Best Kajal in India

Kajal is one of the most loved beauty products among girls. Earlier kajal was just for medicinal purpose but now it has gained more popularity as a cosmetic product in India. An eye in itself has a huge power to speak your inner mind and with a single stroke of a kajal in them will make it more expressive. A single kajal has the potential to completely change your personality. It can transform a person from a sleepy look to a gorgeous look of being romantic, dramatic, or classy. There is not only a single style in which you can use a kajal. You can have a classy, basic lining, smudged, smokey, reverse smokey, bold wing, and many more looks with this single beauty instrument.

There is a wide variety of Kajal available in the market that claims to be a single stroke, smudge-free, waterproof or long-lasting. It becomes quite difficult as well as confusing to decide which gives the best look along with being safe for eyes. So we have brought you a list of Best Kajal in India. You can go through the below list to decide which Kajal has which properties and if it serves your purpose then you can try that one. But before deciding which Kajal is best for you, first go through the things which you should look in your Kajal before purchasing it.

Things to consider before buying Kajal

  • Waterproof

Just make sure that the kajal you are buying must be waterproof. If you won’t wear a waterproof kajal then it would spread near your eyes and may come in contact with liquids like sweat, rain, tears, etc and ruin your makeup so try to purchase a good quality long lasting waterproof kajal.

  • Smudge-proof

Another thing which you should consider before purchasing a kajal that it must remain smudge-proof for long-duration, different brands commonly claims their kajal to remain smudge-proof for 24 hours but not all remain for that long. So consider a kajal that remains smudge-proof for at least 10 to 12 hours and be long-lasting for your long-lasting beauty.

  • Safe to use

Kajal is a product that is applied to the most sensitive part of the body so it should be safe because none of us wants to damage our beauty. So try to buy a kajal which is free from lead sulphide, green malachite, harsh chemicals, and artificial colors. For knowing this, you should check your products ingredient list and you should not skip checking the expiry date. Purchase a good product and if possible go for an organic or herbal brand kajal which is free from all harsh chemicals. You should also check that your product is ophthalmologically and dermatologically approved.

  • Easy to use

The kajal you are considering to buy should be super easy to use which can glide on your eyelid and on your waterline too. You should buy a sharp pencil point kajal because they are fast, easy to apply, and smooth too. But be cautious while applying kajal as if you get distracted while wearing kajal then you may get hurt from its sharp tip. Beside this, the kajal should also be convenient to remove too.

Best Kajal in India Review

1.L’oreal Paris Kajal Magique 0,35g

L'oreal Paris Kajal Magique 0,35g

Kajal is not just for emphasizing the beauty of your eyes, it’s also something that soothes the eye and strengthens the eyesight. From ancient times, kajal has been in use to boost eyesight and to make your eyes beautiful.

L’oreal Paris Kajal Magique is a 100% safe choice for your beautiful eyes. This is enriched with lots of good ingredients like Vitamin – E, Cocoa butter, Olive oil esters, Vitamin – C derivative to provide extraordinary care. Your eyes will thank you for choosing this kajal.

It gives you a dark and bold eye because of its mineral pigment. Which creates a perfect eye makeup look. It’s waterproof, smudge-proof and stays perfect up to 12 hours. You can choose this for your daily office going look or college going look.


  • Safe for your eyes.
  • Stays for 12 hours.
  • Smudge-proof.
  • Waterproof.
  • Suits your sensitive eye.
  • Safe for using if you wear lenses.


  • This brand do test on animals so this is not a cruelty-free brand.

2.Maybelline New York Colossal Kajal, 0.35g

Maybelline New York Colossal Kajal, 0.35g

A bold eye is a quick and easy way to create a perfect eye makeup look. Dark black kajal that stays all day long and provides a fresh bold look. But finding something that stays all day long is hard, right? We don’t need to worry about that anymore because we have Maybelline New York Colossal Kajal. It is one of the most famous Kajal brands in India,

This kajal stays 24 hours without smudging. It is enriched with the goodness of Aloe Vera. It gives you the perfect eye look. Its intense black fix formula stays all day long and keeps your eyes fresh and smudge less. Aloe Vera is good for your eyes it soothes your eyes and vitamin E and vitamin C keeps your eye fresh and healthy. It has a waterproof formula.


  • Stays 24 hours.
  • Enriched with the goodness of Aloe Vera. It takes care of your eyes.
  • Smudge proof.
  • Stays fresh for a long time.
  • It’s dark color gives you a bold eye look.
  • Suitable if you wear lenses.


  • If you have sensitive eye, then you need to try it once before using it daily.

3.Lakmé Eyeconic Kajal, Deep Black, 0.35g

Lakmé Eyeconic Kajal, Deep Black, 0.35g

Lakme is a well known cosmetic brand in India and its Eyeconic Kajal is a must-buy for enhancing the beauty of your eyes. It is dermatologically tested and it is suitable for contact lens users also. It is very soft in texture & does not cause any irritation to your eyes. Use it in office or party, it’s your perfect companion for the glamorous look.

Since the texture of coal is creamy and soft, it will not lead to any tugging or pulling while applying and thus it can be applied very easily and gracefully. You can use it as an eyeliner as well, it will glide effortlessly. If you have oily eye then make sure to powder it really well before applying it as an eyeliner. Since the texture of the base is creamy and it takes time to settle down you can use it as the base for making perfect smoky eyes. With one stroke you get light black color & with short multiple strokes, you get the desired intensity.

It is fully water-resistant. The kajal comes in retractable pencil form and the mechanism works smoothly. The caps closes tightly and securely, making it travel friendly.


  • Smudge proof & Water proof.
  • Easy & convenient twist- up format for deep stroke.
  • It is dermatologically tested.
  • Can be used on water line and eye lids.


  • Not very dark in single stroke application.
  • Start fading from the water line after 2-3 hr

4.Faces Magnet Eyes Kajal

Faces Magnet Eyes Kajal

Faces Magetic kajal has made with fade and smudge-proof formula that makes your look impressive all day. With pencil tip type, you can get high color pay-off in a single swipe. It is super soft and comes in a roll-on stick type that is easy to apply.

This Dermatologically tested highly pigmented kajal has the goodness of Vitamin E, minerals and anti-oxidants and it is completely free of paraben that makes you look good and less harmful. This waterproof product can easily glide on the waterline.


  • Vitamin E, minerals and anti-oxidants
  • Smudge-proof
  • Dermatologically tested
  • 24 hour stay
  • High color pay-off in a single swipe


  • Not much effective Waterproof functionality

5.Faces Canada Ultime Pro Intense Gel Kajal 1.2 g With Sharpener (Black)

Faces Canada Ultime Pro Intense Gel Kajal 1.2 g With Sharpener (Black)

One stroke dark jet black kajal is the dream of every girl. And here is the solution by Faces Canada Ultimate Pro Intense Gel Kajal. It is paraben-free and contains mineral oil as well. So it gets 5th rank on the list of best kajal in India.

It is waterproof. You will not need more than one stroke which leaves a smooth dark jet black color which stays for a longer duration. It is not heavy and sticky. You can also use it as an eyeliner and it has a brush along with it which helps to smudge. This Kajal is very smooth to your water Line as well. Its a kinda package deal for eyes.


  • Super long-lasting .
  • Soft and creamy.
  • Can be used as eyeliner.
  • Very easy to apply to waterline.


  • Not good for watery eyes.
  • Little expensive
  • No sharpener
  • Not smudge-proof.

6.Plum Bundle of Natur Studio All Day Wear Kohl Kajal with Sharpener

Plum Bundle of Natur Studio All Day Wear Kohl Kajal with Sharpener

Plum Natur Studio All-day Wear Kajal is an ophthalmologically approved kajal pencil which is 100% vegan and contains natural ingredients that are safe to be applied near your eyes. This kajal is 100% smudge-proof & water-proof that ensures it will not spread when it comes in contact with liquid.

The kajal is gel-based that ensures it will smoothly glide on your eyelids and waterline. This kajal includes many natural ingredients like rice bran wax, which has hydrating properties and creaminess which works as a moisturizer, hydrogenated castor oil which has healing, nourishing and hydrating properties, natural Vitamin E is antioxidant and has skincare properties.

Kajal pencil is encased in a PVC-free barrel that makes it safer for the environment and you too. This kajal is suitable for all skin types, contact lens users, sensitive eyes so you won’t have to worry about anything before applying it. The kajal is 100% vegan, parabens free, cruelty-free, safe to use and ophthalmologically tested makes it a good choice for natural product lovers.


  • 100% Smudge-Proof & Water-Proof
  • Made up from natural ingredients
  • PVC free
  • 100% vegan
  • Cruelty and parabens free
  • Ophthalmologically tested


  • No cons found

7.Lotus Herbals Ecostay Kajal, 1.2g

Lotus Herbals Ecostay Kajal, 1.2g

If your eyes are too sensitive to use a Kajal then you should endeavor to Lotus Herbal Ecostay Kajal. It is 100% vegan and free from paraffin and animal products and preservatives. This product is manufactured from extract of camphor, almond oil, and liquorice. It is dermatologically and ophthalmologically tested. It gives your jet black color in a few strokes.

Lotus Herbals Ecostay Kajal is smooth powdery in texture and it glides very easily to the eyes and waterline. It can be applied as an eyeliner also for those who usually run late. It is waterproof and smudge-proof. You need not apply powder below the Kohl to make it is smudge-free.


  • It really stays for long.
  • Used for two way purpose i.e. Kajal and eyeliner.
  • Smudge-proof for at least five hour.
  • 100% natural.
  • It also soothes eye by its cooling effect for people having sensitive and irritable eyes.


  • It does not provide you sharpener.
  • Little expensive.
  • Not retractable and you need to sharpen it regularly
  • It stays smudge-free only for 4-5 hours.
  • Not so jet black in just one stroke

8.Colorbar Mesmereyes Kajal, Black, 0.35g

Colorbar Mesmereyes Kajal, Black, 0.35g

If you need a Kajal for versatile use and innovation to your eyes then the Colorbar Mesmerizes Kajal is best Kajal available in India. It gives you a cat-eye, wing eye, and smokey eye look as well. This kajal is paraffin-free and has olive oil which is renowned for its vitalizing and moisturizing formula.

Company claims for reducing inflammation and irritation to the eyes which usually is a problem for sensitive eyes. It is waterproof, smudge-proof and it glides effortlessly and blends easily and immediately. It is very soft and creamy in structure. The product is small and easy to carry. So it’s the best choice for wanderers make up.


  • Very affordable
  • Easy to carry
  • Immediately smudges up to 2 minutes, therefore, helps to give innovation to your eyes


  • The whole pencil does not last long.
  • You need a double stroke for dark black color
  • It’s not blackest of the black

9.Faces Canada Longwear Eye Pencil Solid Black 1.2 g (Black)

Faces Canada Longwear Eye Pencil Solid Black 1.2 g (Black)

Faces is a Canadian brand that offers a premium range of skincare, body and personal care products in India. This company was established 40 years ago in Canada. Faces Canada Longwear Eye Pencil is another product offered by them. This eye pencil has a solid black color which makes you more gorgeous after applying it.

The tip of this eye pencil is soft so it won’t hurt you while applying then you can use this product without any worry. This eye pencil is easy to apply and gives you a smoky look after application which gives your eye a more bold look.

You can use this product like eyeliner too. Just apply it all over your upper eyelash liner and you are good to go. you can also make a wing too using this eye pencil.


  • Can be used as a liner.
  • Soft Tip
  • Gives you a smoky look
  • Waterproof


  • Not smudge-proof, it fades in 2-3 hours.

10.Blue Heaven Soft Kajal Eye Liner (Black)

Blue Heaven Soft Kajal Eye Liner (Black)

Blue Heaven Soft Kajal is the last product in the list of best kajal in India. This is an amazing product that not only works as a kajal but it also works as eyeliner so you get two product benefits in one product.

This kajal is smudge-proof so you don’t have to worry about kajal for getting smudge and it is also waterproof. So if your kajal comes in contact with any liquid then you don’t have to worry about kajal being spread. This assures you that you can apply your kajal in any weather and in any condition without any worry.

The kajal has a very intense color so it will give a bold and gorgeous look to your eyes. This kajal comes with a sharpener so you won’t have to worry about sharpening it. You could easily give a fine sharp tip to your kajal to make it easy to apply. It is available in 3 colors blue, green and black.


  • Can be used as a liner.
  • Smudge-proof.
  • Waterproof.
  • Can be used as eyeliner also.


  • Product may dry after some day.

Tips for using Kajal

  • Always check that the consistency of a liquid Kajal should neither be too thick nor too thin.
  • The brush with which liquid Kajal is to be applied should be clean and soft. Once, it gets damaged, replace it with a new one.
  • Always read the manual properly before applying the powdered Kajal in your eyes. Buy it from a good and trusted brand.
  • If your eyes become watery too much or getting extremely dry, then stop using that Kajal immediately. If irritation persists for long, then consult a doctor.
  • Stick to the brand which has given good results to your eyes.
  • Check the expiry date of the Kajal before buying. After all, it is a matter of your eyes, so you should take all the necessary precautions.
  • While applying a Kajal, check that its tip is round and smooth. It should not be broken or blunt and you should be able to apply in your eyes conveniently.



Do we really need waterproof kajal?

Yes, if you won’t use waterproof kajal then it would spread near your eyes on coming in contact with liquids like sweat, rain, tears, etc. So using a waterproof kajal is necessary these days if you want to look bold and pretty.

Can the contact lens be damaged if we apply kajal while wearing it?

You can apply kajal while wearing lenses but make sure that you bought a contact lens friendly kajal and for this, you can refer to the outer packing of the box of kajal.

Does kajal have any side effects on the eyes?

It depends on the way you use kajal, if it goes inside your eyes it would definitely harm your eyes as it may contains lead sulfide, green malachite, chemicals, and artificial colors. So be precious while buying and using a kajal and will recommend you to use kajal at least as possible, or go for a homemade kajal if you use it regularly.



Since eyes are the most sensitive part of our body, so they require extra care, so take extra precautions while buying and using kajal. Also, go through its ingredients and make sure that they are safe for your eyes. We hope that the above list of Top 10 Best Kajal in India will help you to narrow down your choice while buying a kajal. If you still have any queries regarding the kajal, then please let us know in the below comment section.

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