Best Hair Straightener in India

How is this idea of having saloon-like silky and smooth hair at home anytime anywhere with just a hair straightener? Hair, it is one of the most important features of your look. So why to ignore them when they have the power to enhance your look just by styling them. Everybody wants to have silky and smooth hair but it is not always possible to go out to the salon and have your hairstyle done by a hairstylist. It is both time consuming as well as you have to spend lots of money even at small events so it is good to have hair straightener at home. And we have searched 10 best hair straightener of India, so that you can go for hair smoothening at your own convenience. 

So now if you are thinking that you can only have one styling that is straightening with a hair straightener then you are wrong. You can also use it to curl your hair by following some simple steps. If you have got tired of listening from others that you are having a very little volume of hair then here comes a solution in an incarnated form of hair straightener which will help you in increasing your hair volume and help you in creating magic.

Now, the question arises that which hair straightener is perfect for your hair. If you don’t have an answer for this then first understand which type of hair straightener is perfect for your hair type. A right hair straightener for the right type of hair also plays a mandate part in having long-lasting smooth hair. This may preserve your hair from getting damaged or frizzy. Also, stay with us and have a look at the list of best hair straightener in India and choose your suitable one.


Classification on the basis of an individual hair: 

Thin Hair: For thin and fine hair ceramic plated hair straightener is good. They are best for smoothening this type of hair. This type of hair straighteners have even distribution of heat and offers less heating.

Thick Hair: Titanium-plated hair straighteners go well for thick and coarse hair. They get heated faster than the previous one resulting in straightening faster.

Curly Hair: For these types of hair, turboline quoted hair straightener is perfect as these make hair shiny. Turboline quoted hair straightener have more negative ions which result in reducing the frizziness of curly hair.

Damaged hair: Turboline plated hair straightener is perfect for the damaged hair as they help in reducing the roughness of the hair and resulting in smoother and free here.

Classification based on the width of the plates

Perfects size of a hair straightener is also a necessity to have minimal damage as well as efficient styling of your hair

Long and thick hair: For this hair, 2-inch hair straighteners are best as this will result in faster smoothening of hair.

Curl and coarse hair: This type of hair can be smoothened by one and a half-inch hair straightener.

Wavy hair: A one inch hair straightener can serve your purpose to soften your hair whenever you want.

For short hair and spikes: Hair straightener with mini plates are perfect as in this plate your hair can easily be straightened.


You should be aware that hair straightener is available in India with different temperature ranges, ranging from 160°C to 300°C. According to your hair type, you should buy a hair straightener.

Thin and fine hair: If you are having thin hair then it is recommended that you should buy hair straightener with 180°C or below.

Thick and curly hair: For these type of hair you can go for a hair straightener with a temperature range of 90°C or above.

Prescription for your smooth hair

Sometimes you may hear people complaining that a particular hair straightener has done a miracle to their friend’s hair but when they used it on their own hair then the outcome was not satisfactory. So in this story, there might be chances that the hair straightener is good but it is not the correct choice for that particular type of hair. So now, let’s give a thought to different aspects of hair straightener before buying it for you to have its most desirable effect on your hair:

1. Examine the type of your hair:

In India, we have diverse variety of hair type so a particular hair straightener may be good for your sister but it may not suit you due to a reason that you might have thin hair and your sister has thick hairs.

Thin and fine hair: Having thin hair implies that your hair can be straightened quite easily so you don’t need a high-temperature range of hair straightener. High-temperature hair straighteners may even cause damage to your hair.

Thick and Coarse hair: For thick hair, a use of higher degree temperature range hair straightener with a temperature of 220°C or above is prescribed. You can get your desired hair more perfectly and easily with a broad plate hair straightener. This prevents your hair from undergoing the heat, again and again, and protects hair cuticles from getting damaged which might be the case with a narrow plate hair straightener.

Chemically treated hair: This type of hair should be treated very carefully as they are very prone to breakage. You should avoid use of hair straightener over these hair types and if you want to use then use a low-temperature hair straightener but that also very rarely.

Curly hair: These are the type of hair which in itself is one style and people invest to get such type of curly hair. But straightening a curly hair is seriously a tedious job and takes more time. Better heating is required to straighten such type of hair. If you want to get it straightened fast and perfect then go for a broad ceramic plated hair straightener.

Damaged hair: It is always advised to prevent any chemical or heat treatment for this type of hair. And if you are undergoing straightening through a hair straightener then always use a hair protectant before undergoing straightening to prevent them from further damage or breakage.

2. Which plate for which hair type

Solid ceramic: People who have thin and frizzy hair can go with this one hair straightener. These plates heat up evenly and maintain a constant temperature leading to silky and smooth hair at one stroke.

Ceramic coated plate: These types of plates favor reducing the friction between the plates and the hair. They are good conductors and hence get heated up quickly resulting in saving your time as your hair will get straightened faster. It has just one drawback that once the coating starts removing then it will result in uneven heating or no heating.

Ceramic and Teflon coated: If you have frizzy, curly hair, then go with this one hair straightener, as they prevent from catching your hair and protects the accumulation of the other hair products on its plates.

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Best Hair Straightener in India Review

1. Havells HS4101 Hair Straightener with Ceramic coated plates

Havells HS4101 Hair Straightener with Ceramic coated plates

Havells is an already renowned and trusted brand in India so one can have trust over its this new product. This hair straightener has ceramic plates with the measurement of 25mm x 120mm and has the ability to glide smoothly over your hair making it look lustrous. This helps in avoiding tangles and pulling.

This hair straightener has an excellent fast-hitting ability in 45 seconds with a maximum temperature of 210°C, thus you can have your device ready to use in a few seconds and comes with a warranty of 2 years.

When the power is switched on, the LED fitted in this hair straightener lights up indicating that after 45 seconds your device is ready to assist you. It comes with the feature of silver cord which prevents the device from being getting wire twisted and tangle thus helps you in straightening your hair without any mess.

Swivel cord of length 1.8-meter long wire with 360-degree rotation has been featured in order to maintain flexibility while straightening is getting carried out over your hair. This device is also well equipped with its locking system just needed to slide up to lock and slide down to unlock, which can be carried out very portably while traveling.

As this device is quite narrow thus, loose curls and waves can also be achieved by just twisting the hair straightener using the curved edges of the straightener, one can have two different styles by using this single hair straightener. The floating plates of this hair straightener enable it to eliminate the frizziness of your hair whether it is thin or thick. Thus helps in reducing hair breakage. This much perfection motivates us to keep this product at number one position in the list of best hair straightener in India.


  • 1.8m long wire
  • Supports fast heating- 210°C in 45 seconds.
  • Can be used as curler
  • Portable to use
  • Advanced ptc heating element


  • No heat regulation provided
  • Due to narrow rod, straightening takes more time

2. SYSKA HS6810 Hair Straightener (Pink)

SYSKA HS6810 Hair Straightener (Pink)

SYSKA HS6810 Hair Straightener is one another yet amazing hair straightener from the house of Syska.This straightener works like a shine therapy for silky smooth hair

What is the most attractive feature of this hair straightener which makes it different is its heat balance technology which protects your hair from heat-overconcentration and also avoids any electric short circuit when left unattended.

The ceramic coating plate gives ultrasmooth gilding making your hair frizz-free. This hair straightener incorporates the feature of fast and easy straightening and is also travel friendly. It has a fast heat-up time of 60 seconds so get ready to start having lustrous hair in just 60 seconds. It heats up to 230 degree Celcius.

The 360 degree swivel cord technology benefits by rotating the cord to safeguard from the tangling of wires and ensures maximum flexibility while the straightening is carried out. This hair straightener has a warranty of 2 years.


  • Fast heat up time 60 seconds.
  • ceramic coating plate.
  • protects your hair from heat-overconcentration.
  • 360-degree swivel cord technology.
  • Easy to use and travel friendly.


  • Does not have a variable temperature setting.
  • High temperatures may damage your hair.

3. VEGA 3 in 1 Hair Styler – Straightener, Curler and Crimper

VEGA 3 in 1 Hair Styler - Straightener, Curler and Crimper

Vega has introduced you with a very innovative idea of infusing 3 styles in 1 hair styler and occupies the third position in the list of best hair straightener in India. This hair styler is very classy, creative, and confident for the women. You don’t have to invest money thrice for getting different you every day.

Now enjoy your new get up every day with the Vega 3 in 1 hair styler at home. Do curling, crimping, or straightening according to your mood. Not only mood but also the occasion this hair styler will serve your all-purpose. Whether you have to go to your friend’s party or in an official meeting, this hair straightener will give you from party to office look.

This multi styler is well equipped with flat plates for straight and sleek hair. The crimper plates aid in giving the crimped texture to your hair. The curler allows in making beautiful hair locks.

To ensure not only smoothness but also the glossiness of your hair the plates are ceramic coated plates. It is time to glam up with three different hairdos employing this hair styler. It has one button which can be switched to three different modes of hairstyle.

The cord has swivel cord technology which enables the styler 360-degree rotation to prevent tangling of the cord. It is provided with a cord of 2.8 m length, so it will favor you while curling, straightening, or crimping very easily.

It is very portable as it has a very good locking system making it travel-friendly so you can carry it very easily wherever you want. Its operating voltage is 220-240V. The warranty for the product from the date of purchase is 2 years. It has one on-off switch with power indicator light.


  • Straightener, Curler, Crimper (3 in 1)
  • 2.8 meter length for flexible movement
  • Swivel cord technology enable 360 degree rotation.
  • Perfect for thin hair which doesn’t require high temperature


  • High temperature cannot be achieved.
  • Little tricky to use.

4. Ikonic Pro Titanium Shine Straightner

Ikonic Pro Titanium Shine Straightner

This hair straightener is perfect if you love straightening and styling within very few seconds. Iconic has introduced with very fantastic hair straightener which has an excellent ability of heating in 10 seconds.

This hair straightener makes the hair look professionally smooth and beautiful in no time. The pro titanium shine hair straightener features titanium plates that emit gentle and far-infrared heat which is very kind to hair and reduces the frizz. It handles your hair very carefully. This hair straightener straightens hair from the inside out thus giving a completely long-lasting and new hairstyle with a shiny and sleek look.

Professional PTC and dual ceramic heaters engineered in this hair straightener are very helpful for immediate heat up and rapid heat recovery. This hair straightener is also compatible with curling.

One of its key features is that it has a 1-hour auto shut off function that helps in safeguarding your hair straightener from overheating or getting damaged due to heat exposure for a longer duration. It is well equipped with an auto adjustable floating-place which helps in adjusting any hair type with no gaps.

The universal voltage specification of this hair straightener makes it compatible to be used anywhere. The highlight of this hair straightener is that it has adjustable temperature settings from 130° to 230°C with a good LED display.

It has an extra-long chord of length 9 feet with a 360-degree tangle-free swivel cord just giving it a professional hair straightener feature. If you are in favor of having fluffy hair or you want to volumize your hair then this hair straightener will work perfectly for you. This hair straightener comes with a 1-year warranty from the date of manufacture.


  • Titanium plates assist in eliminating phrase.
  • Adjustable temperature range from 130°C to 230°C.
  • Good for straightening styling and volumizing.
  • Floating plates.
  • One auto shut off feature.
  • Swivel chord with an extra long 9 feet professional length.


  • Plates are not infused with keratin.
  • Not much portable as there is no locking system.
  • Quite expensive.

5. Havells HS4152 Hair Straightener with Titanium Coated Plates

Havells HS4152 Hair Straightener with Titanium Coated Plates

Havells, a reliable brand of India, brings you a hair straightener in which you can get a poker straight hair. This hair straightener has a titanium coated plates. Titanium coating aids in the fast heating of the hair straightener. You will get the desired temperature within 30 seconds.

This hair straightener also induces floating plates which help in adjusting according to the thickness of the hair and hence reduces the pressure and smoothly glide over the hair giving a sleek look.

This hair straightener is suitable for all types of hair as it has extra-long plates with a measurement of 2.5 cm x 12 cm. Auto shut off feature of this hair straightener makes it more desirable as it automatically shuts off after 60 minutes thus safes from any unfavorable incidents. This also helps in saving energy.

It comes with 6 adjustable temperature settings from 155° to 230°C. The LED digital display enables a correct reading of temperature and ensures a consistent result every time. You can also carry this hair straightener whenever required as it has an easy locking system that keeps the straightener in a closed position. You can easily lock and unlock it just by sliding the button.

An on-off button is also provided for better and safe use of the hair straightener. Now you can easily style your hair by moving this hair straightener with maximum flexibility as it is provided with the 1.8 m extended and rubberized power cord. Safety glove is also provided in its mini kit for better safety aid. It comes with a two-year replacement guarantee and an assurance of home service within 24 hours of lodging a complaint.


  • Titanium coated plates helps to provide frizz free hair.
  • Ready to use in 30 seconds.
  • 2 year warranty.
  • 360° swirl cord is provided.
  • Travel friendly with good plate locking system.
  • 6 different temperature settings from 155°C to 300°C.
  • Floating plates to adjust according to your hair.
  • Auto shut off feature after 60 minutes.


  • Sometimes this hair straightener gets overheated.

6. Ikonic S3 Hair Straightener

Ikonic S3 Hair Straightener

Flaunt the hairstyle, you have always dreamed of with the Ikonic S3 hair straightener. Spending the effort and time, ladies can now achieve the straight hair which is both frizz-free and gorgeous with this ikonic S3B hair straightener.

This straightener has nano titanium technology which enhances shine and versatile style. This feature ensures that heat distribution is even. If you have short hair then this hair straightener is perfect for you as it has 3/4′ slim plates. This hair straightener has a 1-year manufacturer warranty. For 360° flexible rotation it has swivel tangle-free cord.

This hair straightener controls the frizziness of your hair by emitting gentle far-infrared heat. Its design is in a manner that it provides a very comfortable slip-free grip so straighten your hair very comfortably and smoothly. It has one more ability to seal cuticles which ensures that moisture retains in the hair, leaving hair smooth and gorgeous.

One of its strengths is instant healing ability within 30 seconds makes it ready to use. S3 features an ‘ON’ indicator indicating that when you can start using the straightener it is good to go. It is quite easy to straighten your hair with this hair straightener slim floating plates are its add-on feature. Floating plates ensure less breakage of hair and smooth gliding over the hair.

With the auto shut-off feature, you can save energy and avoid any unwanted incidents. The perk feature of this hair straightener is that it provides protection during overheating, prevents from hair damage.


  • Provides comfortable slip-free grip.
  • Protection from overheating.
  • Instant heating ability in 30 seconds.
  • Automatic shut off feature.
  • Slim floating plates.
  • Comes with multiple temperature settings.
  • Easy handling with swirl cord.


  • A small cord length of 3 feet.

7. Kemei KM-329 Professional Hair Straightener 40W

Kemei KM-329 Professional Hair Straightener 40W

Kemei brings its best products called Kemei KM-329 Professional hair straightener which is the seventh best hair straightener of India as per our list. This professional hair straightener makes hair smooth and shine with its ultra-smooth ceramic tourmaline plates and reduce damage caused by heat.

With four different temperature settings from 160-220°C, it covers a wide variety of hair types and suitable for everyone. With its safety cords, chance of getting damage reduces and its ceramic plates do not transfer much heat directly to your hair. So, your hairs are on the safer side. Its plates transfers heat uniformly which takes 30 seconds to heat up and work best if you have shorter hair.


  • Affordable.
  • Work with all hair types and textures.
  • Imparts conditioning ions.
  • Four different temperature setting.


  • Non-durable.

8. Philips HP8302 Essential Selfie Straightener

Philips HP8302 Essential Selfie Straightener

Philips is one of the top brand in India known for delivering its electronic products and its Essential Selfie Straightener is another great product offered in the field of hair straightener. Incorporated with silk procare technology and advanced ceramic coating, silk-like smooth plates results in less heat exposure and minimal friction.

If you are a travel freak then this hair straightener is a good option. It is compatible with 110 to 240 voltage. It is also very lightweight and occupies very little space when locked, making it more travel-friendly. Another add-on benefit of Philips essential selfie straightener is that it is very portable. It has 350 grams of weight.

Getting late for an event, just 60 seconds and hair straightener is ready to style your hair. Thanks to its feature of thin plates with the size of 19cm * 85cm with a rounder outer cover which makes it compatible for both straightening as well as curling your hair. It is an irreplaceable tool for those having short hair and bangs.

This hair straightener allows you to get silky and smooth hair straight from root to the end with not much effort. Now straightening curly hair is a much easier and faster process with this hair straightener. It is compact and has ceramic plates that easily straighten your hair.

This product has a 1.6-meter cord which provides you with sufficient flexibility. Its swivel cord lets you rotate the straightener easily while straightening. This device offers a constant temperature of 210°C with an “On” indicator light. You can avail of its replacement for 2 years as it has a warranty of 2 years.


  • Silk- pro-technology results in less heat exposure.
  • Suitable for short hair, curly hair, and bangs.
  • Provide constant temperature of 210°C.
  • Start styling your hair in 60 seconds.
  • 1.6 m cord length with a swivel cord.
  • 2-year warranty.


  • Auto shut – off feature is absent in this hair straightener.
  • No heat regulator.
  • Thin plates take longer time to straight long and thick hair.

How to use a hair straightener for its long-lasting use

  • Please switch off and unlock your hairstyler after its usage.
  • Keep on heat resistant surface to cool it down.
  • If there is any broken hair present on a hairstyler then clean it.
  • Clean it with a damp cloth.
  • Before storing it, be sure that the styler is completely dry.



Does heat of hair straighteners damage your hair?

Yes, if used daily heat can damage your hair. But nowadays good quality hair straighteners plates have a coating of ceramic, Teflon, etc which helps in reducing the damage.

For how much time hair will be straight after one straightening?

It gives for 4 to 5 hours of straight hair but the durations also vary on different products. Premium quality hair straighteners make your hair straight for a long time but the cheap ones last for a few hours and it also depends on the volume and the length of hair.

What is the best temperature for straightening?

You should go with the auto mode as it detects the required temperature that your hair needs and works according to it. So you won’t get any damage in your hair.

Is it essential to apply a serum before straightening?

No, it is not essential to apply the serum before straightening but you can use it for giving extra protection to your hair. You can also use the serum if your hair is too dry so it will protect hair from breakage while straightening.

Can we use a hair straightener for all hair types?

Obviously, you can use a hair straightener for all hair types regardless of hair texture, color, types, etc.



With this amazing device, you can save both time and money. A simple solution for any kind of hair in just a few minutes and make a different you. Select your choice of hair straightener from our list of top 10 Best hair straightener in India and do share your experience with us. Also comment us if you have any query regarding the hair straightener in the below comment section.

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