Top 10 Best Yoga Mat in India 2021

Yoga is a 5,000-year-old Indian collection of information. Yoga is all about orchestrating the body with the brain and breath through different breathing activities, yoga presents (asanas), and reflection. To perform yoga practice comfortably with stabilized body posture, you need a good yoga mat that supports your body posture during yoga practices. Yoga can be performed anywhere with or without a yoga mat, but no one wants to bear injury. We discuss top 10 best yoga mat in India, which helps you perform smooth yoga posture and maintain your healthy life.

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Things to consider before buying Best Yoga Mat

Yoga mat is a fabricated mat used for practicing yoga. It prevents your hand and feet from slipping during yoga asana and provides grip to your body. Yoga mat allows you to perform yoga asana in your personal space. A variety of yoga mats are designed based on material, color, pattern, texture, size, etc. Following are some points to look at while buying a perfect yoga mat according to your need and preferences:

• Material:
Yoga is something that transforms your body and provides energy. So first and essential thing to look at is the material from which your yoga mat is manufactured. PVC or vinyl-based mats are commonly used these days. Eco-friendly mats are also available such as mats made up of rubber, cotton, jute. PVC mats are non-sticky mats and are the most commonly used mat. You can opt for a PVC mat if you are allergic to some earth-friendly products. 

• Stickiness:
The surface of the mat is very important while performing a yoga asana. Most of the mats come with stickiness and slippery features so, it goes wrong when you are practicing a hot and sweaty asana. Always try to opt for a mat with a strong gripping surface.

• Sponginess:
PVC mats have the most sponginess feature and last longer as compared to jute and cotton mats. The Sponginess feature gives more grip while performing yoga and prevents your hand and feet from slipping.

• Comfort:
The right texture of the mat results in physical comfort in yoga positions. Depending on the type of yoga asana and your skin sensitivity, consider a mat with good texture and avoid rough mats. The thickness of the yoga mat also a factor of comfort. The average thickness of a yoga mat is measured 1/4 “thick.

• Height and Width:
The size of the mat is to choose according to your height. There are numerous sizes of mats with different height and width like extra-long or extra-wide are available in the market. You can measure your mat size according to your body by simple savasana yoga asana.

• Pattern and Colour:
The pattern and color of the yoga mat also matter for most of the yogis. Some mats are designed with fine lines and patterns for practicing proper alignment. Also, mats come in different colors and with different images. Different yogis have different mad needs, and some found it is interesting and some found it distracting. Depending on your need and preference, choose what best suits you.

• Eco-Friendly:
One of yogi’s beliefs is Ahimsa, which means no-harm in relationships and no-harm to the environment. So, most yoga practitioners opt for environmental-friendly yoga mats. There are some earth-friendly mats available such as mats made up of cotton, jute, or rubber.

Best Yoga Mat in India Review

1. Clear Choice Yoga Mat for Men and Women with Carry Bag and Strap

Clear Choice Yoga Mat for Men and Women with Carry Bag and Strap

Clear Choice Yoga Mat is an Eco-friendly unisex mat designed with TPE (ThermoPlastic Elastomers) material. The upgraded Anti-Skid design with a double-layer structure provides a non-slip texture to the mat. The comfort factor and optimal grip make this yoga mat suitable for many forms of yoga. The Clear Choice yoga mat comes with 72inch x 24inch x 6mm and the mat weighs 0.9 Kg.

The Clear Choice Yoga Mat is a durable yoga mat with a dual-layer mat and dual-color. The mat prevents you from falling during yoga asana or exercise because of its Non-slip texture on both sides. The Clear Choice Yoga Mat is free from PVC, latex, toxic materials, or any harmful chemicals. It is made of SGS certified TPE material, which is an Eco-friendly material, healthy and recyclable. The TPE material makes the mat slip-resistant, safe and hypo-allergenic. 

This Yoga mat also comes with a Body Alignment System that helps to maintain the correct body posture during Yoga asanas. The thickness of this mat is 6mm ensures excellent cushioning and the most comfortable experience. The Clear Choice Yoga Mat is a perfect lightweight mat that can be easily carried to any place and comes with a stylish Carrying Bag and a strap. This yoga mat is perfect for performing all forms of yoga and workouts.


  • Eco-friendly mat made of SGS certified TPE material.
  • Free from PVC, latex, toxic and harmful chemicals.
  • Double layer mat with Non-slip textured surface provides perfect grip and comfort.
  • Designed with Body alignment system for correct yoga poses.
  • 6mm mat thickness and excellent cushioning.
  • The dimension is 72inch x 24inch x 6mm and weight is 0.9kg.
  • Lightweight, and portable.
  • Easily washable.
  • It comes with a carry bag and strap.


  • Poor material used for carry bag.

2. REEBOK Studio Yoga MAT 4MM

Best Yoga Mat in India

Yoga is a form of meditation and exercise for sound mental and physical benefits. A yoga mat allows a person to practice yoga and meditation in his personal space. It holds a person from slipping during exercise. The mat provides a kind of cushioning to the human body. It protects the body from the ground’s heat and dust. The type of mat varies based on thickness, material, comfort, height and width, etc. It depends on your need and preference to select the best one for you.

Reebok Studio Yoga Mat is specially designed for performing yoga, pilates and general ground exercise. It offers a thickness of 4mm that provides both cushioning and firm grounding. The mat offers a strong grip, comfort, and stability by its non-slippy texture. The mat is completely slip-resistant. The mat offers more effective workouts by increasing friction during every pose. This Reebok Studio Mat is a lightweight mat, which makes it a portable mat, and with the help of its carrying string, it can be easily rolled and carried to different places. The Reebok mat comes in two variant colors- Black and Grey. The height of this mat is 173 cm and the width is 61 cm and .04 cm thick.


  • 4 mm thick with perfect cushioning.
  • Anti-slippery texture allows perfect grip and effective workouts.
  • Light-weight and rollable.
  • Compact size and portable.
  • Easy to carry with special carrying string.
  • 173 cm height and 61 cm width.
  • 2 integrated eyelets for easy storage.


  • Slippery in initial use.
  • Not suitable for sensitive knees.

3. VIFITKIT® Yoga Mat Anti Skid EVA Yoga mat with Carrying Strap

VIFITKIT® Yoga Mat Anti Skid EVA Yoga mat with Carrying Strap

Vifitkit is a popular name recognised for a yoga mat. This brand provides good quality yoga mats in budget price. It also offers several colours which you can choose according to your taste and preference.

You can use this yoga mat wherever you want to and you can also carry it to different places like the gym, yoga classes, etc. as its lightweight, which makes it easy to carry.

This yoga mat has 4mm thick cushioning which provides you comfort and stability as it supports different postures you perform on this yoga mat.

Its made from durable EVA material foam which absorbs sweat, so you don’t need to worry about any accident due to sweat. It’s subtly texture on both sides makes it more secure as an anti-slip texture so you can confidently perform every action on it.

For keepi9ng it’s clean and clear you need to wash it using soap and water with hands. For carrying it, you will be provided with a carrying strap along with the product.


  • Made from EVA foam.
  • Anti-slip.
  • Lightweight.
  • Durable.
  • Sweat resistance.
  • Washable.
  • Can be used from both side.
  • Available in seven vibrant colors.


  • Sometimes you may not get your desired color.

4. TEGO Stance Truly Reversible Mat with GuideAlign

TEGO Stance Truly Reversible Mat with GuideAlign

If you are desire to practice yoga by yourself without a trainer and want a perfect yoga pose, then TEGO Stance Yoga Mat with Guide Align is perfect for you. TEGO is known for manufacturing apparel and gear for athletes. Each product offered by TEGO is uniquely designed with advanced engineering and the latest technologies.

The TEGO Stance Mat is designed with a Reversible feature with Guide Align on one side and Honeycomb texture on the other side. The Guide Align helps you perfectly perform the correct pose of yoga without the guidance of a trainer or yoga expert. It helps in maintaining correct balance, deep stretch, and achieving the complete benefits of a pose. Its aesthetic design consists of a Centre-point Mandala, a straight line running through the middle of the mat, and 45 degrees references for proper posture check. The Honeycomb texture on the other side of the mat provides a non-slip or non-shaking texture with a strong grip and a perfect stance. This ultra-tactile hexagonal pattern makes the mat more durable. The mat comes with a 5mm dual-layer for superior cushioning and stability, making it perfect for sensitive joints. The mat is moisture resistant and protects from bacterial growth. The TEGO Stance mat comes with a stylish carry bag and strap made from premium material. The strap consists of a shoulder pad for convenient travelling.


  • A reversible mat with Guide Align design on one side and ultra-tactile hexagonal design on the other.
  • Guide Align is designed with a centre point Mandala, a straight line in between and 45- degree reference angle.
  • A dual-layered mat with Sticky and ultra-tactile texture.
  • Anti-slip and anti-shake feature.
  • Strong grip and perfect stance.
  • Superior cushioning for sensitive joints.
  • This PVC based mat is free from the 6 most harmful phthalates.
  • Designed with Antimicrobial technology ensures protection from odour causing bacteria.
  • A high-quality Carrying Bag with padded shoulder Strap and separate storage area for phone, wallet, or keys makes this mat portable.
  • The dimension of the mat is 72inch x 24inch and thickness of the mat is 5mm.


  • It is not eco-friendly because of PVC material.

5. Ozoy 13mm Extra Thick Yoga and Exercise Mat Anti Skid with Carrying Strap

The yoga mat thickness helps maintain balance and provide comfort to the body while performing yoga. Thick mats are generally used by persons having sensitive joints and beginners. The next important thing is the type of asana you are doing; this also requires thick mats. For example, a headstand always requires a thicker yoga mat so that your head doesn’t get hurt and maintain proper balance to the ground.

Ozoy 13mm Extra Thick Yoga and exercise mat is a perfect mat for yoga and other floor exercises. It is designed with a special anti-skid feature that provides perfect grip during workouts. The padding of this yoga mat provides comfort to the body while doing posture asana. For ideal stability during yoga and exercise, the Ozoy mat comes with non-slip bottom. It sticks to the ground, ensuring a perfect balance and strength during yoga workouts. The Ozoy Yoga Mat can be easily washed too. This mat is perfect for practising yoga asana, in which you have to put pressure on the floor. It is also suitable for beginners. The Ozoy mat is good quality, non-slippery mat with an elegant and cool look. It is soft and can be easily rolled and carried anywhere you want.


  • 13mm thick with the anti-skid feature.
  • Perfect for yoga asana and other floor exercises.
  • Comfortable padding for exercises like headstand.
  • Perfect size and Non-slip bottom ensures stability during workouts.
  • It is suitable for beginners.
  • Perfect for the yoga asana that requires to give pressure to the floor.
  • Easily washable.
  • Easily rolled and carried.


  • Less connection to the earth because of its thickness.
  • May lose balance while doing a standing pose.

6. AmazonBasics 13mm Extra Thick Yoga and Exercise Mat with Carrying Strap

AmazonBasics 13mm Extra Thick Yoga and Exercise Mat with Carrying Strap

Practising yoga is one of the best things you can do for being healthy and the best part is that it didn’t require any heavy equipment, which makes it hassle-free.

You can even practice yoga without a mat, but practising yoga on a mat makes you feel more comfortable and convenient during your yoga sessions. Its textured surface provides this yoga mat stability so you can perform all exercise with peace.

This amazon basics yoga mat is a quiet, convenient mat that is soft and 13 mm thick, ensuring full comfort. It’s lightweight so you can easily carry it from one place to another like your yoga classes.

The foam used in this mat is durable so it won’t rip off from its edge or get torn from the centre or anywhere else. It weighs around 1.12 KG only and to carry it, and you will get a carrying strap along with this product.


  • 13mm thick 
  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Anti-slip 
  • Textured surface
  • Carrying strap included


  • Light impression remains on the mat after exercise.

7. Qatalyze Extra Thick 8mm TPE Yoga mat with Cover Bag and Strap

Qatalyze Extra Thick 8mm TPE Yoga mat with Cover Bag and Strap

This premium quality yoga mat from Qatalyze offers several features which can make it quite considerable while purchasing a new yoga mat. It is made from eco-friendly TPE material which is free from all toxic materials like PVC, phthalates, silicone, latex and other toxic materials which ensures that it won’t harm your body while you sweat on it.

You will get everything extra with this yoga mat, extra hight, extra wide, extra thick so tallest of you can consider this for purchase. Its dimension is 183cm in height, 66cm in width and 8mm of thickness.

For your safety and convenience, this mat has anti-skid lines on both sides and you can use this mat from both sides too. The dual color used in this mat makes it more attractive and vibrant.

To protect this mat from ripping off or getting tore or being shred or stretch this mat is built with anti-tear technology so you won’t harm your mat while exercising. For its logistics, you will get a caring bag and a caring strip which you can use according to your need.


  • Made from eco-friendly TPE material.
  • Non-toxic.
  • Free from PVC, silicone, phthalates, latex.
  • Extra-wide.
  • Thick.
  • Can be used from both sides.
  • Anti-slip.
  • Made with anti-tear technology.
  • Included with both caring bag and strap.


  • Costly.

8. Adidas ADYG-10100MR Yoga Mat Mystery Ruby 8mm

Adidas ADYG-10100MR Yoga Mat Mystery Ruby 8mm

The yoga mat’s thickness is an essential factor because it decides the level of comfort while performing yoga asana or exercise. A lightweight mat is always in demand. Athletes and yogis highly recommend it. The thin mat provides a strong balance during yoga poses. The yoga mat should be chosen in such a way that it assists you in practising challenging poses. The style or position of yoga asana should be done in a full mentally and physically relaxed manner to get the asana’s complete benefits.

Adidas has come with this soft and 8mm thick yoga mat that helps you in easy learning yoga poses. The mat is perfect for creating a connection with the earth. Its comfortable 8mm thickness with perfect cushioning lets you peacefully reconnect to your senses. It is easy to wash and is thick enough to carry and practice yoga outside your house.

The mat provides a firm surface for yoga asana and is perfect for travel. The mat is soft, compact and rollable. Its non-slip texture makes it an ideal mat for intense and pressure-full poses. This ADIDAS yoga mat is an ideal mat for Yoga, Pilates and general ground exercise. The width of this mat is 61cm and the height is 176cm.


  • Excellent grip on the floor.
  • 8mm thickness with proper cushioning ensures stability during workouts.
  • The thickness of cushions is helpful in all high-pressure poses and encourages relaxation.
  • Compact size and easily rolled.
  • The soft texture is great for carrying this mat to everywhere.
  • Non-slippery texture provides a strong grip.
  • Ideal for all kind of yoga poses and general ground exercises.
  • Light-weight and free from PVC material.


  • May lose some balance while practicing a standing asana. Otherwise, it is a good mat to opt.

9. brandvilla Yoga Mat with Carrying Bag Anti Skid Yogamat

brandvilla Yoga Mat with Carrying Bag Anti Skid Yogamat

You could consider this yoga mat from Brandvilla if you are searching for a durable, anti-slip yoga mat, sweat and water resistance.

This yoga mat is 4mm thick, which provides you support to your knees, feet, spine etc. while you exercise or practise yoga; it gives you stability while exercising to protect you from any injury.

Its slip resistance from both sides provides optimum resistance against slip which gives you the advantage to exercise any pose we want.

It’s water and sweat resistance so you won’t feel uncomfortable due to your sweat. As it water resistance so you won’t need to worry about cleaning your yoga mat you can clean it using a mild soap and water.


  • Anti-slip.
  • Durable.
  • 4mm thick.
  • Water resistance.
  • Provides great stability.
  • lightweight.
  • Sweat resistance.
  • Comes with a caring pouch.
  • Available in 10 different colors.


  • Not available in the offline market.

10. Boldfit Yoga mat for Women and Men with Cover Bag

Boldfit Yoga mat for Women and Men with Cover Bag

Boldfit is known for providing the right kind of Yoga mats for performing stress-free yoga. The mat comes with an extra cushioning of thickness 6mm for sensitive joints and knees. There is also no need to worry about shaking or slipping during workouts as this mat has an anti-slip feature that allows a strong grip and confidence. So, start your exercise, meditation and yoga with Boldfit Yoga Mat and harmonize your body, mind and soul.

The Boldfit Yoga Mat measures 6-feet long and 2-feet wide and can be used by all body type people. The mat is durable and has a thickness of 6mm for providing comfort to your knees and joints while practicing yoga poses. It is designed with an appropriate level of cushioning that allows a strong grip on the floor to maintain proper balance while exercising. 

Considering the latest technological advancement, this Yoga mat is made of TPE (ThermoPlastic Elastomer), which is highly durable. The mat is eco-friendly and free from PVC, latex and toxic materials. This TPE yoga mat has moisture resistant technology also. It allows easy cleaning with either water or soap without any kind of tear and damages.

This yoga mat is featured with non-slip texture and the bottom of the mat is designed with a wavy structure which saves you from slipping or sliding during workouts and yoga. The double-layered structure of this mat provides a strong grip while practicing yoga poses. 

Boldfit is a stylish mat with the dual color combination on both sides. Along with the above feature, one more benefit of Boldfit yoga mat is its Carrying Bag. The yoga mat comes with good quality durable black coloured carry bag. The portable carry bag with a strap allows you to take your mat anywhere you go. Now take your step towards a stress-free yoga with Boldfit Yoga Mat and freshen your body, mind, and soul.


  • 6-feet long and a 2-feet wide yoga mat with a thickness of 6mm.
  • Anti-slip and anti-skid texture providing a strong grip and proper balance.
  • Made from high-quality TPE material and free from PVC, latex and other toxic chemicals.
  • Sweat and water-resistant and anti-tearing design allows easy cleaning.
  • Double-layered structure with one side of the mat has a non-slip texture and the other side is designed with a wavy structure.
  • A Dual-coloured mat.
  • Portable and lightweight.
  • Comes with a carry bag and strap.


  • Quality of the mat is not up to mark.


Yoga is a systematic kind of physical exercise that includes meditation, breath control, relaxation, etc., that aimed to refresh you both physically and mentally. Yoga comprises various physical poses or yoga asanas performed on the ground in a particular area. It allows having a connection with the environment in one’s personal space. The perfect time for yoga is in the morning or early evening in an open-air and nature-friendly place. 

You do not always need a yoga mat for practicing yoga. Earlier in the past, yoga people or the yogis don’t have or don’t require any mat to practice on. It depends on the type of floor where you are performing yoga. If you are on the wooden floor, then you don’t require a mat, but if the floor is of stone or the area is glossy, then you must use a mat for practicing yoga. 

When it comes to a yoga mat, most of us don’t know the correct way to use it, which results in disappointment. A variety of mats are available in the market depending upon its texture, material, color, size, etc., the correct way to use it is a bit complicated. Some of the mats are coated with some preservatives, which might let you slip while exercising. So, below are some clues that may help you to understand the way to use your yoga mat:

• Design on the Mat:

Most of the mats have some pattern and designs made on it that makes the mat look beautiful and attractive. If you have this designer mat with a design on one side, here is the clue to use it correctly. Keep the printed side on the top, and the printed side is the side to keep up while practicing yoga. This is the correct way to use your designer yoga mat.

• The Mat with nubby texture:

Most sticky mats are designed with small nubs in the texture, helping you maintain a balance during asana. The perfect way to use this kind of mat is by keeping the nubbier side up on the top and face your feet for a strong grip.

• Shiny Mats:

The shinier side should face up while practicing yoga. These kinds of mats are made from mixing rubber, latex and polyurethane, responsible for gripping.

• Mat with brands logo:

Logo or tag is the company’s name designed on a little square fabric attached in the mat’s corner. The perfect way to use this yoga mat is first to look for the logo. The logo indicates the correct side that should face up and the non-logo side should hit the ground.

• Stickiness:

The mats with sticky texture allow a perfect grip to your hands and body while performing yoga. So, it is always recommended the best way to use these kinds of the mat is that the sticky side should always face up and touches your hands and body.



Is it recommended to use any bedsheet or towel instead of a yoga mat?

You should not use only yoga mat as it provides stability and prevents you from slipping, but if you use a towel or bedsheet, you will slip undoubtedly.

Can I fold my yoga mat?

Yes, you can easily fold your yoga mat to carry it from a place to another. You also get carrying strap or a caring bag along with most of the yoga mats.

Can I clean my yoga mat using water?

Yes, of course, you can easily clean your yoga mat using water. You could also use a mild soap to clean it if its get too dirty.

Can we use yoga mat from both sides?

Most of the yoga mat is compatible with both sides, but there are few mats available in the market that you can use from one side only so check before purchasing.

Can I use my yoga mat in rainy seasons?

If your yoga mat is waterproof, you can undoubtedly use it during the rainy season or any other wet climate.

Can a very tall person fit in a yoga mat?

Most of the yoga mat comes in the height of 6 feet, which is perfect for a person of 6 feet or below, but if your size is more than 6 feet, you have to search for a longer than 6 feet.

Can I get a yoga mat which is longer than 6 feet?

Yes, some of the brands that offer yoga mat which has a length of 6.5 or 7 feet you have to check it before purchasing.

When should we clean our yoga mat?

You should clean your yoga mat twice a week if used daily or you can clean it when it looks dirty. Cleaning a yoga mat also depends on the frequency of its usages.



I hope so you got your perfect yoga mat. If you still doubt the best yoga mat according to your preferences, you can reach us with your query in our comment box. Our recommended Top 10 best Yoga mat in India will help you in staying fit and enjoy your life at most.

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