Top 10 Best Pressure Cooker In India

In your childhood whenever you used to hear the whistle of the pressure cooker, making noise in your kitchen, you start imagining delicious food that your mother must be cooking. From then till now, a pressure cooker has always remained the prototype of your kitchen. It has the benefit of retaining all the nutrients minerals and vitamins of food that is cooked in it is not exposed to air. And nowadays there are number of best pressure cooker flooded in the online as well as offline shops of India. One of the favorable features of a pressure cooker is that it tends to cook pretty fast and thus turning out to be a fuel-efficient kitchen appliance.

It is always recommended to go for long-lasting, safe kitchen appliances in which the food cooked is safe and healthy. Considering these reasons we have filtered the best pressure cooker in India which is long-lasting as well as safe to use. Let us go through them one by one to have an in-depth review of each cooker. But before that, you can give a look at the features which you want in your pressure cooker so that it becomes easier for you to decide which pressure cooker will assist you in getting your cuisines ready.

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There are three varieties of pressure cooker i.e. aluminum pressure cooker, stainless steel pressure cooker, and hard anodized aluminum pressure cooker. All these cookers have their own merits and demerits which we have provided in this post under the heading types of pressure cookers. Have a look over it and decide which all features you desire in your pressure cooker.


The size of the pressure cooker plays a very significant role in saving fuel and time while cooking. If you choose a pressure cooker whose capacity is less than your family’s requirement then you need to cook for longer durations leading to wastage of fuel and time and if your pressure cooker has a large capacity than also it will result in extra fuel consumption and more cleaning efforts. So go for that pressure cooker which serves your purpose very well without wasting extra fuel and time. From 1 liter up to 11 liters capacity of pressure cookers is available in the market. Below is the chart which you can refer to analyze the perfect size of pressure cooker for yourself.\

  1. 2-3 members: 2-5 liters
  2. 3-5 members: 3-6 liters
  3. 4-7 members: 4-8 liters


A pressure cooker is something which ones bought can serve you for many years. So it is expected from them to be durable and should be long-lasting. Stainless steel pressure cookers and the hard-anodized pressure cooker are more durable than aluminum pressure cookers. These stainless steel and hard anodized pressure cookers do not get corroded even after being used for a long time.

Healthy food:

You always want to have food intact with all its nutrients and vitamins. Everybody wants to have a healthy diet. But in Indian dishes, we put ingredients that are acidic such as turmeric, citric acid so there may be a chance that the material of your pressure cooker may react with these acidic ingredients and lost all its goodness. So while choosing a pressure cooker for yourself make sure that it does not react with the food you are cooking in it. Aluminum is considered to be highly reactive with acidic items so are the aluminum pressure cookers. Hence it is better to go for anodized and the stainless steel pressure cooker which is non-reactive to acidic items.

Don’t go for non-stick coating:

It is suggested that pressure cookers with a non-stick coating should be avoided as they may get wear off soon and do not last for long. And once it wears off, either you have to repair them or you have to get a new one.

Induction compatibility:

Nowadays most of the houses have an induction at their place, so if you want to use your cooker on induction as well then look for the induction compatible pressure cookers. The manufacturer generally mentions this on the package of the pressure cooker.

Inner lid pressure cooker vs outer lid pressure cooker:

In the market, pressure cooker comes with two models:

Inner lid pressure cookers are those in which the top of the lid goes inside the pressure cooker and outer lid pressure cookers are those in which the top of the lid goes outside the pressure cooker when it is closed. 

Generally, the cookers which have high capacity are designed with outer lid whereas the cookers which have less capacity are designed with the inner lid. It is considered that the inner lid pressure cooker provides more safety as they have a closed-locking mechanism of the pressure cooker and hold the build-up extra pressure.

Comfortable and sturdy handles:

It is very important to handle the pressure cooker with care for proper and safe use. Look for a strong handle that you can hold very easily to move pressure cookers filled with food ingredients.

Compatibility with a dishwasher:

If you are planning to use a dishwasher machine then first look in the product description of your pressure cooker that whether the one you are going to purchase is dishwasher compatible or not as not all pressure cookers are dishwasher compatible. Generally, the hard-anodized pressure cooker is not safe to be used in dishwasher whereas aluminum and stainless steel pressure cookers are dishwasher safe. It is recommended to make sure that whether the pressure cooker which you are purchasing is dishwasher safe or not before spending the money on it.

Safety assurance:

While cooking in a kitchen it is very important to make sure that the appliance which you are using is having complete safety as they are subjected to heat, fire, and pressure so there are chances of some mishappenings. To get the assurance of safety, check for the ISI mark on your pressure cooker to make sure that you are having one of the best pressure cooker of India and which states that a product is safe to use. A product is certified as ISI only after a detailed survey and standards check which ensures its safety.

Manufacturer and warranty:

You can choose your best pressure cooker as per your trusted brands available in India. Look for the higher warranty on your product as well as if possible look for the extended warranty which some of the top brands offer. The warranty makes sure that your pressure cooker works well for a longer duration.

There are accessories and replacing parts of your pressure cooker which are sometimes not covered under warranty by these brands. So keep such accessories in extra so that you can use them when required.

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1. Hawkins Stainless Steel Tall Pressure Cooker, 3 Litres, Silver

Hawkins Stainless Steel Tall Pressure Cooker, 3 Litres, Silver

Hawkins has always introduced us to innovating kitchen appliances. Itsanother such innovationis Hawkins stainless steel pressure cooker with a body as well as lid built from food-grade superior stainless steel. This cooker will serve you faithfully for many years along with the assurance of a high level of hygiene and durability.

A 4.1 mm thick aluminum, sandwiched between two layers of stainless steel, helps in uniform distribution of heat very quickly and cooks food properly without burning them. The Hawkins pressure-locked safety lid provides you safety from bursting as the lid is pressure-licked until there is pressure inside the cooker and it opens only when the pressure has fallen to a safe level.

As it has inside fitting safety lid so it gets protected from acid and juices of the food and also does not get rubbed or scrapped whenever the cooker gets opened or closed. Featured with an automatic safety valve ensures that on opening the pressure cooker, its steam and food both moves downwards.

The AISI Grade 430 magnetic external base of the pressure cooker makes it compatible with induction cooktops. You can use this pressure cooker on gas, electric, ceramic and halogen cooktops as well. Its unique curved body benefits in 3 ways: first you can easily stir your food in the pressure cooker, second the food doesn’t stick on the surface and hence doesn’t get burnt, and third it is very easy to clean. Designed with the sturdy and stay cool handles makes them very comfortable to handle and provides protection to your hand from excessive heat when the cooker is hot. This pressure cooker is UL certified. The UL mark is widely considered as a trusted symbol of safety. It comes with a warranty of 5 years.


  • Body and lid are made from food-grade superior stainless steel, hence ensures durability and strength.
  • Compatible with induction, gas, electric, ceramic and halogen cooktops.
  • Its unique curved body helps in stirring, frying and easy cleaning.
  • Long-lasting gasket.
  • Automatic safety valve
  • The base remains flat and does not bulge.
  • Ensures more safety with an internal lid-locking system
  • Superior pressure regulation ensures fast cooking and saving more fuel.
  • Available in 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 litres capacity.
  • Certified by UL which is the symbol of safety.
  • Comes with 5-year manufacturer’s warranty


  • Stainless steel base consumes more fuel than the high anodized pressure cookers

2.Hawkins Contura Hard Anodized Pressure Cooker

Hawkins Contura Hard Anodized Pressure Cooker

Did you miss the aromatic smell of Basmati rice from your kitchen? Hawkins presents its Hard Anodized Pressure Cooker which is the second best pressure cooker in India as per our analysis. This cooker looks different and works differently as well, its durable black finish with 60 micron thick hard anodizing increases the cooker heat-absorbing capacity to make it energy-efficient and cooker looks the same for many years.

Its ergonomically designed stay-cool handle assures you for a strong and comfortable grip even when you go through cooking. For additional safety while cooking it has handles and features a locking loop and sealing gasket. Its cover interlocking feature locked the cooker until the steam pressure reduces to a safe level.

With a base flat diameter of 130 mm and a base thickness of 3.25 mm, this cooker is built for a long life which consistency in safety, will not alter the flavor of the meal and not even get stained with excessive use. It adds a nice touch to your kitchen and dining space.


  • Hard Anodizing design
  • Nice heat-absorbing capacity
  • Energy-efficient
  • Ergonomically designed
  • Long-life pressure cooker
  • Full safety feature


  • Not induction tops

3.Hawkins Hevibase Aluminum Induction Model Pressure Cooker

Hawkins Hevibase Aluminum Induction Model Pressure Cooker

Hawkins is a popular brand known for delivering its quality products. It has always satisfied its customers with its best pressure cookers available in most of the houses of India.Hawkins Hevibase is an induction compatible pressure cooker that allows its user to use it on both gas and induction.

This pressure cooker is made up of pure virgin aluminum that ensures super-fast cooking time and its double thickness base also distributes the heat more evenly when placed on gas or induction cooktop.

The hard ionized base provides more efficient heat absorption which has a base thickness of 6.35mm and the base flat diameter of this pressure cooker is 163.5 mm. It comes with an improved pressure regulator that saves fuel. The exterior mirror polish gives this pressure cooker a more elegant and premium look. Hawkins Hevibase Aluminum Induction Model Pressure Cooker is available in 2L, 3L, 3.5L, 5L, 6.5L variant.


  • Both gas and induction cooktop compatible
  • Made from pure virgin aluminum
  • Double thickened base
  • Spread heat evenly
  • Supre fast cooking time
  • Pressure regulator
  • Exterior mirror polished
  • Hard ionized base


  • The lid is slightly tight when new

4. Prestige Deluxe Alpha Outer Lid Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker

Prestige Deluxe Alpha Outer Lid Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker

Prestige, one of the eminent brands, can be found very easily in every Indian kitchen. It is also standing with its best pressure cookers as well as other kitchen utensils beside Hawkins in India. Prestige Deluxe Alpha Outer Lid Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker mingles today’s style with the alluring and astonishing stainless steel. It also impresses us with its high efficiency and high quality. With a capacity of 3.3 liters, it is perfect to serve a meal to 3 to 4 people.

It is made out of highly durable stainless steel and is designed with the outer lid. It is also provided with a Euro clad base which facilitates even distribution of heat and makes it favorable for induction as well. Thus it is friendly for both to use on an induction cooktop and, even, on normal gas stoves as well. With a heavy body, it ensures durability and goes the extra mile.

Featured with a double screw handle makes these pressure cooker’s grip sturdier and makes your usage comfortable and reliable. For ensuring extra safety, it is equipped with a uniquely designed pressure grip. It also features controlled GRS (Gasket Release System), that releases steam in case if there is any obstruction in the main vent or safety valve, making it safer and durable. The manufacturer offers a warranty of 5 years over this product. 


  • Controlled GRS to ensure safety
  • Induction cooktop and gas stove compatible
  • Ideal for small families of 3-4 people
  • Warranty of 5 years is available
  • Double screw handle
  • Outer lid design
  • Durable and reliable
  • Heavy build quality


  • If not familiar, fitting the outer lid may sometimes become troublesome.

5.Hawkins Contura Pressure Cooker, Silver

Hawkins Contura Pressure Cooker, Silver

Hawkins is an Indian company and you can easily get this brand in many Indian kitchens. With 5 years of warranty, you will get all new features of a modern pressure cooker into this Hawkins Contura Pressure Cooker which comes stands in the fifth number of our list of best pressure cookers in India. This product is made from pure virgin aluminum.

It operates at 1 kg/cm2 (15 Pounds per Square Inch) pressure and cooks food 46% faster than a microwave oven. It is thermal-efficient and saves fuel by heating fast and evenly, as a result, your food gets ready in a short time and saves your time and money.

Its unique body, designed with rounded sides makes stirring easier, with clear visibility and provides ease in taking out food from it. Its flat base measures 130 mm in diameter and 325 mm in thickness. The safety valve is present under the lid handlebar for extra safety. It is available in 5 sizes from 2 liters to 5 liters.


  • Stylish and efficient
  • Cook Faster
  • Save more fuel
  • New improved pressure regulator
  • Warranty of 5 years is available
  • Easy Stirring
  • Pressure locked safety lid
  • Last longer gasket
  • Virgin aluminum used


  • The pressure threshold limit is low

6.Prestige Nakshatra Plus Hard Anodised Inner Lid Aluminium Pressure Handi, Black

Prestige Nakshatra Plus Hard Anodised Inner Lid Aluminium Pressure Handi, Black

Prestige Nakshatra Pressure Handi is made up of hard ionized aluminum that makes this pressure cooker durable so you can use it without any worry as it will last long.

The Ebonite handles provided in this pressure cooker ensure that you feel a firm grip when you hold it. Its anti-bulge base is compatible with both gas cooktop and induction cooktop that makes it a more convenient product to use.

This 3L pressure cooker has all primary safety features like a pressure regulator, safety plug, and inner lid so you won’t have to worry at the time of cooking so it could be a reliable product for you. Prestige Nakshatra Plus Hard Anodized Inner Lid Aluminum Pressure Handi is available in 3L, 5L, and 6.5L variant.


  • Made from hard ionized aluminium
  • Durable
  • Ebonite handles
  • Anti-bulge base
  • Equipped with Pressure regulator, safety plug and inner lid for safety


  • Some user may face difficulty due to its handi design

7.Prestige Deluxe Plus Mini Induction Base Hard Anodized Pressure Handis, Black

Prestige Deluxe Plus Mini Induction Base Hard Anodized Pressure Handis, Black

One another ecstatic product from the Prestige league, Prestige Deluxe Plus Mini Induction Base Hard Anodized Pressure Handis gives the benefit of aluminum cooker blended with the strength of anodization. Contributing to its anodization feature, it offers scratch resistance and stain resistance. Made from virgin aluminum, these cookers are hard anodized to give them an elegant look. Its aesthetic handi shape of the body makes it perfect for cooking a variety of Indian dishes.

Its induction base makes it suitable for induction cooktops and gas cooking thus allowing you to cook on any heat source along with taking care of your safety. Designed with a pressure indicator, it gives a visual indication of pressure level and lets you know the correct time to open the handi safely. To save your time while cooking safely it comes with the first level of a safety feature which religious pressures above 1 kg/cm2. 

It delivers the second level of safety with Controlled Gasket Release System, in case if there is any blockage in the main vent then the gasket valve comes with the safety valve for removing excess pressure. The cooker has pretty durable handles that provide extra grip and comfort making it easy to use regularly. It comes with a warranty of 5 years and a capacity of 3.3 liters.


  • Designed for both induction cooktop and gas stove.
  • Made from hard-anodized aluminum ensures durability
  • Heavy bottom maintains uniform heating.
  • Durable handles
  • Food cooked in this cooker is safe as it does not react with the cooker’s material.
  • Pressure indicator adds convenience while cooking
  • Controlled Gasket Release System
  • Precision weight valve


  • Due to its handi shape, sometimes it is difficult to keep any type of utensils inside it for cooking.

8.Prestige Popular Aluminium Pressure Cooker, Silver

Prestige Popular Aluminium Pressure Cooker, Silver

Prestige is an Indian brand that manufactures kitchen appliances and cookware. Prestige Aluminum Pressure Cooker is a high-quality durable pressure cooker for everyday use. Its ergonomic handles are highly durable and fitted with two screws to provide greater strength for a comfortable grip.

High-quality virgin aluminum is used in this product and equipped with safety measures like a gasket release system and metallic safety plug for releases the excess pressure when internal pressure rises beyond the safe level. It is compatible with gas stoves.

The second level of safety is delivered in Prestige pressure cooker, in case of any blockage of vent tube, its gasket will bulge and steam will release through the provided slots. Its sturdy handles give extra grip and comfort. It is available in 12 sizes from 2 liters to 20 liters. 


  • High-quality Virgin aluminum used
  • Gasket Release System
  • Metallic Safety Plug
  • Durable Handles
  • Precision Weight Valve
  • Dishwasher Safe


  • Not induction tops

9.Hawkins Miss Mary Aluminum Pressure Cooker

Hawkins Miss Mary Aluminum Pressure Cooker

Hawkins Miss Mary Pressure cooker, the ninth in our list of best pressure cooker in India, can be a good choice for those who are looking for a pressure cooker ideal for 1 to 2 people. The capacity of this pressure cooker is just 1.5L which is suitable for 2 people.

This Pressure cooker comes with good built quality but it is only compatible with the gas stove so you won’t be able to use it on an induction cooktop. It is a leak-free pressure cooker that doesn’t leak at the time of cooking to ensure that you can rely on this product.

The pressure cooker comprises all primary safety features like an inside fitting lid, shielded safety valve and unbreakable stay cool handles that make your work easier while cooking. Hawkins Miss Mary Aluminum Pressure Cooker is available in 1.5L, 2.5L, 3L, 4.5L, 5L, 5.5L, 7L, and 8.5L variants. 


  • Ideal for 1 to 2 person
  • Good built quality
  • Leak-free
  • Stay-cool handles
  • Inside fitting lid
  • Shielded safety valve


  • Not compatible on the Induction cooktop

10.Pigeon by Stovekraft Deluxe Aluminium Pressure Cooker, Silver

Pigeon by Stovekraft Deluxe Aluminium Pressure Cooker, Silver

Pigeon by Stovekraft pressure cooker is a strong and sturdy pressure cooker, made from the best food-grade aluminum alloy that helps in retaining the nutritional value of the food cooked in it. It hasergonomically designed handle which will offer you with a better grip. This pressure cooker also has features which enables it to make its position in the list of best pressure cookers in India.

This pressure cooker is ideal for use in a small function or if you live in a joint family as the capacity of this cooker is 12 L which is enough to make food for at least 10 people and it is stain resistant which makes it easy to clean.

The pressure cooker is gas stove compatible and comes with a food-grade nitrile rubber gasket with a gasket vent release system that ensures the optimum utilization of the product. It is well-equipped with a safety valve, metallic safety plug and weight valve with an anti-deflecting bottom. This is an ISI certified product which makes it a reliable product. 


  • Made from best food-grade Aluminium Alloy
  • Ergonomically designed handle
  • Stain resistance
  • Food grade nitrile rubber gasket
  • Gasket vent release system
  • Anti deflecting bottom
  • ISI certified


  • Not compatible on the induction cooktop
SaleBestseller No. 1
Pigeon By Stovekraft Favourite Aluminium Pressure Cooker with Outer Lid Gas Stove Compatible 3 Litre Capacity for Healthy Cooking (Silver)
24,130 Reviews
Pigeon By Stovekraft Favourite Aluminium Pressure Cooker with Outer Lid Gas Stove Compatible 3 Litre Capacity for Healthy Cooking (Silver)
  • Made from superior quality virgin aluminium;Gas Stovetop Compatible
  • Comes with four level of safety;Strong, sturdy and durable
  • Ergonomic Bakelite handle for ease of use;Colour: Silver, Material: Aluminium
  • Package Contents: 1-Piece pressure cooker (3 litres);Warranty Informtion: 5 years on product3; Certification: ISI Certified
  • Control Method: Touch; Size Name: 3l; Operation Mode: Manual
  • For any product releated issue contact brand customer support for faster resolution
SaleBestseller No. 2
Hawkins Contura Hard Anodized Pressure Cooker, 1.5 Liters
  • Ideal for 1 or 2 Persons
  • Hard Anodised body and Stainless Steel lid
  • Black body heats faster
  • Does not react with food
  • Inside-fitting safety lid − will not open until pressure falls
SaleBestseller No. 3
Hawkins Contura 2L Pressure Cooker
  • Ideal for 2 or 3 Persons
  • Curved body for easy stirring
  • Better visibility of food
  • Easier removal of food
  • Inside-fitting safety lid − will not open until pressure falls
SaleBestseller No. 4
Butterfly Cordial Induction Base Aluminium Pressure Cooker with Outer Lid, 3 Litres, Silver
  • Ergonomically designed, made through food grade virgin aluminium for better hygiene and long life
  • Aesthetically designed handle, easy grip and stay cool handle, lock arrangement in handles ensure uni-directional rotation ; Lighter and easy to handle ; High safety standards ; With Induction Bottom ; Other Body and Design Features: Cylindrical ; Lid Locking Mechanism: LID PUSH
  • Precisely designed weight set to regulate cooking steam pressure
  • Specially formulated food grade rubber with longer life, does not impart colour, taste or odour to the food
  • Suitable for induction stove and LPG stove
  • Color: Silver, Material: Aluminium
SaleBestseller No. 5
Pigeon by Stovekraft 3 Litre Favourite Aluminium Inner Lid Induction Base Pressure Cooker (Silver) BIS Certified
  • Made from High Grade Virgin Aluminium confirming to IS 21:1992 standards
  • Ergonomic user friendly handle for better and safe gripping
  • Precision weight valve for increased safety
  • Presence of metallic safety plug in the lid
  • Presence of Nitrile Gasket conforming to Food Grade standards
  • Color: Silver, Material: Aluminium
SaleBestseller No. 6
Pigeon By Stovekraft Special Aluminium Pressure Cooker with Outer Lid Induction and Gas Stove Compatible 3 Litre Capacity for Healthy Cooking (Silver)
  • Aesthetically designed cooker that comes with easy grip & stay cool handle
  • The cooker's handle comes with a special lock arrangement for easy opening
  • Specially formulated food-grade rubber gasket for longer life; Gasket release system for safety
  • Fast and energy efficient cooking; Ideal for 3-4 members
  • Precisely designed weight set for fast cooking
SaleBestseller No. 7
Butterfly Cordial 2 L, 3 L & 5 L Non Induction Bottom Outer Lid Pressure Cooker (Aluminium, Silver), Small
  • Precision designed weight set to regulate cooking steam pressure
  • Safety support device on the lid
  • Specially formulated food grade rubber with longer life
  • Does not impart colour, taste or odour to the food
  • Aesthetically and Ergonomically Designed Body
SaleBestseller No. 8
Hawkins 3 Litre Inner Lid Pressure Cooker, Stainless Steel Cooker, Wide Design Pan Cooker, Induction Cooker, Silver (HSS3W)
  • Ideal for 3 or 4 Persons
  • 18Cr/8Ni AISI 304 Food-grade Stainless Steel body and lid - Stays bright, does not pit or corrode, is extremely hygienic
  • Extra-thick sandwich bottom - heats evenly, stays flat always, never bulges
  • Safe for light and deep frying before pressure cooking
  • Improved pressure regulator − saves more fuel
  • Works on gas, induction, electric, ceramic & halogen
SaleBestseller No. 9
Butterfly Curve Stainless Steel Outer Lid Pressure Cooker, 2 Litre, Silver
  • Ergonomically and Aesthetically designed, easy grip, stay cool handle
  • Handle with special lock arrangement for uni-directional rotation, Nonporous, hygienic, Durable, beautiful High luster finish, Even heat distribution without developing hot spots, Economical fuel consumption & energy efficientLid Type: Outer Lid
  • Specially formulated food -grade rubber gasket for longer life and Gasket release system for safety. Uni-directional rotating handle
  • Fast and energy efficient cooking, Dishwasher safe: Yes
  • Precisely designed weight set for fast cooking
  • Thicker base for rapid cooking and even pressure
SaleBestseller No. 10
Pigeon by Stovekraft 2 Litre Special Plus Contura Hard Anodised Inner Lid Induction Base Pressure Cooker (Black) BIS Certified
  • Made from High Grade Vargin Aluminium Conforming to IS 21:1992
  • Ergonomic User Friendly handle
  • Sturdy Hard Anodised Body
  • Precision Weight Valve

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Types of a pressure cooker

1. Aluminum Pressure Cooker:

These cookers made entirely of aluminum are the earliest ones available in the market.


  • Aluminium pressure cooker is the most economical among other pressure cookers in India.
  • As aluminum is a good conductor of heat, hence these cookers tend to cook food fast thus saves time.
  • These cookers are fuel-efficient as food gets cooked quickly.
  • They are very light-weight and hence are portable.


  • These cookers are not durable and long-lasting, as the metal gets easily twisted and disfigured.
  • They do not provide resistance against corrosion. Use of hard water over them can lead to stain of salt on their surface.
  • The food cooked in these cookers is not very healthy as aluminum reacts with acidic ingredients of Indian dishes such as citric acid, turmeric resulting in too many health issues.
  • You will need a metal scrub to clean these cookers as food gets stick to the surface of them.

2. Stainless steel Pressure Cooker:

As the name suggests, these cookers are made of stainless steel. 


  • The body of these cookers is strong and durable, hence they can withstand rough conditions and last long.
  • Food cooked in them is healthy and safe, as stainless steel does not react with the ingredients of the food cooked in them.
  • Some of these cookers are also induction cooktop compatible.
  • As the heat conduction is slow, so heat distribution doesn’t take place on the entire body of the pressure cooker which prevents you from getting burnt on touching the body of the pressure cooker.
  • They are easy to clean and maintain their color even after several uses.


  • Stainless steel is not much good conductor of heat thus while cooking food, it may take a little longer time to cook.
  • With the use of these cookers for a long time, there may be stains on their body due to the uses of hard water.
  • These cookers are heavy, so durable handles are needed for safer use.
  • They are quite expensive as compared to the aluminum pressure cookers.
  • You should immediately take out the food cooked in them otherwise there are chances of them being overcooked in these stainless steel pressure cookers.

3. Hard-Anodized Aluminum Pressure Cookers:

These cookers are made by using the anodization process in which, with the help of electrochemical reaction, aluminum oxide covers it all over the surface. They look grayish black in color.


  • The food cooked in them is safer due to the additional layer of aluminum oxide on their surface which makes these cookers non-toxic, non-staining, and non-reactive.
  • They are lightweight, strong and durable and will not corrode even after years of use.
  • These cookers are thermally efficient hence you can cook food in them very quickly.
  • Made from corrosion-resistant materials, thus they are stain free.
  • Due to their surface being less sticky, you can clean them very easily.
  • Most of their models are induction compatible also. 


  • These are the most expensive Pressure cooker available in the market among the three types of cookers and not much popular in India.
  • They do not allow the use of metal scrubs over them as this may lead to the formation of scratches while washing them.

Benefits of cooking food in a pressure cooker

A pressure cooker has never lost its popularity and importance even though most of the dishes can be cooked without a pressure cooker. Let’s have an overview of the benefits of cooking food in a pressure cooker:

  • Intact nutritional value: Cooking the food inside the closed lid of pressure cooker, helps in retaining the moisture of the food as well as the nutrients being intact with the food. The food cooked in pressure cooker has more nutrients and vitamins as compared to the food cooked in pans and pots.
  • Less cooking time: This is one of the key benefits of using a pressure cooker. You can cook the food in a pressure cooker at a much faster speed while it takes a much longer duration to cook the same food in a pot.
  • Easy to clean: Cooking food in a closed lid prevents them from spilling or spattering around the gas stove surface thus makes cleaning of it much simple
  • Safe to use: Now you don’t have to worry about pressure cooker being busted due to high pressure. Manufacturers have embedded pressure cookers with so many safety technologies that they offer complete safety now.
  • Retains the flavor: You can enjoy the taste and flavor of the food cooked in a pressure cooker as evaporation of them does not take place as in the case of pans and pots.

How to use a Pressure Cooker properly for a longer duration?

  • The very first thing you should do is go through the user manual of your pressure cooker carefully. Different models may have a different way of using them.
  • Check that the rubber gasket is flexible and if not so then replace it as soon as possible.
  • Make sure that the lid should be clean and kept in the correct position.
  • Put your ingredients inside the cooker and fill it up till two-third of the cooker.
  • Place the lid in its position and lock it. Keep the pressure release valve in its close position check it once again.
  • Place the cooker on high temperature and on attaining high temperature, lower the heat to make sure that the food is not overcooked.
  • When the food is cooked, first release the pressure and then open the lid.
  • To make sure that the steam does not hit your face directly open the lid opposite to the face.



Why choose pressure cooker over normal utensil?

The pressure cooker works in high pressure and heat to prepare food in less time and with less consumption of food.

How do I know my pressure cooker is working properly?

You can find out whether or not your pressure cooker is maintaining the internal pressure and working correctly, if:

  • The cooker lid remains closed during cooking
  • The handle is stationary on the panhandle, and
  • The pressure cooker is jiggling gently

What type of foods I can prepare in a pressure cooker?

You can cook robust food in a pressure cooker like rice, dal, sabzi and many more which takes a comparatively longer time with other cooking methods.

What is the reason for the fusing of a safety valve?

Whenever the temperature and pressure increase from permissible limit, the safety valve fuses.

Are pressure cookers dishwasher-safe?

Not every cooker is dishwasher-safe. Just go through its manual to know about dishwasher safe.



A pressure cooker is quite a must to have kitchen appliances as it can make your cooking much easier and much safer. You can enjoy your food with its nutrients intact with the help of the pressure cooker. The above listed best pressure cooker in India is considered as one of the best in the market and we hope that it will assist you also to choose the appropriate pressure cooker for yourself as per your requirement and budget. Share this article with your friends and relatives who are in need of the best pressure cooker in India in their kitchen. If you still have any doubts or concerns regarding the pressure cooker then feel free to comment us in the below comment section. We will try to reach you out soon.

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