TOP 10 Best Basmati Rice In India

That amazing aroma of the basmati rice from your kitchen is not the only factor but also its delightful flavor is responsible to woo your mind. It is an integral part of every day’s meal which relishes your platter. The benefits of basmati rice do not stop here, one more surprising fact about these basmati rice diets is that along with aromatic flavor, they also have the potential to prevent cancer growth and can help in fat oxidation due to their high fiber content. So if you are highly conscious about your diet and food items than these long, vitamins and mineral-rich grains can prove to be a blessing for your health as Top 10 Best Basmati Rice In India well.

You can have thousands of varieties of rice flooded in the market with assorted colors, lengths, aroma, textures and nutrition value. When it comes to choosing the healthiest and yummiest best basmati rice in India then it might confuse you. Look for the renowned Trusted Rice Suppliers in India serving long and fine grains of rice which assures safe packaging that is natural, hygienic and dust-free bags completely safe for your health.

Let’s take an in-depth look at the best basmati rice of India along with the things you should consider before purchasing, to figure out the winner among them that will make sure you stay on track with your healthy diet.

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Basmati rice was originally grown and harvested in India and Pakistan. India is the largest exporter of basmati rice and accounts for two-thirds of the global supply. It is grown in the Indo-Gangetic plain.

Basmati means “fragrant or queen of fragrance” and basmati rice also known as the “white pearl” and. It is long-grain rice as it is longer in size compared to other kinds of rice and gets elongated twice its original size when cooked. They are soft, non-sticky and digest easily and offers nutritional benefits as it contains minerals like copper, calcium, potassium and Vitamins like vitamin B1, B6, E and K.

Consider the following factors while purchasing basmati rice in order to get the full benefits of basmati rice:

  • Shape:
    Shape of the rice grain is an important factor to be kept in mind. The longer the size of basmati rice, the better it is. The shape of this is slightly tapered at the end of the rice. It must not be flat along the sides.
  • Color and aroma:
    The color of basmati rice is pearly white with a slightly golden hue and must not be gray. It is so because the basmati rice of better quality is aged. Basmati rice is properly dried for years to keep them fluffy and separated. It says- the flavor of basmati gets better with age, as same as wine. Good basmati rice has a high floral aroma and sweet flavor.
  • Packaging:
    High-quality basmati comes in cloth or some other fabrics with a royal look rather than a plastic bag. The packaging, labeled with ‘extra-long rice’ is generally good to purchase.

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1. India Gate Basmati Rice Pouch

India Gate is a reputed brand in India known for its best quality basmati rice and its premium quality product. India Gate basmati rice, classic, aged for 2 years, provides 20% more growth after cooking and yields 30% more in volume than non-aged rice. Not only it is non-sticky, smooth, softer, puffier but also maintains its form, texture and puffiness for a longer period, as compared to non-aged basmati rice.

Consume this fine, long and pearl white basmati rice and then per 100g will provide you 344 kcal of energy, 6.7g of protein, 77g of carbohydrate, 0.5g of fat, 1.4g of dietary fiber, 105mg of potassium, 65mg of magnesium, 120mg of phosphorus, 0.45mg of thiamine (B1), 0.5mg of riboflavin (B2) and 4.1mg of niacin (B3) and many other minerals like iron, calcium, sodium and vitamin A&C. One more key benefit of this basmati rice is that it has a negligible amount of fatty acid and cholesterol. It is a vegetarian product.

  • Premium quality.
  • Aged for 2 years.
  • Nutritious.
  • Long, fine and pearl white grain.
  • Nice aroma.
  • Smooth and soft.
  • Non-sticky and fluffier.
  • Can maintain its form and texture for a long period.
  • Slightly costlier than other basmati rice.

2. Daawat Brown Basmati Rice

If you are looking forward to adding a healthy diet to your body then look no further as Daawat basmati brown rice from a well-known Daawat brand can suffice your need for a delicious, nutritious and healthy rice meal.

Excellent source of fiber makes it to improve the digestive system and being cholesterol-free enhances its quality for your heart and cardiovascular functioning. It is a whole grain, lower in carbohydrates, thus aids you in maintaining good overall health. Individuals with diabetes can also introduce it to their diet as this brown basmati rice has a lower GI, making it diabetic friendly.

Processing rice with unique hydration enhancement technology helps in intacting all the essential vitamins and minerals in its full bran, which further contributes to making you have stronger immunity. And being HET processed this basmati rice is ready to serve its pure goodness in just 15 minutes, making you get rid of spending hours in the kitchen.

When cooked, this brown basmati rice has a soft texture with a delicious nutty flavor and is all-natural thus making it a good choice for vegetarians.

  • Cholesterol-free makes it good for the heart and cardiovascular functioning.
  • Delicious with a soft texture and nutty flavor.
  • Rich in fiber for healthy digestion.
  • Diabetic friendly due to low GI.
  • Enriched with vitamins and minerals for stronger immunity.
  • Vegetarian product.
  • Cooks in 15 minutes.
  • Doesn’t become rancid after 3-4 months.
  • Best before only 12 months (lesser than others).

3. Daawat Biryani Basmati Rice

Daawat Biryani Basmati Rice took the second rank in our list of best basmati rice in India; Basmati rice has dignified several cheerful events with innumerable rice recipes. As “basmati” is long grain aromatic rice grown for many centuries in the Indo-Gangetic plains of India. Daawat Biryani Basmati rice is remarkable among other aromatic long-grain rice varieties.

Every single grain elongates twice from its original size. Daawat Biryani Basmati aged for 2 years because of which it offers great taste and beautiful look. Daawat Biryani Basmati Rice is best known for offering the world’s longest grain. This biryani basmati rice is non-sticky in nature and has a smooth and mushy texture after cooking that adds a tantalizing flavor in rice so that you can enjoy your biryani fullest.

  • After cooking the rice elongates up to 18-24 mm.
  • Non-sticky and best for special biryani.
  • Pulpy and feathery smooth upon cooking.
  • Smooth and mushy texture at eating.
  • Aged for 2 years which makes it more perfect than others.
  • Delicious taste and beautiful presentation.
  • Contains low fiber and fatty acids.
  • Expensive than other non aromatic varieties.

4. Daawat Super Basmati Rice

Another exclusively launched basmati rice variant from Daawat is its Daawat Super Basmati Rice caters to popular Indian dishes. To serve fluffy, fine, long-grained and perfectly textured basmati rice, the rice undergoes a unique Daawat Octa-Q process. This process initiates from selecting authenticate basmati origins, supplying clean mountain water is to the grains. The paddy then undergoes a careful aging process for a maximum of 12 to 18 months which reinvigorates a great rich aroma when cooked. Then milled with the help of world-class equipment, it retains its all-natural virtues.

It is an excellent pick for those who are looking for great texture and great flavor. You can cook delicious exotic recipes or use it as an accompaniment for everyday cooking as the brand gives way to your creativity with the versatility of this basmati rice. Thus this basmati rice makes sure you enjoy varied dishes as preferred.

This basmati rice is all-natural making hence it a perfect choice for vegetarians. It is safe and clean, untouched by human hands and hygienically packed.

  • Gives versatility to your cooking.
  • Great texture and great flavor.
  • Fluffy
  • Long-grained
  • Processed with the unique DaawatOcta-Q process
  • Safe and clean
  • Untouched by human hands and hygienically packed
  • Quite Expensive.

5. Fortune Special Biryani Basmati Rice

Serve your guest biryani enriched with the goodness of Fortune Special Biryani Basmati Rice. It gives your plate a royal and luxurious look with a special floral aroma. Its extra-long size makes it perfect for every style of cooking whether it’s Hyderabadi or Lukhnowi biryani. This special biryani basmati rice suits every style of cooking and remains non-sticky after cooking. The product has the world’s longest basmati grain with a beautiful look and delicious taste.

It is perfect biryani rice for occasions and family gatherings. Your family and friends will easily get attracted by its magical aroma and tantalizing flavor. Along with the assurance of fluffy, non-sticky mouth-watery and eye-pleasing cooked rice grain, the company also makes sure that freshness and high-quality should be additional benefits of this basmati rice. So, enjoy every grain of this basmati rice to the fullest.

  • A vegetarian product with the longest basmati grain.
  • Mouth-watering taste with royal and beautiful looking rice.
  • Cooked rice is fluffy and non-sticky.
  • The product assures for freshness and quality.
  • Only little fragnance of basmati rice

6. India Gate Basmati Rice Tibar

India Gate Basmati rice cultivates in the terai region of the northwestern Himalayas and has proven the highest quality harvest of that region. It means you will get superior quality of basmati rice that is aged for minimum 1 year that gives you the benefit of basmati rice being long and slender pearl white grainselongates around 3 times when cooked, its non-sticky and doesn’t break while cooking. The brand also guarantees that if you buy its India Gate basmati rice Tibar then make sure it’s at least aged for one year.

You can use this delicious basmati rice in special rice dishes giving them its pleasant aroma. Per 100g of this healthy basmati rice will give you around 344 kcal of energy, 6.7g of protein, 77g of carbohydrate, 0.5g of fat, 1.4g of dietary fiber, 105mg of potassium, 65mg of magnesium, 120mg of phosphorus, 0.45mg of thiamine (B1), 0.5mg of riboflavin(B2) and 4.1mg of niacin(B3). It also contains iron, calcium, sodium and vitamin A&C in a minimal amount. Thus, this basmati rice is a blend of super quality, long grain milled in the world’s largest grain with delicious taste and alluring aroma.

  • Delicious taste.
  • Highest quality harvest.
  • Long and slender pearl white grains.
  • 3X elongation after cooking.
  • Non-sticky.
  • Doesn’t break while cooking.
  • Contains vitamins and minerals.
  • Not available easily in the offline market in some region.

7. Kohinoor Super Value Basmati Rice

Kohinoor Super Value Basmati Rice

Among so many brands in the market today, Kohinoor has established a big reputation among them. It offers a wide variety of basmati rice with a variation in authenticity, tradition and nutritional values.

Kohinoor Super Value Basmati rice is one such authentic variant of Kohinoor which combines superior cooking along with super value, delightful flavor and basmati aroma.

With this fine extra-long basmati rice, you can prepare your preferred dish ranging from steam rice, jeera rice, khichdi to pulao. It gives you the freedom to enjoy your meal by bringing out the real and alluring flavors of each dish.

The fact that these grains are naturally selected and cultivated delicately from scientifically tested fields make it an excellent choice for those who are looking forward to an authentic taste of every dish. This basmati rice is also a great pick for people who are vegetarian and in general, it can fit in your daily routine as well.

  • Maintains the authenticity of every meal.
  • Blends super cooking with super value.
  • Best for everyday dishes like steam rice jeera, rice khichdi, or pulao.
  • Extra-long size grains.
  • Easy to cook.
  • ISO 9001: 2000 certified.
  • Some customers have reviewed product as average in flavor and aroma.

8. Fortune Biryani Classic Basmati Rice

Fortune brings a classic way to celebrate special occasions with its Fortune Biryani Classic Basmati Rice which is one of the premium products of Fortune. This classic basmati rice especially travels from the richest Himalayan foothills. 

The grains are aged for 2 years which makes this product the best choice for every special occasion. Its extra-long grain, pleasant aroma and flavorful taste enhance its demand along with the benefits of basmati rice it offers. The texture of Fortune Biryani Classic Basmati Rice is so lean and becomes extra- long without getting sticky after cooking.

The Biryani looks beautiful after cooking because of its smooth and lean texture along with this it elongates to twice its length and you can have a plat of this perfect rice for special occasions.

  • A fine quality basmati rice with delicious taste.
  • Good for making pulao.
  • Long grains.
  • Gives best results when soaked before cooking.
  • Average in aroma.
  • Sometime gets sticky.

9. Kohinoor Super Silver Aged Basmati Rice

Kohinoor Super Silver Aged Basmati Rice

Kohinoor comes with a wide range of products but focuses primarily on their rice segment and introduces us to Kohinoor Super Silver Aged Basmati Rice. It is naturally nurtured and curated with most care so that you can experience the benefits of basmati rice as well as feel the natural flavor in the taste of this authentic basmati rice which is aged for almost 1 year.

This aromatic and flavorful basmati rice is ideal for making pulao, fried rice, steamed rice, jeera rice, etc. Every 100g of this Kohinoor basmati rice will full you with 293 kcal of energy, 6g of protein, 0.5g of fat and 66g of carbohydrate consisting of 3g of dietary fiber and less than 0.1g of sugar. This Basmati rice is also suitable for gluten intolerant persons as it’s a gluten-free product.

  • Gluten-free.
  • Flavorful taste.
  • Aromatic.
  • Good source of carbohydrate.
  • Grains of this basmati rice breaks easily.

10. Fortune Everyday Basmati Rice

Besides having amazing flavor, Fortune Everyday Basmati Rice is one of the healthy choices of rice for various dishes. It contains various rice sizes and is price effective. It has a flavorful aroma with a sweet taste which makes it a daily feast meal.

The rice is rich in flavor and high nutrition and is best preferred for plain rice. A number of different dishes such as Jeera Rice, Fried Rice, Kheer, Khichdi, etc can be made with it. It looks beautiful after cooking because of its smooth and lean texture. The product is best used in making delicious and creamy Kheer

  • Comes in a variety of sizes of grains and price.
  • A good and healthy choice for daily meals.
  • A vegetarian product with a unique flavor and different tastes.
  • Freshness and quality guaranteed product.
  • Taste may vary for different people.
SaleBestseller No. 1
India Gate Basmati Rice Bag, Mogra, 5kg (Broken Rice)
4,021 Reviews
India Gate Basmati Rice Bag, Mogra, 5kg (Broken Rice)
  • Country of Origin: India
  • material features:vegetarian
SaleBestseller No. 2
India Gate Basmati Rice Bag, Mogra, 10kg
2,972 Reviews
India Gate Basmati Rice Bag, Mogra, 10kg
  • National brand
  • Used finest quality basmati
  • Suitable for all food
  • Material Features: Vegetarian
  • material_features:vegetarian
  • item_form:Grains
SaleBestseller No. 3
India Gate Basmati Rice Rozana, 5kg
5,233 Reviews
India Gate Basmati Rice Rozana, 5kg
  • India gate basmati rice - rozana
  • South
  • material features:vegetarian
SaleBestseller No. 4
India Gate Basmati Rice Bag, Super, 5kg
3,602 Reviews
India Gate Basmati Rice Bag, Super, 5kg
  • National brand
  • Used finest quality basmati
  • ingredients:raw aged rice
  • Suitable for all food
  • material_features:vegetarian
  • item_form:grains
SaleBestseller No. 5
India Gate Basmati Rice Dubar, 1kg
  • Super quality
  • Long grain
  • World's largest rice miller
  • Aged rice
  • Country of Origin: India
SaleBestseller No. 6
Fortune Biryani Special Basmati Rice, Extra long grain basmati rice, 5 KG
6,114 Reviews
Fortune Biryani Special Basmati Rice, Extra long grain basmati rice, 5 KG
  • Premium basmati rice.
  • The extra-long grain and Non-Sticky texture make this rice ideal for all types of Biryani.
  • After cooking rice elongate over 2 times and become flavorful and taste.
  • Pristine white grains.
  • Commonly searched keywords: Rice, Basmati rice, Biryani, Biryani Rice, Quality Rice, Special Rice, real Basmati, rice 5 kg pantry
Bestseller No. 7
Fortune Rozana Dubar Basmati Rice, suitable for daily cooking, 1KG
4,462 Reviews
Fortune Rozana Dubar Basmati Rice, suitable for daily cooking, 1KG
  • Best basmati rice for daily cooking.
  • Pristine white grain that do not stick to each other or break when cooked.
  • After cooking, rice elongates twice in size and becomes flavorful
  • Commonly Searched Keywords: Rice, Basmati Rice, Quality Rice, Everyday Rice, super value Basamati, rice 1/5kg pantry
SaleBestseller No. 8
India Gate Basmati Rice Pouch, Feast Rozzana, 1kg
2,363 Reviews
India Gate Basmati Rice Pouch, Feast Rozzana, 1kg
  • National brand
  • Used finest quality basmati
  • Suitable for all food
  • Item Form: Flake;
SaleBestseller No. 9
Roxx More Superior Whole Grain Rice - Basmati 1000 g
587 Reviews
Roxx More Superior Whole Grain Rice - Basmati 1000 g
  • Basmati rice is high in protein and carbohydrates
  • Rich flavour and Enticing aroma
  • Widely used to cook Veg and Non-Veg
  • Basmati specially processed for daily consumption
SaleBestseller No. 10
More Long Grain Basmati Rice Loose (1 Kg)

  • Quantity: 1 kg

  • Great Taste

  • Long Grain

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Benefits of Basmati Rice

If you also have the feeling that Basmati rice is just another form of rice, then you are mistaken. Get amazed by knowing the fact that basmati rice does not only have great flavor and aroma but also infuses so many incredible benefits. It is a staple in a lot of diets, hence adding this amazing grain in your daily diet is bliss.

Let’s have a look at some of the mind-blowing benefits of basmati rice:

1. Boosts energy level: 

As basmati rice is rich in carbohydrates, it is a good source of instant energy which bolsters up the energy level instantly. It has a long chain of carbohydrates which slowly breaks down in the body, controls your appetite and makes you feel fuller for a longer period of time.

2. Increases nutritional value with veggies:

To get full benefits of basmati rice to have it with vegetables and healthy spices or pulses as it can be a great combination. Along with alluring flavor, its nutritional value also enhanced and forms a well-balanced diet that is good for your health.

3. Improves digestion:

The basmati rice light and easy to digest. The fiber content in basmati rice aids in the movement of material within your digestive system, making it a healthier alternative for you if you are suffering from stomach ailments. It helps in reducing the problem of constipation and other stomach related health issues.

4. Diabetic friendly:

Another great benefit of Basmati rice. Having diabetes will not lead you to say goodbye to your favorite basmati rice as according to the study, basmati rice has a low glycemic index than any other rice. The low glycemic index indicates that it will not increase the blood sugar which leads to lower insulin responses within a meal. In this way, it assists in maintaining diabetes to normal.

5. Promotes heart health:

If you are looking for a healthy option for your heart then basmati rice can be a wholesome alternative for your heart. It has a lesser level of fatty oils and fat content and rice is a natural anti-inflammatory which helps to decrease the depositing rate of atherosclerotic plaque inside the blood sugar level. The fats in basmati rice also have less bad cholesterol and which further aids in preventing clotting. An add-on benefit of basmati rice is that a high amount of fiber content in it promotes a healthy cardiovascular system.

6. Balances blood pressure:

Eating Brown basmati rice on a daily basis can help in getting treated with hypertension. This brown basmati rice has a high content of magnesium and potassium that benefit of basmati rice assists in balancing your high or low blood pressure to normal.

7. Prevents the development of Cancer cell:

Brown basmati rice carries approximately 20% more fiber than other types of rice. The advantage of fiber is that it inhibits the development of the cancerous cell. Thus, eating whole grain brown basmati rice helps in blocking ways of breast cancer as it helps in eliminating estrogen hormones. It has also been researched that a fiber intake prevents many other forms of cancer especially colon cancer.

8. Does not contain gluten:

Basmati rice is free of gluten, therefore, they are fit for those also who are suffering from celiac disease or those who don’t consume gluten-rich cereals and grains due to health issues. This highly nutritious food item can help in improving their health.

9. Favors weight loss:

It is a well-known thought that eating rice will not help in losing weight. But the fact is that the basmati rice is especially boiled which further benefits in your weight loss attempts. Due to the fiber content, the basmati rice is a good option for including in your diet and keeping you healthy and fit.

10. Prevents gastrointestinal distress: 

People suffering from diarrhea, colitis on morning sickness can benefit a lot from this low fiber content basmati rice. As the rice has low sodium content, this makes it a perfect choice for those who have undergone high blood pressure and kidney disease. Benefit of basmati rice adding in your meal can overcome the sluggish feeling.

11. Helps in muscle growth:

Basmati rice is a good option for those who are looking forward to developing their physique as it has essential amino acids. The protein content in rice helps in promoting muscle growth that protects lean body mass.

12. Nourishes with various nutrients:

Basmati rice is a great source of minerals such as calcium and iron. It is also enriched with vitamins such as niacin, vitamin D, thiamine, fiber and riboflavin. The presence of these minerals and vitamins helps in appending the nutritional value of your diet helps in keeping good care of the heart, nervous system and digestive system along with healthy skin.

How to cook fluffy rice? 

If you also want to enjoy steamy, fluffy and full of flavor rice then here is the 4 step recipe which will guide you in cooking basmati rice with wonderful taste and texture:

  1. Washing: To remove starch from the basmati rice, wash it 3 to 4 times before cooking. It is not necessary to wash it till the water runs clear, wash it a couple of times stirring the rice with your hand.
  2. Soaking: To cook soft rice, soak the rice for 30 minutes. 
  3. Adding water: Take rice and water in the ratio of 1:1.5 and place it in the saucepan. 
  4. Cooking: Put the saucepan on the gas stove and bring it to simmer without the lid. When the water starts boiling, lower down the gas flame and let it cook for 12 minutes. After 12 minutes remove the saucepan from the stove and open the lid after 10 minutes.

You are ready to serve the benefits of basmati rice with its steamy fluffy bowl. You can either serve it either with some curry or with pulses.

Tips for cooking rice perfectly

  • Measurement of rice and water should be perfect so as to avoid the gluey texture of rice after cooking.
  • Lid of the saucepan should be heavy or tight-fitting so that it should not result in loss of water during boiling and steam.
  • Size of the pot should be big enough to ensure that the rice cooks evenly.
  • Close the lid of the saucepan once the water starts boiling. It indicates that the correct temperature of the water maintain inside and it is perfect timing for cooking the rice.
  • Avoid peeking the saucepan when the rice is cooking as it results in the loss of steam leading to uneven cooking.
  • The rice should be rest for 10 minutes after cooking as just after cooking the rice is wet and sticky. These 10 minutes of resting makes sure that the grains absorb the liquid properly during this period.
  • Always use a rice paddle or rubber paddle for stirring the purpose of rice in order to avoid breaking of their long grains.



Do we need to wash or rinse basmati rice before cooking?

Yes, you have to wash or rinse basmati rice before cooking to ensure that it’s cleaned properly and doesn’t contain any dirt in it.

Can we cook basmati rice in the oven?

Yes, you can cook any rice in the oven just ensure you put rice in boiling water and bake in preheated 350-degree F oven for about 25 minutes.

How long we can store basmati rice after opening?

Basmati rice doesn’t get rotten and can be stored for years if you store it in an airtight container away from dust and humidity.

Is it necessary to soak basmati rice before cooking?

No, it is not necessary though it is always recommended to soak basmati rice for 15 minutes before cooking. This enhanced taste and also for saving fuel.

Do vegans can consume basmati rice?

Yes, of course, as rice is a plant-based product and suitable for vegans.

Do the benefits of basmati rice also include losing weight or it makes you fat?

Most of us assumed that eating rice will not help in losing weight but the fact is that the basmati rice is especially boiled which further benefits in your weight loss attempts. Due to the fiber content, the basmati rice becomes a good option which, if included in your diet, can keep you healthy and fit.



Besides helping you in relishing your favorite dishes, it will also contribute to gifting you good health for the long term. You can blend basmati rice along with stir-fries, curries whatever you want to give it the taste you want. So what are you waiting for? You just need to pick the best quality and best brand of this versatile protein-rich food from the above list of best basmati rice in India which satisfies your needs and tastes. Add the benefits of basmati rice in your daily routine in the form of hot aromatic bowl and enjoy the wholesomeness of this food. Please feel free to comment us in the below section if you have any queries regarding the basmati rice and do share your experience of basmati rice with us.

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