Top 5 Best Anti-Pollution mask in India

Whenever we open the television, we always find the air pollution level of Delhi or some other city has crossed the toxic level. With some anti-pollution measures, the pollution level drops below the toxic level, but again after some days, it reaches to the same or higher level. We may try to escape from this issue, but it is not possible to leave the city as every city in India have the same situation. So if you still think of not wearing an anti-Pollution mask while going out of the house then you may not suffer from any health issues instantly but it may affect your body in the future.

If you are suffering from a week-long cough and cold or eye infection or a burning sensation or constant sore throat then these all may be the symptoms caused due to high air pollution. Number of patients suffering from respiratory diseases like asthma, bronchitis, COPD and their epidemics are growing up. Allergic problems like sneezing, headache, eye burning, and sore throat are becoming common these days. It has also been observed that there is an increase in cardiac problems like heart attack and chest pain due to increase in air pollution. Air pollution has shown its worse effect on fatal deaths and retarded growth of child post-delivery due to maternal exposure to pollution.

It is better to take precautions in order to protect you from these health hazards and along with installing an air purifier at home, we should also wear an air mask while going out of the house. We have listed the top 5 Best Anti-Pollution mask in India so that you can understand and decide which one are best for you.

Choosing the right Anti-Pollution mask according to its rating.

An ordinary air mask does not protect much from the pollutants and its life span is also very short. So go through the air mask description before buying any particular one. The air masks are available with N100, N99, N95, P95, R95 like ratings in the market. They are also available in different sizes as well. Below are the specifications of each type of air mask.

N95 air mask:

Here the rating N stands for “not oil resistant”. Considering the pollution level of Delhi, N95 mask should be at least the minimum choice. They are capable of filtering out 95% of the harmful PM2.5 particulate matter. PM2.5 particulate matter can stay for a longer duration in the air and if they are inhaled then they get deposit in the nose, throat, lungs or even the circulatory system. PM2.5 can even lead to deposition of plaque in the arteries which may result in narrowing and hardening of arteries and may cause heart attack. Also look for air valves which may help in exhaling out the air through a given passage and prevent the moisture near the nose-bridge and eyes. These air masks are not capable of resisting oil and oil-based pollutants.

N99 air mask

N99 air masks are designed to filter out 99% of the PM2.5 particulate matter and come with 99% efficiency. There are many air masks of different brands available in the market with the rating of N99. N99 air masks also don’t provide resistance to oil or other oil pollutants.

N100 air masks

These air masks are equipped to filter out 99% of the PM2.5 airborne particulate matter and have an efficiency of 99.97%. These air masks are not easily available in the market and to find this rating air masks, you may need to reach out to an industrial supplier. Like N95 and N99, these air masks are also incapable of filtering out oil and oil-based pollutants.

P95 air masks

The respirators labeled as P stands for “oil proof”. These air masks have the same feature as an N-rated air mask with an add on feature that P-rated air masks are also capable of providing resistance to the oil-based air pollutants up to certain extent. This additional benefit makes P-rated air masks more expensive than their fellow N-rated air masks. These air masks need to be replaced after its usage of 40 hours or one month, whatever comes first. These are more suitable in industrial areas with high content of oil pollutants in the air.

R95 air masks

R stands for “Oil-resistant” and hence these air masks are also capable of filtering out oil or oil-based pollutants to some extent but they are mainly for industrial purposes. They have all the other features same as N rated masks. These air masks are also required to be replaced after it has been used for eight hours. These are very expensive so these are not meant for daily use. These are used only when you are staying near factories with a high level of oil-based pollutants in their surroundings.

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Best Anti-Pollution mask in India Review

1.Vritraz Print Reusable Washable PM 2.5 N95 Anti Pollution Activated Carbon Dust Face Mask

Vritraz Print Reusable Washable PM 2.5 N95 Anti Pollution Activated Carbon Dust Face Mask

Vritraz Print Reusable Washable anti-pollution mask is an ideal mask for adults as it has activated carbon filter which protects against dust, allergens, and contaminants. This 5-layer filteration mask has been manufactured from soft high-quality cotton as outer material and insulated cotton as inner material. It helps in breathing comfortably. It can be cleaned and reused, just remove the filter, wash the mask and put the filter back.

One of the add on feature of this mask is that it give superior fit and comfort with its adjustable nose bridge bar and ear loop design.

This anti-pollution mask is washable so that it can be used many times. It is pretty comfortable with long time usage. Chin fold design enhances the comfort level.


  • Adjustable nose bridge bar and earloop design.
  • 5-layer filtration mask.
  • Breathing comfortably.
  • Has an Activated Carbon filter.
  • Reusable and washable.
  • Filters up to PM 2.5.


  • Not Found.

2.Prana Air PM2.5 Pollution Mask With 5 Layers HEPA Filter, 3 Fan Speeds & N95

Prana Air PM2.5 Pollution Mask With 5 Layers HEPA Filter, 3 Fan Speeds & N95

It is a Smart pollution mask that comes with built-in battery and fan. Its battery charging time is 1.5 to 2 hours which will give you fresh air for upto 6 hours. It has a HEPA filter which filters PM2.5 particle protection and also protects from carbon monoxide, sulphur dioxide, dust, and smoke.

This 78 gm mask also protects against the inhalation of dangerous particles with its effective 6 layer protection that protects against harmful gasses and dust. The fan helps in smooth and comfortable breathing. The fan has 3 different speed which you can adjust as per your activity like walking, jogging and running.

This air mask comes in free-size, smartly-designed strap made of polyester and cotton preventing your skin from irritation. Its easy cleaning and maintenance process is mentioned on the pack. It can also be used to prevent coronavirus.


  • Remove 2.5-microns particles.
  • 6 layer filtration technology.
  • Highly Adjustable.
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance.
  • HEPA filter.


  • Costly.

3.Grin Health N99 Anti Pollution Mask with 5 Layer Protective Filters Pm 2.5 Activated Carbon Filters

Grin Health N99 Anti Pollution Mask with 5 Layer Protective Filters Pm 2.5 Activated Carbon Filters

Grin Health is a Grin Brand company known for its specialization in the Anti-Pollution mask. Grin Health N99 anti-pollution mask filters up to 2.5-micron particles with its 5-layers protective filter and meets N99 testing criteria. So by using this mask you will get 100% protection from harmful gas chemicals around you and get fresh and clean air for breathing.

Its activated carbon filter will extract foul odor and it also filters out harmful gases and chemicals. For making breathing and speaking easier it has an exhale valve. It has greater comfort and superior fit with padded adjustable nose bridge. With its extra-wide coverage shape, it will cover all your face and protect you from harmful gas and pollution. This mask is reusable and washable so that it can be with you for a long time. The working temperature is from -80°C to 40°C.


  • Has Activated Carbon filter.
  • Filters up to 2.5-micron particles.
  • Exhale valve for breathing and speaking.
  • Padded adjustable nose bridge.
  • Reusable and washable.


  • High price.

4.Urbangabru N99 anti-pollution face mask with sun regenerated activated carbon & 4 layer protective filters PM2.5

Urbangabru N99 anti-pollution face mask with sun regenerated activated carbon & 4 layer protective filters PM2.5

If you want to isolate yourself from heavy polluted traffic or suffering from breathing issue you will get fast relief from these problems with Urbangabru N99 anti-pollution mask. It has N99 grade filtration breathing valve to safeguard you by making shield between your nose, mouth and harmful pollution. Its 4 protective layers protect and insulate you from pollution, dust, chemicals, smoke allergens, microorganism, and vehicle emission.

It uses special non-woven micro filtration material to get a soft polyester cloth texture and prevent your skin from itching and irritation. With its comfortable fitting, you can cover your nose, mouth, and chin and you will get protection when you are in metro, bus, hospital, running, hiking, etc. Breathing valve is given for speaking.


  • N99 Grade Mask.
  • 4-layer filter system.
  • Protect small particles.
  • High elastic ear loop.


  • Some customer complaints regarding its quality.

5.Riderscart Anti Pollution Mask Washable Dust Mask Air Filter Mask for Pollution Smoke Allergy

Riderscart Anti Pollution Mask Washable Dust Mask Air Filter Mask for Pollution Smoke Allergy

Riderscart anti-pollution mask took the 5th place in the list of best anti-pollution mask in India. This anti-pollution mask provides protection from PM2.5, dust, and pollens and safeguards from the hazards of the pollution. The filter provides protection from tiny particles, bacteria, and smoke. It adjusts very smoothly at the nose bridge bar and ear loops. It is better than regular masks. This face mask is made of soft material and is very lightweight which makes it comfortable to wear in all seasons. It is washable and hence can be reused with a regular change of filter in it.


  • Comfortable to wear in all seasons.
  • Better than regular masks.
  • Washable and reusable.


  • Not capable to provide resistance to oil particles.



Which air mask is compatible with preventing Corona Virus?

N95 air mask is used to prevent coronavirus.

What are respirators?

Respirators are the anti-pollution mask which are designed to assist you in breathing cleaner air and prevents you from inhaling chemicals, particulate matter, and infectious particles which include bacteria and viruses.

Can a surgical mask be used to prevent air pollution?

Surgical mask is only capable of providing barrier to large droplets of respiratory particles but they are not designed to filter out particulate matter 10 and 2.5. Thus, it is not advised to use a surgical mask to prevent pollution.

Can a N95/N99 mask be reused?

N95 mask can be reused but make sure it is not soiled or damaged. Also, these masks should not be shared as this may lead to the risk of sharing of infection as well.

How long a disposable mask is used before it is disposed of?

A disposable mask should be disposed after 2-3 days. But if the pollution level is very high in your surrounding then it should be disposed more frequently.

Does N95 mask help in preventing the flu?

A respirator like N95 is more capable to protect against flu virus than the regular face mask. This is so because respirator like N95 is designed to provide resistance to small particles present in the air including the virus and bacteria.



It is time for us to call for awareness and take all the necessary steps in order to protect ourselves, our society and our earth from pollution. Along with using an air purifier at home and wearing a mask while going out, it is also mandatory that we should protect our environment by controlling pollution, plant more trees, avoid the usage of personal vehicles wherever possible. So keep yourself as well as your surrounding healthy. With the lack of knowledge about the air mask, it is a bit confusing which one to buy so now you can refer to our above-mentioned choosing criteria and Top 5 Best Anti-Pollution mask in India list in order to decide which one best suits your needs. For any further queries regarding the air mask, you can kindly comment us in the below comment section.

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