Top 10 Best Gas Stove in India

Gas stove is such a common name with whom we are familiar since childhood. In India, so many cooking appliances infused and so many advanced technologies have been introduced in the market but a gas stove has never lost its essence. It has never failed in maintaining its significance in the kitchen irrespective of the introduction of the other cooking appliance like induction, oven, etc. Today’s gas stove is introduced with the modernization of the interior of the kitchen, the gas stove has also been embedded with modern technologies along with appealing designs.

Now you may think that it is just a gas stove, so what to look in it while buying it. Earlier we don’t have variants in a gas stove. But now we have so many features in a gas stove that it is necessary to look into its buying guide before deciding which gas stove you want in your kitchen. In the market, we have gas stoves with a single burner, 2 burners’, 3 burners’ and 4 burners’ options. You can choose according to the number of members for whom you want to buy, or how speedily you want to cook your food. There are also a variety of gas stove available based on the type of material of its body, its design, or the amount of space it occupies, etc.

Let’s take a quick glance to dig a little deeper to the features which we should look before purchasing a gas stove. If you specifically searching 4 burner gas stove check our article on Best 4 burner Gas Stove in India.

Things to consider before buying Best Gas Stove

• Number of burners:

This is the prime factor for buying the best gas stove in India. You can decide the number of burners according to your family member headcount. The number of burners varies is from 4 to 1. You can also purchase according to your family’s needs.

• Burner material:

Whenever materials come into consideration circle it will directly depend on the durability and the safety purpose of the product and user. Burner must be made up of such material which is the corrosion resistance and distribute the heat properly and what for a longer time.
There are two types of burners available in the market.
a.Brass burner:
This gold color metal in an alloy metal (combination of two or more metals) is a good conductor of heat and it fights very well against corrosion so it has great durability and you can use it indoor or outdoor. It is a little costly as compared to other burners.
b.Aluminium burner:
It is another great conductor of heat but little less corrosion resistance than brass burner So, its life span is less than the brass burner.

• Ignition type: automatic or manual:

Different brands offer one of the ignition types either it will be automatic or manual. For manual ignition, you have to use a lighter or matchbox to ignite the gas. In automatic ignition, you just need to rotate the knob of gas stove and it will automatically ignite your gas. For automatic ignition, there is a battery that helps in the ignition. Auto-ignition is highly convenient as per safety purpose but you need to replace the battery time to time for better working.

• Gas stove size:

As the modern kitchen getting compact buy many cooking equipment fridges and some designing stuff. You should choose your gas stove which is perfect in size with respect to your kitchen.
You have to choose out of many rectangular or square gas stoves by getting its dimension which must match with your cooking area.

• Anti-skid feet:

This is one of the important features though most neglected ones also. You must select anti-skid feet gas stove to prevent any type of accident. If in case of high pressure causes some kind of skid.

• Design and finishing:

Previously gas stove comes in ordinary design with Stainless steel finishing. Those needs high maintenance and their iron material get rusted easily. But now some elegant glass designs with dynamic finishing gas stove present in the market which is easier to clean can work well for a long duration. You can choose one of the best design according to your need.

• Other Important features:

Gas saving:
Your burner must have a proper hole that will distribute heat uniformly to the cooking vessel and avoid any loss of heat which will save your gas and money.
Gas pipe inlet:
You must check the place of gas pipe inlet present in your gas stove and that must be compatible and closer to the gas pipe hole on your cooking slab.
Distance between gas burner:
If you are planning to buy a gas stove of 3 or 4 burners you must check the distance between burner whether that satisfies your cooking space and must maintain some distance between two cooking utensils. Small distance may occur some kind of accident.

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Best Gas Stove in India Review

1. Elica Vetro Glass Top 3 Burner Gas Stove

Elica Vetro Glass Top 3 Burner Gas Stove

Elica is an Italian brand that has gained trust worldwide, within 50 years of time span, in manufacturing gas stoves, chimneys, and other kitchen equipment. ElicaVetro Glass Top 3 Burner Gas Stove has all those features which make it an ideal gas stove for your kitchen. This gas stove is a blend of both sleek look and durability.

It features a premium finish toughened glass top which not only makes it long-lasting but also increases the decor of your kitchen with its mind-blowing look. Its Euro coated grid avoids the pan from cracking off while cooking. It operates with manual ignition.

It comes with heavy brass burner, 2 medium sizes and 1 small size which will give you efficient and safe cooking experience. To avoid the spilling of food over the kitchen countertop, this stove is provided with strong stainless steel plates below the brass burner. This makes the cleaning of the stove very easy and convenient.

It has been designed with high-quality knobs which ensure its smooth operation. These knobs are also stylish which compliments the overall look of your gas stove.


  • Elegant design.
  • Provides safety.
  • 2 years of warranty.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Toughened glass top makes it durable.
  • Quality brass burners ensure uniform heating.


  • Cannot hold three large utensils simultaneously.

2.Lifelong 3 Burner Gas Stove, Black (Glass Top, ISI Certified)

Lifelong 3 Burner Gas Stove, Black (Glass Top, ISI Certified)

This lifelong 3 Burner gas stove holds 2nd rank in our best gas stove in India list. Its attractive Break resistance glass cooktop is made up of thermally toughened glass that gets cleaned without much effort it just needs to wipe from wet cloth or rubber wiper.

It is engineered with heat resistance nylon covered knobs with off/on and sim options. Its High power brass burner has 100% of brass that helps in proper utilization without any gas wastage. Its spill-proof stainless steel trays made this product rust free and long life as the name of the company.

It comes with anti-skid stands which prevent the gas stove form skid when heavy objects kept on the burner which prevents it from any displacement. This product is ISI marked and its gas stove dimensions are 73 cm x 34 cm x 9 cm. It comes with 1-year warranty against manufacturing defects and you can also extend its warranty by registering yourself on Lifelong. The company also provides doorstep service.


  • Heat resistance nylon covered knobs.
  • High power brass burner.
  • Break resistance glass cooktop.
  • Anti-skid stands.
  • ISI marked.


  • No auto-ignition system.

3.Prestige Marvel Glass 3 Burner Gas Stove

Prestige Marvel Glass 3 Burner Gas Stove

Prestige is a brand that does not need any recognition in this country when it comes to kitchen appliances. They always succeed in impressing their customers with both looks as well as the quality of the product.

Prestige Marvel Glass 3 Burner Gas Stove has a very elegant look which will enhance the look of your kitchen. This stove comes with the shatterproof toughened glass top which makes it long-lasting as well as easy to clean.

This gas stove is designed compact with an idea of consuming less countertop space without compromising your convenience while cooking. It has 3 burners which make it perfect for a family of 5-6 people or you can accelerate your cooking by utilizing its 3 burners simultaneously.

With its tri-pin brass burners, heat is uniformly distributed around the vessel for the faster and even cooking regardless the size of the vessel. It is equipped with ergonomic knobs which makes it’s functioning very smooth by providing precision flame control and safety. This gas stove ensures you with spill-proof cooking which means that this gas stove cares for your hygiene and promotes proper functioning and easy cleaning. Individual pan support by its every burner is one of its excellent features which enables pots and pans to sit steadily on the stove without the fear of tripping over and also allows uniform heating.


  • Easy to clean.
  • Durable brass burners.
  • Comes with a 2 year warranty.
  • Shatterproof toughened glass top.
  • Provides individual pan support.
  • Ergonomic  knob ensures easy movement.
  • Ensures spill-proof cooking.
  • Stainless steel body.
  • Flame distribution is uniform.
  • Anti-skid feet enables the stove to withstand high pressure without slipping. 


  • Unable to hold 3 big utensils simultaneously.
  • The height of its stand is a bit less.

4.Prestige Marvel Glass 2 Burner Gas Stove

Prestige Marvel Glass 2 Burner Gas Stove

Prestige is an Indian brand mainly known by consumers for delivering outstanding household equipment. This marvellous prestige marvel glass gas stove comes with 2 burners and separate pan support which is coated with powder. The ergonomic knob design provides ease in movement and is heat resistant.

This stove has high-efficiency tri-pin burners for consistent transfer of heat to utensil without LPG wastage. These burners of this stove are surrounded by a spill-proof design plate. The toughed black shatterproof glass makes it more durable. the elegant and compact design of this gas stoves makes it easy to install in less space and gives a modern look. The product comes with a 2 years warranty so you can use this product hassle-free.


  • Spill-proof design plate.
  • Heat resistant glass.
  • 2 years warranty.
  • Tri pin burners.
  • Shatterproof glass.
  • ISI certification.


  • The height of its stand is a bit less.

5.Butterfly Smart Glass 2 Burner Gas Stove

Butterfly Smart Glass 2 Burner Gas Stove

Butterfly delivers a wide range of kitchen accessories and household equipment. This rectangular butterfly smart glass gas stove is one of its premium products which comes with 2 brass burner and unique toughened glass which makes it more durable.

The pan support of this stove has been made uniquely which provides utensils with a superior grip. This gas stove has high thermal efficiency and easily rotatable designer knob. Its spill-proof design makes it easier to operate and clean, with a 360-degree revolving nozzle that makes this rectangular stove easier to install. This product is covered with a 1-year warranty so you can use this product without any worry.


  • 360-degree revolving nozzle.
  • Brass burner.
  • Unique toughened glass.
  • Spill-proof design.
  • High thermal efficiency.


  • No auto-ignition.

6.Milton Premium 3 Burner Glass Top (Blue) Gas Stove with MS Frame & Brass Burners (ISI Certified)

Milton Premium 3 Burner Glass Top (Blue) Gas Stove with MS Frame & Brass Burners (ISI Certified)

This time Milton Premium 3 Burner Glass Top Gas stove took 6th place in the competition of the best gas stove in India. If you have 4-5 members in your family then this product is perfect for you. It is featured with control knobs which have heat resistance feature that helps in your soft and smooth operation.

It is equipped with 3 High-Efficiency (2 large and 1 small) Burners which has high thermal efficient technology so that heat should transmit equally. Its 7mm Beautiful black and blue toughened glass top gives it an attractive look and long life. Its powder-coated pan supports are designed to hold all sizes of utensils easily and comfortably. This gas stove is ISI certified and the company claims that you can save more than 68% of LPG by using this gas stove.


  • Heat resistance control knobs.
  • High power brass burner.
  • Break resistance glass cooktop.
  • 68% more efficient in gas saving.
  • Best for soft and smooth operation.
  • ISI certified.


  • Only for LPG Stove.

7.Cello Prima Gas Stove 3 Burner Glass Top

Cello Prima Gas Stove 3 Burner Glass Top

Cello is an Indian brand easily recognized by masses for its household equipment. This Cello Prima Gas Stove 3 Burner Gas Stove comes with a highly efficient 3 brass burner which provides equivalent heat all around for fast cooking. The cooktop of this stove is made up of premium finish toughened glass for hassle-free cleaning. Pan support of the stove is coated with powder which gives it a durable finish. This stove comes with 2 years warranty.

For making high grip with the surface it has anti-skid stands so, it avoid from slipping its stainless steel body on the inclined surface. Its design configured for LPG gas stoves. Its ergonomically designed control knobs are safe for you and Aluminium mixing tubes are designed for long life and safety.


  • 2 years onsite warranty.
  • Toughened glass.
  • High-efficiency burner.
  • Strong and Sturdy legs.
  • Premium finish toughened glass.


  • LPG compatible only.

8.Amazon Brand – Solimo 2 Burner Gas Stove (Glass Top, ISI Certified)

Amazon Brand - Solimo 2 Burner Gas Stove (Glass Top, ISI Certified)

Amazon Brand Solimo makes numerous products and sells its product on Amazon. Solimo 2 Burner Gas Stove took 8th rank on our rank list. It has 2 burners one big and one small so you have the flexibility to cook food with less consumption of LPG. 6mm thick, toughened glass gives it an elegant look and strong metal base put strong support.

Its spill-proof drip tray with no holes particularly designed to save the burner bottom in the condition of overflowing below the gas stove. The pan supports are designed to lodge different size utensils perfectly. Its brass burners have 3 concentric arrays of flame for equal heat transmission.

Stainless steel base gives make its structure strong. 360-degree swivel type gas inlet is present on the back right-hand side. Its quality and authenticity are assured by its ISI Certification and the company offering 1-year limited warranty. You need to register your purchase for warranty.


  • Spill-proof Drip Tray.
  • Stainless Steel material used.
  • Toughened glass used for a dynamic look.
  • Stainless Steel base.
  • 360-degree swivel type gas inlet helps you gas pipe to fit accurately.


  • Door Step Service not provided.

9.Sunflame Shakti Stainless Steel 2 Burner Gas Stove

Sunflame Shakti Stainless Steel 2 Burner Gas Stove

Sunflame shows its presence in the Indian kitchen for more than 3 decades. Its Shakti 2 burner gas stove is a cooktop which has a stainless steel mirror body that makes it look beautiful in all kitchens and is pretty spacious. You can get a large space between two-burner. The dimension of the burner is 85 mm x 85 mm.

Powder-coated sheet metal base keeps the ignition system away from rust and helps in the proper functioning of the Gas stove. Its gas inlet is present on the right-hand side of the gas stove. This manual ignition gas stove has anti-skid feet that reduce the risk factor of skidding during cooking and stirring.

Its fuel-efficient burner can reduce your LPG bill and innovative pan support holds the utensil while cooking. It is easy to clean too.


  • Single piece high quality stainless steel body.
  • Anti-skid feet.
  • High-quality stainless steel body.
  • Fuel-efficient burner.
  • Powder-coated sheet metal.


  • Not suitable for pipeline connection.

10.Sunflame Pride Glass Top Gas Stove, 3 Burner Gas Stove

Sunflame Pride Glass Top Gas Stove, 3 Burner Gas Stove

Sunflame is one of the most popular and trusted brands in India for kitchen appliances including gas stove. It offers reliable kitchen appliances like gas stoves, cookers, chimneys, etc. It supports efficient and hassle-free cooking and gained the trust of its customers.

Sunflame Pride glass top gas stove has brushed matt finish which makes it elegant, smart, and stylish. It has three high-efficiency brass burners which are durable and corrosion-resistant. It distributes uniform heating to the utensils and hence helps in cooking your food faster.

Toughened glass cooktop makes the stove both aesthetic and durable. It is designed with a powder-coated steel metal base which makes it resistant against scratches, chipping, and fading. It also helps in making stove’s cooktop strong, thus making it long-lasting and durable. Using this gas stove is very easy. as this stove is well equipped with ergonomic knob. These convenient knobs enable easy and quick access and go very smoothly on fingers. These knobs provide 360-degree rotation with a smooth finish


  • Provides durable powder-coated pan support.
  • High-quality brass burners.
  • Smooth 360-degree rotation of the knob.
  • Company provides a warranty of 2-years.
  • Provided with stainless steel drip trays.
  • Toughened glass cooktop increases its durability.
  • Uniform flame around the utensil.
  • Easy to maintain and clean.


  • Some customers complain about its service after sale.

Why you should buy a Gas Stove

With the innovation of electrical stoves, a question may arise that why to go for a gas stove when we have electrical stoves as well in the market. Then below are the features which make it clearer the benefits of having a gas stove rather oven an electrical stove in India:

  • A gas stove does not require electricity to operate thus cooking can be performed hassle free even during power cuts.
  • A gas stove facilitates in providing a visual setting of the flame and temperature.
  • Though the gas stove may be a bit expensive than the electrical stove the overall cost of operating a gas stove is lesser than the electrical stove. There is no electrical bill for a gas stove.
  • A gas stove is durable and long-lasting.
  • A gas stove ensures uniform heating of the vessel thus cooking food evenly.
  • The smooth knobs add more convenience in using a gas stove.
  • Features like a drip tray and spill-proof design of a gas stove ensure a hygienic kitchen.



Does toughen glass cooktop are strong enough to resist from a heavy metal impact?

Toughed glass is specially designed to resist against metal impacts so it won’t break easily in normal circumstances.

Do we really need an auto ignition gas stove?

Not Really, if you are comfortable with the traditional style stove that requires a lighter then go for it. Auto-ignition only eases your work a little bit while cooking.

Can we connect these gas stoves with the gas pipeline?

It depends on the product to product that it is compatible with pipeline gas or not. Check product catalogue for that, if compatible you can connect these stoves with gas pipelines if any problem occurs or you face any difficulty in the connection you can contact your respective gas provider customer care for more assistance.

If cooktop produces an uneven flame of the burner what we can do?

If you face a problem of the uneven flame of the burner we suggest you to first check the burner that whether they are placed properly or not. Also check for the food particles or liquid spills that are safely cleaned from the burner and if your problem doesn’t fix then contact your respective brand customer care for further assistance.

In case of out of warranty cooktops from where do we get the spare parts of the product?

If you face any difficulty in cooktops after your warranty expires you can visit the cooktop repair shop in the local market or you can contact your cooktop brands customer care for assistance. 



Cooking food in itself is an art, so it is very important to have a good quality gas stove in your kitchen. From normal warming to cooking tasty dishes, a gas stove becomes a must. So it is important to decide what features you need in your gas stove for your kitchen before buying it. With such a large number of options available in the market, it sometimes becomes a bit confusing for what to purchase. But now you can refer to our above-mentioned buying guides and top 10 best gas stove in India list in order to decide which one best suits your needs. You may also check our blog on Best 4- Burner gas stove in India. For any further queries regarding the gas stove, you can kindly comment on us in the below comment section.

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