.
  • Certification
    Always check for the certification before buying. Companies provide certification from popular government and non-government organizations to ensure about there product quality and standards.

Best Surgical mask in India Review

1. Vandelay® 3 Ply Surgical Mask – BFE & PFE ≥ 99.5% – UV Sterilized – 3 Layer Face Masks

Best Surgical mask in India

This is the best face mask breathable to wear it when you travel through congested airports, bus terminals, party, malls and crowded area. With three layer of protection it has non-woven outer filter layer, melt-blown polypropylene filtration layer, and a soft absorbent pp non-woven inner filter layer. These layers will protect you from  splash or sprays of body fluids and dust particle. So it is on the top of best Surgical mask in India.

Outer layer is waterproof and ear loops are ultrasonically sealed that blocks the penetration of bacteria and viruses. Its Bacterial filtration efficiency is grater than 99.9% and particle filtration efficient is greater than 99.6% as per testing from SGS and TUV laboratories.

Each layer of mask undergoes with UV sterilization process which make it safe to use. All the material used are soft and high quality that makes it perfect for long duration use. It has adjustable nose clip with soft ear loop. You can use it for longer period of time and this won’t create any fatigue or stress to your skin.


  • Made from high quality material.
  • CE, FDA & SITRA Certified.
  • Breathable fabric, Strong elastic ear-loops prevent ripping or breaking.
  • Suitable for healthcare professionals.
  • 3 Premium Layered Filtration feature.
  • Comfortable and breathable.
  • UV sterilization.


  • Comes only in 50 unit quantity.

2. Medohealthy Non Woven Disposable Surgical Face Mask With Built in Metal Nose Pin (Blue, Pack of 100)

What makes me include this mask in the second position of best surgical mask in India is its material composition, and this mask fully fits the contour of the face, with no bondage, isolation from viruses and bacteria with 95% efficiency.

It has a hydrophobic splash resistance outer layer to protect you from droplets. Then comes filtration fabric ad high-density Meltblown fabric to stop a different kind of particulates in Air. Now it will protect Hydrophilic sweat absorbent, which is Skin-friendly to absorb the moisture.

Its multi-layer folded design helps to spread all over your face from nose to lower chin. With ultrasonic sealing, it blocks virus penetration from every side. In addition, it has a comfortable elastic earloop and metal nose pin.


  • High Quality material used with ultrasonic sealing.
  • BFE > 95%.
  • Large face coverage area.
  • High Protection from harmful bacteria, airborne irritants, dust, allergens and pollens.
  • High density filtration layer.
  • Breathable fabric, flexible ear loops and easy fit nose clip.
  • Soft & comfortable.


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3. WeCool Meltblown Fabric Disposable Surgical 3ply Mask with adjustable Nosepin ( Certified Disposable Face Mask ,Pack of 50 )

This 3 PLY face mask will filters up to 0.3 Microns and protect you from dust, bacterial, pollen & pm2.5. It is highly comfort with breathing cloth, its soft elastic ear loops, and effortless match nose clip not hurt even after using for long duration.

It is produced with 3 Layered Filtration(Non Woven Inner, Melt Blown Fabric in the middle and Non Woven Outer), outer layer of mask is water resistance protect you from water droplets come from mouth or nose of infected person. Its middle layer MELT BLOWN that blocks small partials and stop from going inside. Last layer absorb moisture of your breath.

Bacterial filtration efficiency is grater than 95% and particle filtration efficient is greater than 80%. You can were this in every situation at Home, Office, School, College, Hospital and other public places. You have option to buy 50, 100, 200 and 500 quantity.


  • High Protection from harmful pathogens, airborne irritants, dust, allergens and pollens.
  • Breathable fabric, flexible ear loops and easy fit nose clip.
  • Humidity transferability feature
  • Soft & comfortable.
  • 3 Layered Filtration feature.


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4. Asgard Nonwoven Fabric Disposable 3 Ply Surgical Mask (Blue, Without Valve, Pack of 100) for Unisex

Outside droplets are blocked by its first layer which is water resistance. Germs, Bacteria, Pollution and dust are blocked by its middle layer. And finally comes the last layer which is responsible for absorbing the inner moisture. It has flexible nose pin and adjustable elastic strip which helps you to feel comfortable for longer period of time.

You can use this mask for outdoor walk, travel & commute, biking, cycling, traffic, security & delivery personnel, school etc. The mask is unisex and is made from good quality inner and outer Non-Woven material with 74 GSM. It should be worn to help prevent cross-contamination.

Bacterial filtration efficiency is grater than 98.5% and particle filtration efficient is greater than 94% means you will get high protection. This product is certified from SITARA, ISI and CDSCO.


  • High BFE and PFE.
  • Breathable fabric, flexible ear loops and plastic nose clip.
  • Water resistance.
  • Soft & comfortable.
  • 3 Layered Filtration feature.
  • Snug Fit.


  • Some customer complains about loose stirp.

5. Sumit Surgical 3 Ply Particle Filtration Efficiency (PEE), CE and ISO and WHOGMP Certified Pharmaceutical Surgical Face Masks

This pharmaceutical surgical face masks will filters up to 95% bacteria through air and 4 microns and protect you from dust, saliva and other air borne particles. It is highly comfort with breathing cloth, its elastic ear loops offer comfortable fit, and effortless adjustable nose bridge not hurt even after using for long duration.

Its 3 Layer Fiber Fabric Construction has Non Woven fiber to filter out dust and pollen, then comes Soft fiber layer for high efficiency filter particulate matter. The last layer absorb moisture of your breath.

Its 3D design gives you comfortable breath with ultrasonic punched and super sonic sealing with water resistance feature which prevent Air droplets. You have option to buy 100 and 200 quantity.


  • Made from quality material.
  • CE, ISO and WHOGMP Certified.
  • Breathable fabric, flexible ear loops and easy fit nose clip.
  • 3 D design with humidity transferability feature.
  • Comfortable and breathable.
  • 3 Layered Filtration feature.


  • Not available in 50 unit quantity.

Bestseller Surgical Mask in India

You can also buy a Pulse Oximeter. Seeing the current situation of corona Pulse oximeter is a necessity. So that in case of emergency you don’t have to waste your energy/time searching it.

How to wear mask properly

  1. Hold your surgical mask by the earloops.
  2. Place the elastic earloops around ears without touching mask.
  3. Mold or pinch the nose pin to fit to face and block it perfectly.
  4. Pull bottom of face mask down to chin to cover more area of your face.


I hope you like the post and it makes you choose a genuine surgical mask for you to fight with corona virus. I personally use double mask. I first use a surgical mask and then wear N95 mask. Try to be safe and get the best surgical mask in India. If you still have questions or confusion, write below in the comment section, we will try to answer as soon as possible.

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